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  • 18k Gold Plated Stainless Gift Necklace Earrings Set For Women $1.40
    style ci01style ci02style ci03style ci04
    • This jewelry is perfect to wear at parties. It is a complete set of matching jewelry. With gorgeous clothes, you can set off your temperament and let the party people feel your beautiful aura.
    • This jewelry comes in a variety of colors. Don’t worry about difficult choices. As long as you like it, add it to the shopping cart as soon as possible!
    • Cargo net weight content reaches 100%
  • Women Jewelry Crystal Silver Mother’s Day Gift Necklace $1.18
    style a01style a02style a03style a04
    • Wholesale Fashion lovely unicorn necklace bracelet earrings ring jewelry set for women,it has special design style.
    • If you wear this to participate the party,you will catch others’ attention,you will be the most beautiful beauty!
    • The net weight is standard to 100%.
  • Evil Eye Necklace Earrings 18K Gold Set $1.80
    style x01style x02style x03style x04
    • Fashion 18K Gold Crystal Earring Necklace Jewelry Set ,if you wear this jewelry set,you will be the most beautiful people among the crowd.
    • This jewelry set have novel style.What’s more,you can choose what you like,ensure that you don’t need to worry about the collocation.
    • The net weight content of goods reaches 100%.
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