Jewelry in bulk

Top 5 Advantages Of Holding Jewelry In Bulk For Inventory

One of the most significant part of every business is your inventory. For most jewelry wholesalers, buying jewelry in bulk is very necessary and can bring lots of benefits to your business. Your inventory is the main source of your revenue. Whether you are a wholesaler, or retailer, it is of vital important to decide about how much to store and how much to reorder.

If you have no idea whether you need to buy jewelry in bulk for your jewelry store, then this article may help you a lot. Here are 5 top benefits for buying jewelry in bulk. Get ready? Let’s get into it!


  1. Quicker response time
  2. Supplier Price Discounts
  3. Merchandising and Promotion
  4. Decreased risk of shortage
  5. Better customer satisfaction

Holding jewelry in bulk can bring quicker response time

One of the top advantages of holding bulky jewelry is that you are able to fill your customers orders with quicker response time. As your customers can get their orders in a very short period of time, they will have a more pleasant and satisfied shopping experience, which is beneficial for promoting your long-term relationship in the future.

Holding jewelry in bulk can bring price discounts

For most jewelry wholesalers who want to buy jewelry in bulk online, one important reason is due to the cost advantages from purchasing in bulk. Therefore, you can make more on each item by selling a large amount of cheap jewelry pieces. For example, Jewelrykg is a popular wholesale jewelry supplier who provides numerous daily-updated bulk jewelry pieces with the lowest price. Most importantly, Jewelry sell jewelry by kilogram with no MOQ, which means you can get much potential gross profit by buying jewelry in bulk from such reliable wholesale jewelry suppliers.

Holding jewelry in bulk can bring effective promotion

Every jewelry wholesaler knows that fully stocked jewelry displays can bring effective and better promotion, especially for those hot-selling and featured jewelry items. It can give your customers good impression that your company can provide a wide range of jewelry items with updated styles and designs. Therefore, holding a bunch of jewelry in your inventory can benefit you a lot.

Holding jewelry in bulk can bring decreased risk of shortages

Holding bulky inventory will ensure that that you will not run out of a particular jewelry item, or if they are discontinued. In addition, you can be able to ship your jewelry pieces to your customers normally even if the production line is discontinued. And this can bring you competitive advantage against your competitors.

Holding jewelry in bulk can bring better customer satisfaction

All of the benefits we talked about above can bring your customers with better and pleasant shopping experiences. For example, if your customers can not receive your jewelry pieces efficiently or return effectively, especially at the peak period of demand, then you may lose much customers and damage your brand image and loyalty.

Final Thoughts

No matter whether you are a jewelry wholesaler or retailer, understanding the importance of holding jewelry in bulk is necessary. If you want to find a reliable jewelry wholesaler who can sell jewelry by weight with no MOQ, then just come to us!

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Jewelry in bulk
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