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Top 5 Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Trends To Invest In For 2022

Every jewelry wholesaler should keep up with the new fresh fashion jewelry wholesale trends. Customers’ preference have been always changing, therefore, knowing which jewelry style is on top of the fashion trends is of vital importance.

Jewelry continues to be a bright spark amidst the Covid gloom. The global online jewelry sales are expected to increase from 13% to 21% of total sales between 2019 and 2025. To seize the huge jewelry opportunities this year, start with knowing the fashion jewelry wholesale trends. Follow us, here are 5 fashion trends that you must know.


  1. Colorful style
  2. Vintage style
  3. Lovely style
  4. Minimalist style
  5. Korean style

Fashion jewelry wholesale trends No.1: colorful style

The need for stunning jewelry to spark happiness is more than ever. There is a obvious shift towards people’s desire for bold colour and playfulness in this year. Jewellery has always been an emotional purchase, the reason why bold colour jewelry pieces are increasingly popular is that, it’s a way of showing self-confidence and self-achievement. For most women, nothing pairs better than a nice piece of colorful jewelry. Therefore, colorful jewelry pieces is your wonderful choice to stock in bulk in this year.

Fashion wholesale jewelry

Fashion jewelry wholesale trends No.2: vintage style

It always makes jewelry lovers fascinating about the new collection of vintage jewelry pieces. Especially for every fashion follower, vintage style jewelry is a must in their jewelry boxes. they can always be fashion-forward and charming pretty easily by wearing stunning creative vintage jewelry pieces. Especially designed with pearl, zircon, opal material, these series continues to gain popularity.

Fashion wholesale jewelry

Fashion jewelry wholesale trends No.3: lovely style

Lovely style fashion jewelry wholesale trends are most well-likely with animals and flowers elements. No one can deny a lovely cute necklace or bracelet. Nowadays most young girls are finding unique and creative personalized jewelry pieces to show their own style. Therefore, you can not without lovely jewelry pieces in your inventory. If you want to get cheap and good quality fashion jewelry in bulk, then come to Jewelrykg. We can sell you the latest chic jewelry by kilogram with no MOQ.

Fashion wholesale jewelry

Fashion jewelry wholesale trends No.4: minimalist style

You will easily find a bunch of minimalist jewelry recommendations on social media. As a popular jewelry style, minimalist style has been in vogue for many years. it will continue to be in popularity this year. Especially for minimalist hoop and stud earrings. A simple-designed jewelry piece is suitable for almost any outfit and occasion. In addition, this style can add a sense of delicacy and sophistication on the whole look. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have the minimalist style jewelry in stock.

Fashion wholesale jewelry

Fashion jewelry wholesale trends No.5: Korean style

Korean style is one of the most classic jewelry style. From earrings, necklaces, to brooches, hair accessories, Korean style is everywhere and pursued by masses of jewelry lovers worldwide. This kind of jewelry can be your most hot-selling fashion jewelry wholesale trend on your website. So, do not miss it! You can browse through our online collection of extraordinary jewelry pieces on You will surely be amazed.

Fashion wholesale jewelry

Final Thoughts

Choosing the latest fashion jewelry wholesale pieces is of vital importance for your jewelry business. Knowing the customers’ preferences and fashion trend is always a good start. If you have no idea of where to source cheap wonderful jewelry in bulk, then Jewelrykg can be your most reliable friend and your prefect choice. We sell jewelry by kilogram and can offer you the lowest-priced updated fashion jewelry with no MOQ!

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