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Top 5 Korean Wholesale Hair Accessories Styles (New Guide)

Among so many wholesale hair accessories styles, Korean wholesale hair accessories can be the top popular ones for wholesale jewelry buyers. Not only are they much more affordable than others, but also rich in styles and always keep up with the fashion trends.

Women naturally have a special way with jewelry, and the main feature of Korean jewelry is that it perfectly shapes the different types of women in society. That is also to say, Korean jewelry can capture the needs of all women of different ages, thus making it so popular worldwide.

So, in this blog, we will dive deep into the wholesale hair accessories market, and see why Korean hair accessories can always rise to the top.

What are the main styles for wholesale jewelry?

The jewelry market is flooded with all kinds of styles, you may not have a clue to make better choices. Actually, there are mainly 4 styles in the global jewelry market.

  • Korean style

Korean jewelry is featured as “elegant, delicate, and romantic.” Just as we mentioned before, the biggest feature of Korean jewelry is that it can perfectly fit all kinds of needs of women of all ages. Therefore, you will find that Korean jewelry has much richer styles than others. In addition to styles, the affordable price is also a key feature. Most Korean jewelry is made with cheap materials like pearls, silver, leather, etc.

  • Japanese style

Japanese jewelry is similar to Korean style in some ways, however, there is still a big difference between them. For example, Japanese jewelry has its own unique style, especially in design. If you search online, you will find that Japanese jewelry is mostly in simple, concise, and exquisite style. In addition, the geometric design plays a key role in most Japanese jewelry styles, which is in line with Asian women’s tastes.

  • French style

Almost every French woman’s jewelry box will have several pieces of antique jewelry. French jewelry has a great global influence. Actually, it is deeply affected by its long history and rich culture. You will find that most French jewelry pieces are very luxurious, retro, and elegant. What’s more, many of them will have gems inlaid, which can enhance beauty to the fullest.

  • Italian style

Italian style jewelry is full of a sense of art, which has a gorgeous appearance and special design. What’s more, Italian jewelry prefers large amounts of gold and colored gemstones with large grains. It will not only display the high levels of craftsmanship but also lead the latest fashion jewelry trends.

Why are Korean wholesale hair accessories so popular?

Korean hair accessories have always been in the top position of the wholesale hair accessories market. So, what makes it so popular?

  • The spread of the Korean wave

In fact, Korean jewelry occupies a very essential place in the global jewelry industry. The rapid spread of Korean jewelry is closely related to what is referred to as “Hallyu” or the Korean wave, which is now becoming widespread across the globe. In addition to jewelry, it mainly includes Korean pop music, dramas, movies, and so on. For example, Korean drama and celebrities will lead to the popularity of Korean jewelry.

  • Wider choices

Korean hair accessories can keep up with the global latest fashion trends. The fashionable style and unique simple design have successfully brought much wider choices for global wholesale hair accessories buyers. If you have a global wholesale jewelry business, then being closer to the tastes of consumers in different parts of the world is very crucial for you. However, Korean hair accessories can almost meet the large majority of jewelry lovers in the world.

  • Cheap prices

Korean hair accessories are affordable to most consumers, especially students who have strong consumption desires but lack money. In addition, the materials are mostly cheap ones like silver, copper, platinum plating, artificial crystal beads, shells, feathers and pearls, and other materials. Therefore, they are perfect for daily wear and outfit matches.

5 Korean wholesale hair accessories styles you must have

Although there are a vast amount of fashion wholesale hair accessories, not all of them are hot-selling. So, what are the most famous hot-selling styles this year?

  • Flower hair claws

Flowers are a perennial source of inspiration for jewelry designers. In wholesale hair accessories, flower hair claws are the majority. Deeply loved by young girls, flower hair accessories are perfect options for highlighting the beauty, which can instantly add a sense of elegance to the whole look.

Wholesale hair accessories
  • Bow hairpins

Bow hairpins are very popular since many years ago, and most of such wholesale hair accessories are in a lovely style. However, what is most welcomed this year, is classic simple ones. For example, the white black bow hairpins are excellent choices. Just like this one shown below, simple but delicate, which is one of the most hot-selling styles among wholesale hairpins.

Wholesale hair accessories
  • Leaf hair clips

If you do some research online, you will find that leaf hair accessories just glitter with many famous celebrities. Such jewelry style can create a sense of classic and softness, which are widely pursued by lots of jewelry lovers. In addition, leaf hair clips are suitable for almost any occasion and outfit, you can pair them casually.

Wholesale hair accessories
  • Beaded hairbands

The demand for beaded hairbands is constantly on the rise in recent years. Most of them are very thin and made in pearls, rhinestones, or resins, which are super elegant but fashion-forward. Due to their affordable prices and delicate design, beaded headbands have become the top selection for many wholesale hair accessories buyers.

Wholesale hair accessories
  • Satin wide hair ties

The satin fabric feels soft and smooth on the skin, not only for clothes, it is very popular in hair accessories. Because such satin hair ties can create an elegant and classic sense, which can better highlight wearers’ elegance.

Wholesale hair accessories

Enjoy shopping wholesale hair accessories by weight!

No matter what kind of wholesale jewelry styles you want to purchase, the quality of the jewelry should be put in the first place. However, this can be hard to be achieve by buying wholesale jewelry online. It seems like getting high quality wholesale jewelry at low costs has become a matter of luck.

But, as long as you choose the right purchasing method, it can be easy to achieve.

For example, buying wholesale jewelry by kilogram is a perfect solution.

  • What is buying jewelry by kilogram? Why should you use it?

Generally, one kilogram of jewelry will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry, and you can select the styles you by free. For example, Jewelrykg is a leading reputable wholesale jewelry supplier who uses this creative sales model. You can get all the hot-selling gold-plated wholesale jewelry pieces from them with no MOQ. Meanwhile, they are randomly mixed to ensure that the jewelry in each package are of the same type.

Wholesale hair accessories

Who should I buy from?

You must be very familiar with Jewelrykg, who is a leading professional Chinese wholesale jewelry supplier offering cheap fine wholesale jewelry to the world.

Jewelrykg has officially promoted the “jewelry wholesale by kilogram” sales model in the wholesale jewelry market in Southeast Asia in 2020. Since launched, it has won great success in the global wholesale jewelry market.

Wholesale hair accessories

In addition to this highly cost-effective sales model, Jewelrykg also provides interesting blind box buying experience.

In the past few years, blind box economy has gradually prevailed in developed and developing countries. Due to its diverse product varieties and rich styles, Jewelrykg is directly in line with the needs for blind box merchants, thus becoming the world’s top three, and the first wholesale jewelry platform in China.

Wholesale hair accessories

Final thoughts

So now that you have found some hot-selling Korean hair accessories, it is time to start your fashion jewelry adventure. If you have any questions about our topic today, or any other wholesale jewelry information, just leave us a comment to let us know! We will try our best to provide you with a helpful answer!

Thanks for reading this post, your support is our best motivation. In addition, Pinterest is a good helper, if you are hunting for popular trendy jewelry pieces, then go here to find more!

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