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What Is The Meaning Of Each Finger For Bulk Rings (2022 Updated)

Buying bulk rings online is a wonderful option for most jewelry lovers. With affordable prices, you can purchase high quality bulk rings easily and quickly. However, in addition to the particular charm that rings can bring, the way to wear rings is also very important. Sometimes people may make inferences about your personality by looking at where you wear your rings.

The bulk rings you choose to wear can be very significant to reveal your relationship status, personality, lifestyles and so on. Therefore, if you have no idea about the symbolism and meaning of each finger for bulk rings, read further to get more information! We will be very delighted if you can get some useful information from our guide!


  1. First finger: the index finger
  2. Second finger: the middle finger
  3. Third finger: the ring finger
  4. Fourth finger: the pinky finger
  5. Fifth finger: the thumb

The meaning of the index finger for bulk rings

Index finger is one of the most functional fingers in our daily activities. In the past, the index finger represent the power and authority, people at that time will put certain rings on their index finger to show wealth and social status. Nowadays, similarly, rings on index finger will show your ambition, leadership and self-confidence. Therefore, you are recommended to wear those bulk rings with gemstones, or unique designs. For example, the green gemstone ring showed below can show your style and elegance to the fullest.

bulk rings

The meaning of the middle finger for bulk rings

The middle finger generally represents responsibility and balance. Due to the middle position, the rings you put on your middle finger can show your attitude and responsibility towards life. Therefore, if you want to make your ring as a focal point or make a statement about your life, you can wear those thin wide bulk rings with carved designs. For instance, the one showed below can be your wonderful choice, you can give it a try.

bulk rings

The meaning of the ring finger for bulk rings

There was a relief in the ancient Roman, that, there exists a vein that can travel directly from the ring finger to the heart. Another popular relief, is related with the ancient Greek god, Apollo, who is a seeker of truth. In many countries and cultures, the rings on the ring finger represents love, promise and romance. These rings can used for engagement, wedding, promising etc. However, this kind of meaning certainly depends on the different cultures.

bulk rings

The meaning of the pinky finger for bulk rings

The ring on the pinky finger can symbolize lots of different things. There are also many traditions about the pinky finger of different regions. For example, in North America, pinky rings are often associated with organized crime. However, the pinky rings can also stand for certain professional positions, like lawyers and engineers. Meanwhile, they can also used for family traditions, which is famous for those signet rings

bulk rings

The meaning of the thumb for bulk rings

Like the index finger, the rings on the thumb are be a sign of power and wealth. You can show your power and ambition by putting certain kinds of bulk rings on your thumb. In the history, the rings in the thumb are particularly liked by the royal and high classes as a symbol of social status. However, nowadays they can simply be a sign of fashion. You can try some bulk rings with bold creative design to express your personality. Like the one showed below, irregular design with chic fashion-forward style, you can pair perfectly well for your outfit with it to create an attractive look.

bulk rings

Final Thoughts

We hope that this blog can give you some inspiration to choose different types of bulk rings. Different cultures have different traditions and lifestyles, today’s blog is to give you some creative thoughts and introduce the meaning of wearing rings in broad context. If you like it, don’t forget subscribe to us. You are also highly welcomed to buy fine jewelry pieces on our website: Jewelrykg.com. Our first priority is to make every customers a wonderful satisfied shopping experience.

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