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A New Way Of Buying Jewelry In Bulk (2022 Updated)

The prices of jewelry in bulk is much cheaper than excessively inflated retail price. When the jewelry is produced in large quantities, its price will be significantly reduced. As a result, buying jewelry in bulk has become a very crucial step for those jewelry retailers.

However, when you open some popular online platforms like Amazon and Alibaba, you will be easily overwhelmed by the flood of information. No matter whether you want to buy jewelry or other products, millions of products and advertisements will rush at you. Buying fine cheap jewelry in bulk seems like a matter of luck.

If you are also bothered by such a problem, then you have to know a new way of buying jewelry in bulk: buying wholesale jewelry by kilogram. So, what is it? why should you choose it?

What is buying jewelry in bulk by kilogram?

Buying products by kilogram is a very budget-friendly way of buying. For example, if you have ever come to China, you will not be surprised at this sales model. Instead of buying at marked total prices, the prices will be calculated by weight. Let’s say if you want to buy jewelry in bulk, one kilogram will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry, so when the prices are calculated by weight, you will save much more costs than the traditional way.

However,  if you do a google search, you will find that there are few platforms who are specialized in selling jewelry in bulk by kilogram except Jewelrykg, which ranks first on your search result.

When does this model become popular?

In the past, the wholesale jewelry market is becoming increasingly competitive. Many old jewelry sellers find it increasingly difficult to survive, so, the difference in management and quality of products in these businesses results in market chaos and disorderly competition.

At that time, Jewelrykg, a professional Chinese wholesale jewelry supplier with more than 15 years industry experience, realizes that it is not an easy task for any business owner to find good wholesale jewelry with a higher profit margin. Not only is there a complex procurement process, but it is also difficult to source the best quality jewelry at the lowest cost.

In 2020, Jewelrykg officially adopted this new sales model: jewelry wholesale by kilogram. Only in one year, the number of Jewelrykg’s customers rose to more than 10 million. More than half of them have become loyal customers, and the repurchase rate of Jewelrykg is very high.

Jewelry in bulk

Why should you buy jewelry in bulk by kilogram?

We have mentioned that this model can let you save costs. However, if you do some research, you will find that there has been a mixed reaction to it. Some people think it is super cost-saving and can get value-for-money products, while some think it may cause more costs than usual.

In fact, whether you can get benefits from this model depends on whether you buy from a reliable jewelry supplier.

For example, if you buy from those professional suppliers who specialize in selling jewelry in bulk by kilogram, then you can surely get a competitive edge. By contrast, if you buy from those unreliable ones, you are very likely to get jewelry with poor quality or bad services.

So, here we ‘ve listed 3 top benefits that you can get from a reliable one:

  • High-cost performance

Buying jewelry in bulk by kilogram can let you get jewelry at a very low cost while maintaining its high quality. As a wholesale jewelry buyer, the most important thing you need to do is to keep your costs as lowest as possible, therefore, you need to try to create very thin margins, which can have the minimum impact on your cash flow.

  • Rich styles

In addition to low costs, keeping your jewelry stock updated is also very important. The fashion trend is always changing, and you have to try your best to meet your customer’s needs. Therefore, having a wide variety of fashion styles is very important to you.

Jewelry in bulk
  • Blind boxes experience

If you buy jewelry in bulk by kilogram from Jewelrykg, for example, you will enjoy an interesting blind box experience. Because you will get all the newest hot-selling accessories randomly mixed in the package. When you open the package, you will feel pleasantly surprised by those trendy stunning jewelry pieces.

Jewelry in bulk

Jewelrykg: a pioneer in the jewelry wholesale market

Now you must be very familiar with this name. But why you should buy from Jewelrykg rather than other bulk jewelry suppliers?

  • Great insight

Even problems that may seem clear can also benefit from a fresh look and a new perspective. Jewelrykg is a pioneer in the jewelry wholesale market to adopt “jewelry wholesale by kilogram” model to the overseas market. In the past, selling by kilogram was not a new thing, however, there is no powerful leader entering this field. In 2020, in order to create a more cost-effective and convenient procurement model, Jewelrykg formally introduced this model to the overseas market, from which people can gain easy access to quality, cost-effective Chinese products.

  • Efficient quality control process

Jewelrykg’s exclusive overseas warehouse can ensure timely and efficient delivery. From sorting, classification, processing, labeling, and repackaging of the jewelry, Jewelrykg divides the inventory into units and matches them to overseas customers. Leveraging the strong supply chain advantage of China and the network effect advantage built up over many years, Jewelrykg has successfully built a bridge to global jewelry wholesale buyers.

  • Control for details

Jewelrykg offers great jewelry products as well as superb services.

Not only does Jewelrykg offer a wide range of fashion wholesale jewelry styles, but also keeps up with the latest fashion trends and updates daily. For wholesale jewelry buyers, a stable source of inventory with the latest fashion trends can be easily achieved. This is especially helpful for those new business owners.

As a reliable one-stop shopping supplier, from shipping policy to return policy, Jewelrykg always puts customers in the first place, from which you will get more benefits than others. In addition, Jewelrykg offers no MOQ, efficient global delivery, professional customization, and 6*24 hours of customer service.

Jewelry in bulk

Final words

There is no denying that the traditional consumption model is increasingly failing to attract the interest of consumers. Especially with the increase of personalized consumption needs, people gradually show more impatience with the same products and services. Instead, a fun, interesting shopping experience is extremely popular.

Jewelry wholesale by kilogram not only can give you a highly cost-effective worthwhile wholesale jewelry shopping experience but also bring an exciting blind box experience, which is very welcomed by global jewelry wholesale buyers nowadays.

Thanks for reading this blog, if you think it has provided you with some helpful information, leave us a comment to let us know! Your support is always our best motivation!

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