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7 Ways To Reduce Return Rates For Your Jewelry Wholesale Business

Have you been hunted for the high return rates for your jewelry wholesale business? You are in the right place. With the massive shift of shopping habits, the online trading occupies the dominant position. For many online businesses, although there has been a substantial increase of jewelry sales, the same as the return rates.

High return rates can directly hit margins, and affect brand reputation. So, how to deal with that? You can take several proactive steps to reduce return rates for your jewelry wholesale business. Follow us, let’s have a look!

Reasons for high return rates of your jewelry wholesale business

According to the data, unlike physical stores, the average online return rate stands at 30% last year. Learning from experience is always a wonderful thing. As a wholesale jewelry business owner, there are 3 main reasons for high return rates that you need know.

  • High expectations

Especially for some jewelry wholesale business, the jewelry descriptions, images, and reviews are the main factors for customers to make decisions. If the jewelry itself can not be up to standard to the one presented on your website, then customers may feel disappointed about the jewelry they actually received. Because they’ve already form high expectations for your jewelry pieces.

  • Easy-going return policy

It is true that the return policy plays an important role in maintaining customers loyalty. However, it can also be a key factor for the sky-high return rates. Because customers are generally used to the free returns when shopping online, even if the return policy can be a key factor to decide where to shop, however, the potential risks always exist.

  • Poor fit

The next very common reason for people to return their jewelry pieces is the jewelry itself does not fit with them very much. Especially for bracelets and rings. Therefore, detailed information and guidance for jewelry sizes is very crucial.

How to reduce return rates for your wholesale jewelry business?

  • Detailed information

First of all, you need to let your customers know what they should expect for. Therefore, make the jewelry information as clear as possible. For example, the materials, sizes, colors of the jewelry should be as detailed as possible. Clear pictures of jewelry is also very important

  • Buyer’s show

Secondly, pay attention to the reviews and comments. Ask for feedbacks of your customers for your jewelry wholesale business. The real life buyer’s show can better show what your jewelry looks like in reality. This can also help your customers understand that you want to make them satisfied.

  • Videos

Thirdly, cideos can better present your jewelry than photos. Simple and short videos about your jewelry wholesale business can provide a clear view of the jewelry you sell, which can reduce return rates.

  • Save sales

Faced with the returns, after figuring out the main reasons, you can use some ways to drive the repurchase rates for your jewelry wholesale business. For example, offering replacements, or bonus credits for the same-day purchases.

  • After-sale services

Although good after-sale services can give customers a good impression. However, excessive services may have a negative impact on customer’s shopping experience. Therefore, in order to reduce the return rates for your jewelry wholesale business, you can use live chat or chatting robots instead of too much phones and e-mails.

  • Delivery

Delivery is also a very important factor to trigger customers to return products. Make your delivery clear to your customers before they make orders. And ensure to deliver jewelry within the guaranteed time.

  • Long return time

You can give your customers a longer return window, for example, 30 to 60 days, this is to give your jewelry buyers more time to consider before returning. Meanwhile, it can also improve the satisfaction of your long-term customers.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, sometimes, bad turns have positive consequences. Dark times are the times full of opportunities, therefore, stay positive, and turn the high return rates into the new growth strategy. If you think this guide give you some useful information, don’t forget to subscribe to us! We will be very delighted if you can make comments below. We are looking forward to your voices and opinions!

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Jewelry Wholesale Business
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