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How To Choose Jewelry To Boost Wholesale Jewelry Sales In 2022

The wholesale jewelry industry is faced with fierce competition. In order to gain competitive advantages to increase your wholesale jewelry sales and make steady progress, a solid foundation is of vital importance, that is also to say, know the current and future jewelry wholesale trends, and select the most profitable jewelry styles with great potential.

All of the basic things can add up to a critical opportunity or turning point in the future. If you are going to start your jewelry wholesale business and want to boost your wholesale jewelry sales quickly and steadily, then this guide can help you a lot. By choosing the right jewelry styles, you can point in the right direction. Follow us and see how to choose jewelry style to boost your wholesale jewelry sales.


  1. Product positioning
  2. Market niche
  3. Reliable suppliers

Key to boost wholesale jewelry sales: product positioning

First of all, product positioning matters a lot. You need to make sure that the customer market covered by your market channels, and the selection of your jewelry styles, are clear and reasonable enough for building your brand image. A strong brand image can leave a deep impression on your potential customers. Therefore, to increase your wholesale jewelry sales, take your time to define what type of jewelry you want to sell. This will also make it clear for your target audience, and save your costs in the future. There are some ideas for you to choose:

  • Costume jewelry

The main features of the costume jewelry pieces are their affordable prices and fashionable styles. There are a wide range of costume jewelry types which are truly stylish, fun, and attractive. However, for this types of jewelry, bulk-selling is the key point. You can wholesale costume jewelry at cheap prices, and increase your wholesale jewelry sales by the large quantity.

  • Handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry is also a popular jewelry type to choose. The main reasons for buying handmade jewelry is for its unique and creative design, as well as high quality craftsmanship. Therefore, it is also a great way to increase your wholesale jewelry sales by providing those quality handmade unique jewelry pieces.

  • Precious jewelry

You can also wholesale expensive precious jewelry with high quality. For example, jewelry made of gold, silver, diamond, or other precious gemstones. Your target audience should be those who pursue the superior craftsmanship of your jewelry. Although the material costs of precious jewelry is high, you can get good wholesale jewelry sales performance in the long term.

Key to boost wholesale jewelry sales: market niche

If you want to increase your wholesale jewelry sales quickly, a necessary step, is to find your market niche, that is also to say, narrow down your jewelry categories to focus on one particular jewelry type. For instance, you can take materials into consideration, like silver jewelry, gold jewelry, or stainless steel jewelry etc. In addition, you can also take one particular jewelry item into account, such as earrings, necklaces or rings etc. Generally speaking, in order to achieve better wholesale jewelry sales performance, the more specific of your market niche, the more likely that you can gain the competitive advantages. Plus, doing market researches before you make any decisions.

Key to boost wholesale jewelry sales: reliable suppliers

Cooperating with a reliable jewelry supplier is certainly very important for your business. Because your jewelry stock is directly related with your brand reputation and image. Therefore, before sourcing your jewelry online, take your time to know your jewelry supplier as detailed as possible. If you want to source affordable jewelry pieces with high quality at the same time, then you can start with Jewelrykg. There are a wide collection of daily updated cheap fine jewelry on Jewelrykg.com, from which you can buy jewelry by weight with no MOQ!

Final Thoughts

No matter how long you have been in the wholesale jewelry business, increasing wholesale jewelry sales can be much more effective as long as you take the right steps. We are here to share with you the latest useful jewelry information and newest trends. You can subscribe to us if you like this guide. Meanwhile, we will be super happy if you can make comments below. Your voices and opinions are our best motivation.

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Wholesale jewelry sales
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