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A Powerful Force In Wholesale Jewelry Industry (2022 Updated)

When the wholesale jewelry industry into a downturn, a Chinese wholesale jewelry brand has grown up in the winter: Jewelrykg. With its unique business model and excellent performance, Jewelrykg has successfully broken into the overseas jewelry market.

As a rising giant in the jewelry wholesale industry, Jewelrykg has gained support from a business incubator – Tencent Maker Space, as well as support from Tencent Investment Department and the Tencent Double Hundred plan. Until now, Jewelrykg already has a team size of over 500 people, and the number of Jewelrykg’s users has risen to more than 10 million.

So, why does Jewelrykg work so well? How does it bring the pieces of the puzzle together? What should businesses strive for in the future cross-border e-commerce competition?

What has cross-border e-commerce brought to start-ups?

  • Traffic bonus

Each time changes at the same time will be the birth of new and great enterprises. For example, the boom of short video platforms has caused a brand evolution. Nowadays, social media is a big driver of online transactions.

For instance, Tik Tok has more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, and almost a quarter of them will buy products online by watching Tik Tok videos. Therefore, those companies leaning against the overseas one billion user group can make content that young people love to watch, thus getting a lot of cheap exposure.

However, whether it is a short video or text, the content is still the most critical point to attracting the attention of consumers.

  • Brand story

In the past, the traditional marketing way is to tell consumers the selling points of a brand, but in fact, it was difficult to tell consumers what kind of life they could change. However, now, with marketing channels diversifying, such as Facebook and Google launch, consumers can better understand the core value and story of a brand, thus enhancing brand loyalty.

  • Sophisticated supply chains

In the wholesale jewelry industry, due to the drastic market competition, supply chain management now plays an important role in assisting companies to gain a  competitive advantage. While for the Chinese wholesale jewelry industry, unlike its lower-paying rivals, China has a reasonable infrastructure, sophisticated supply chains, and the advantage of scale.

Chinese supply chains are “large and comprehensive”, which are easy to form multiple industrial belts. Meanwhile, the emergence of industrial belts can better meet the one-stop needs of enterprises.

For example, Jewelrykg, a pioneer of cross-border e-commerce in the wholesale jewelry industry, can quickly seize the Southeast Asian market, one of the main reasons is its strong supply chain advantage.

wholesale jewelrywholesale jewelry

What makes Jewelrykg a successful wholesale jewelry brand?

  • Supply chain advantages

Just as we mentioned before, China has become the country with the most complete industrial manufacturing system in the world. With its rich experience in jewelry wholesale production and can provide the world with high-cost performance products.

Therefore, by leveraging the strong supply chain advantage of China and the network effect advantage built up over many years, Jewelrykg has successfully built a bridge to global jewelry wholesale buyers. Its excellent stock management and efficient delivery has gained great recognition in the world.

  • Overseas warehouse

With the increasing demand of consumers for a good online consumption experience, the role of the overseas warehouse is growing increasingly prominent. There are many problems in cross-border export logistics, such as slow delivery, slow customs clearance, easy-to-lose packages, and difficulty to return and exchange, and so on. Therefore, in order to ensure customer satisfaction, building a perfect overseas warehousing system is a good option to effectively solve the above problems.

For example, Jewelrykg’s exclusive overseas warehouse can ensure timely and efficient delivery. From sorting, classification, processing, labeling, and repackaging of the jewelry, Jewelrykg divides the inventory into units and matches them to overseas customers.

wholesale jewelry
  • Innovative sales model

A key advantage of Jewelrykg is its unique sales model: jewelry wholesale by kilogram.

Due to the fierce competition in the wholesale jewelry industry, it is increasingly difficult for people to buy quality wholesale jewelry at low prices. Therefore, it is not an easy task for any business owner to find good stock with a higher profit margin. As a result, in order to let every business source good jewelry at low prices, Jewelrykg officially promoted the new sales model: jewelry wholesale by kilogram, to the overseas market.

Since launching in 2020, it has gained great popularity worldwide.

wholesale jewelry

The future trend for wholesale jewelry businesses

Large e-commerce platforms like  Amazon, and AliExpress, have led to the increase in e-commerce. Data show that global retail sales through e-commerce channels in 2020 reached $4.28 billion, and the growth rate will remain at a high level.

For example, the size of China’s cross-border e-commerce market is expected to reach 15.7 trillion yuan at the end of 2022.

However, even though there are many start-ups seizing e-commerce advantages to build a competitive brand, it is never an easy task.

  • Brand building

For cross-border e-commerce businesses, only by building your own brand and increasing product scarcity can you improve the repurchase rate of consumers. For example, if you want to build an online wholesale jewelry store, then you have to break through the bottleneck of selling jewelry itself, what you need to do is find your unique selling points and brand story.

  • Cost-effective procurement

A highly cost-effective procurement model can not only save you much time and money but also provide you with a competitive edge.

For instance, Jewelrykg’s jewelry wholesale by kilogram procurement model is perfect for wholesale jewelry buyers.

In general, one kilogram will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry. The jewelry is randomly placed in the package, and the price is calculated according to the weight.

So, when you buy jewelry wholesale by kilogram from Jewelrykg, you will save up to 30% of your total expenses. What’s more, you can enjoy an interesting jewelry blind box experience.

wholesale jewelry
  • Personalized service

There is a new trend in the market-homogeneity and variety, thus, it is necessary to provide the right commodity and service. When customers face similar products, their requirements become more diversified and individualized. Therefore, applying data mining to analyze purchasing power is very important. For example, you can use a personalized service recommendation system to achieve precision marketing.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, success is always for those who are well-prepared. Therefore, in order to win the competition, enhancing overseas customers’ cognition of your brand, expanding sales channels, and improving the supply chain system is becoming increasingly crucial.

Thanks for reading this blog, if you think it has provided you with some helpful information, leave us a comment to let us know! Your support is always our best motivation!

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