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The Rise Of Wholesale Jewelry Blind Box In 2022 (New Guide)

Have you ever had trouble choosing too many styles of wholesale jewelry? Or are you a jewelry lover who enjoyed “little surprises”? Good news for you! The wholesale jewelry blind box is becoming increasingly popular this year.

As we all know, jewelry can often become the finishing touch of a set of outfit. For people who love to dress themselves up, no amount of jewelry is often not enough. However, if you are a wholesale jewelry buyer, you must have ever been overwhelmed by the large number of wholesale jewelry styles.

If you have the same feeling like me, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we will dive deep into this new creative way of online shopping: blind box! Please follow us, this blog will surely help you a lot.

New experiences

“It can be really difficult for me to select wholesale jewelry pieces. You know, there are a large number of different wholesale jewelry styles online, it can be really hard for you make the final choice. However, until I discovered a new way of wholesale jewelry shopping – blind box, this really saves me from the boredom of jewelry selection! I feel very excited like receiving gifts before I open the packaging. The goods in the blind box can always bring me unexpected surprises!” One jewelry buyer from Jewelrykg shared on Facebook two months ago. Here is what she posted on her Facebook:

wholesale jewelry

So, why is this new kind of wholesale jewelry shopping so popular? Actually, in addition to the sense of mystery and unknown, the main reason for its popularity is the cost-effective buying experience.

What is wholesale jewelry?

First of all, wholesale does not mean that those cheap jewelry with low prices. It is a sales method of lowering the price due to the increase in sales volume. For example, in China, this sales method is very popular.

By buying jewelry in bulk, you can enjoy a large amount of fashion jewelry at discounted prices, which is far more cost-effective than buying in the retail store. Therefore, no matter for bulk jewelry wholesalers, retailers or lovers, buying jewelry in bulk has become a common way to reduce the costs.

However, every coin has its two sides. When the bulk buying is liked by the huge advantage of lowering the costs, the quality problem has always been widely criticized.

So, for wholesale jewelry buyers, how to find cheap fine jewelry with fashion styles has become a tricky question.

A new sales mode of wholesale jewelry

Like this customer mentioned above, she bought wholesale jewelry blind box from Jewelrykg. Actually, Jewelrykg is well-known for selling wholesale jewelry by kilogram. This is a highly cost-effective way of buying jewelry in bulk. When you buy bulk jewelry blind box from Jewelrykg, for example, all the hot-selling fashion jewelry styles are randomly matched in the package, you don’t have to choose styles by yourself. Of course you can specify the style you want in the package.

Therefore, this creative jewelry shopping method, once pushed, has won great popularity among the wholesale jewelry buyers and a heated discussion on social media platforms.

However, many people are questioning about this new sales model:

“Can jewelry also be sold by the kilogram? How does it work? Is it really cheaper? ”

“Is the quality can really be guaranteed? What about the packages?”

“Who is Jewelrykg? Are they really trustworthy?”

A rising star in the wholesale jewelry market

The sales mode of selling wholesale jewelry by kilogram is not a new thing. It is a very common way to sell products in wholesale by weighing the price. For example, In Yiwu, China, a city famous for the production of small commodities, many toys, bed products and clothes are selected by buyers, then weighed them and unified calculation of the price.

However, there is only few jewelry supplier who are using such sales model to provide cheap fine fashion jewelry for wholesale jewelry buyers. Jewelrykg can be the leading one.

On Jewelrykg’s website, it said: “We want to make it possible for everyone in the world to have access to great jewels, no matter where they live. Our mission is to offer our customers a hassle-free experience, whether the first piece or the hundredth.” Proof by facts, they made it.

wholesale jewelry

Advantages of buying wholesale jewelry by kilogram

  • High cost performance

On average, one kilo will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry, but the price is not prohibitive. Imagine the joy of spending the price of one piece of jewelry and getting a whole bag of jewelry. It’s very addictive for everyone.

  • Catering to fashion trends

For those people who love trying new styles and new things, buying jewelry by kilogram can be a wonderful choice. You can find different styles of jewelry in your treasures almost every day. What’s more, you can even pick at random from this pile of jewelry to determine what you are going to wear tomorrow.

  • Full of fun

It is worth mentioning that if you choose wholesale jewelry online, after you select the type (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.)of the jewelry, Jewelrykg, for example, will randomly put all the hot-selling products into your packages, just like a blind box, before open the parcel, you don’t know what kind of surprises are waiting for you there. in fact, there are often more good things than you think.

In addition, if you are an influencer, you can also record the process of opening the blind box of jewelry on video, which is a great catch on many platform.

wholesale jewelry

My experiences and suggestions

After learning about this new way of buying, I visited many online stores, but the stores recommended by Google were not satisfactory. The products I bought were either very poor quality or the style was not my type.

Later, I did some researches about Jewelrykg, and wondered why it is so popular by so many people. Then I made orders from their website, and that really impresses me a lot. Based on my own researches, it has the following advantages:

  • Cost effective

The wholesale price of jewelry on this site is $22 a kilogram, which is a good price even compared to other online wholesale jewelry stores

  • Good quality

After receiving the goods, I was surprised to find that although the price was low, each item was individually packed in a sealed bag, which prevented rust and oxidation and was also easy to store. It’s a far cry from the second-hand bulk jewelry we commonly found on the market.

  • A variety of styles

If you log in to their official website of jewelry wholesale, you will find that the product line of the website is very rich, including necklaces, earrings, chokers, key chains and so on. You can choose one kind of jewelry independently, or you can ask for multiple kinds being packed together and enjoy unpacking them at once.

wholesale jewelry

Final Thoughts

If you have not tried this way of buying bulk jewelry, then I strongly recommend you to give it a try. You can start with Jewelrykg, and you will be amazed.

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