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Secrets Behind Jewelry Wholesale Businesses (2022 Updated)

Nowadays, many young people choose to start their own businesses. However, what market niches should you step into? Jewelry wholesale businesses seem to be a wonderful choice. But is that really the case? Actually, the competition in the jewelry wholesale industry is much fierce than you can imagine.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can not make profits in the jewelry wholesale market. In fact, the jewelry wholesale market contains huge earning power. As long as you can find the right direction and be committed to it, great opportunities will open up for you.

In order to let you know more about the jewelry wholesale businesses, we’ve created this article for you. If you want to be a successful jewelry wholesale business owner, then you should not miss this guide!

Why jewelry wholesale?

  • Wholesale does not mean low quality

When it comes to jewelry wholesale, many people may perceive the wholesale goods as low quality. However, that is not the case. Although price indicates the value of a commodity to some extent, that is not suitable for wholesale model.

Wholesale sales can be seen as a win-win strategy. Even if wholesalers will make less profit on each item, they can make higher profits than retail by increasing sales volume. In addition, buyers can also buy what they need with less money.

  • Good for resale

Wholesale jewelry is perfect for resale, because you don’t have to spend time producing it. If you can buy jewelry from a reliable jewelry wholesale supplier who can provide you jewelry with factory prices, then you can make more profits by reselling those jewelry pieces. What you only need to is to sell. Meanwhile, the low costs of the wholesale jewelry you purchase can also let you win the price advantages with your competitors.

  • Wide customer base

Jewelry has become an indispensable part of human life. The pursuit for beautiful jewelry has a quite long history. Wholesale jewelry, especially, gains great popularity due to its affordable prices, wide range of styles and fashionable designs. You will find that the jewelry sales on some famous e-commerce platforms like are growing year by year. Even within a single category, like earrings, necklaces, rings etc, there are also a large variety of styles for people to select.

jewelry wholesale

3 top factors for a successful jewelry wholesale business

Just as we mentioned before, jewelry wholesale market is a very profitable but competitive field to enter. So, if you want to be successful, you need to learn experience from other successful jewelry wholesale businesses. Of course, learning from failure experience can be better for you to grow.

  • Quality

Quality should always be put in the first place. You will easily find that there are so many jewelry wholesale suppliers who sell defective jewelry with low costs. Unfortunately, sometimes you can not tell whether the quality is good or not since you have a “online shopping.” Therefore, if you look at all those successful jewelry wholesale suppliers like Jewelrykg etc, they are trying their best to provide the top quality to customers instead of those made from cheap materials.

  • Price

Price is also a very important factor for jewelry wholesale business. The best way to make business is to get the best benefit for the lowest cost. People are very sensitive to price, especially they can have access to broad choices online nowadays. Therefore, winning the price advantages, especially for wholesale industry, is becoming of vital importance. However, relying too much on discounts is not a long-term solution, what you need to do is to keep your overheads to the lowest level.

  • Styles

Fashion industry has revolutionized. Women love to follow fashion trends while buying jewelry. We can also say that, fashion is ruling everywhere. Therefore, you should know the significance of fashion always remains the same. In addition to this, keeping your jewelry stock updated is very important. If your jewelry is always with the same styles, then customers will easily lose interests to your business. Therefore, finding a supplier who can offer you stable updated jewelry stock plays a vital role in your business.

Are there other factors?

Real success takes time. It will require approaches that can be sustained and achieve results.

There are many factors for becoming a successful jewelry wholesale business, like good cooperations, long-term strategies, market analysis, creative thoughts, special insights and more. If you want to look for more successful tips, then you can also look at our previous blogs, which may give you some helpful information. But real knowledge comes from practice, as long as you are making mistakes and learning from them, you are on the track to success.

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A pioneer of jewelry wholesale industry

There is a pioneer who has made significant contribution to the jewelry wholesale industry, and almost changes the direction for the wholesale market: Jewelrykg

You must have known the new concept of overseas wholesale: jewelry wholesale by kilogram, which is firstly used in Jewelrykg to sell jewelry wholesale to overseas market. Since this sales model launched, it has made numerous wholesale jewelry buyers enjoy a highly cost-effective shopping experience.

In addition, by integrating the cost and quality advantages in the field of small and medium-sized goods of Chinese manufacturing, the F2B2C (Factory to Business to Customers) has been realized.

In the past, selling by kilogram as not a new thing, however, there was a lack of a powerful platform to enter this field, and Jewelrykg played that role. For Jewelrykg, one end is connected with the factory’s quality supply chain, the other end is connected with consumers.

jewelry wholesale

What is jewelry wholesale by kilogram?

Jewelry wholesale by kilogram is a much cheaper way than the traditional bulk buying. Compared with buying jewelry by the bulk, buying jewelry by the kilogram is a much cost-effective way. In general, one kilogram will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry. The jewelry is randomly placed in the package, and the price is calculated according to the weight.

This makes the jewelry prices can achieve 25 to 30% lower than other websites, thus attracting a large number of consumers. On the one hand, this new wholesale model allows customers to purchase high-quality wholesale jewelry at a low cost. On the other hand, those who buy from Jewelrykg can gain a huge competitive advantage by selling those jewelry wholesale at a lower price than their competitors.

Therefore, it was warmly praised by many jewelry wholesalers when this model was launched.

jewelry wholesale

Should I choose Jewelrykg as my supplier?

“We understand that purchasing jewelry can be a complicated process—especially when you’re running a business. We want to simplify things for you by offering the widest selection of jewelry at the best prices. ”

If you go to, you will notice that from the products to services, Jewelrykg can make you enjoy an easy and pleasant shopping experience.

Here are their advantages:

  • Rich product line, diversified product styles per kilogram, and suitable for self-use or wholesale sales.
  • Independent packages,  no rust, no oxidation.
  • Top quality, all the jewelry pieces have integrity, no rust, no oxidation.
  • Complete after-sales system.
  • Free selection. Styles are sent randomly and full of surprises.

In addition to this, Jewelrykg also helps many small jewelry manufacturers build sales channels around the world. It also provides efficient logistics, quality inspection and design services, which greatly enhance the jewelry retailer’s operation efficiency.

Final Thoughts

The secret to business success is determined by your ability to powerfully communicate your business with laser precision, and your ability to deliver a clearly-defined and consistent experience. If you have ideas, then it’s time to start.

Thanks for reading this post. If you like it, don’t forget to share it. Your support is our best motivation!

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