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6 Fashion Celebrity Jewelry Styles For Your Wholesale Jewelry Selection

Are you looking for hot-selling jewelry styles for your wholesale jewelry selection? For thousands of years, jewelry is considered as the best fashion component to show people’s glamour and beauty. For most jewelry lovers, they can easily find numerous jewelry styles from the Internet, however, most of them have no idea of which of them are the most popular ones and indeed suitable for themselves.

To better sell your jewelry pieces to your customers, you’ve to know the trendiest jewelry pieces in 2022. Therefore, the celebrity jewelry can be your wonderful choice. You can choose the most hottest celebrity jewelry styles for your wholesale jewelry selection, which is a prefect way to attract more fashion jewelry buyers attention.

These 6 popular celebrity jewelry styles are highly recommended for you. Follow us, let’s start a fashion jewelry adventure.


  1. Long tassel earrings
  2. Leaf drop earrings
  3. Zircon drop earrings
  4. Pearl beaded necklaces
  5. Emerald necklaces
  6. Clip brooches

Wholesale Jewelry Selection Tips (1): Long tassel earrings

Celebrity: Emma Watson

Celebrity has become one of the most important representations of popular culture. The pair of long tassel drop earrings she wears makes an impression to every jewelry lovers. The tassel style is one of the most fashionable element jewelry styles. By wearing tassel earrings can always make people more fashion-forward and charming. Especially with silver or zircon material, this kind of earrings will definitely let you get more attention and add a pop of color to your outfit.

Wholesale Jewelry Selection

Wholesale Jewelry Selection Tips (2): Leaf drop earrings

Celebrity: Florence Pugh

The pair of leaf drop earrings on her looks incredible and stunning. Also, this kind of earrings style can be a wonderful choice to modify your face shape. Unique creative design added with shiny silver appearance, you will just stand out among the crowd by putting this kind of earrings. The graceful cluster of stones feels both classic and sweet. Meanwhile, They are prefect for all kinds of parties. If you are searching for best options for your wholesale jewelry selection, try Jewelrykg. We sell you a wide range of chic latest fashion jewelry pieces by kilogram with no MOQ! You can get more cheap fashion jewelry from us.

Wholesale Jewelry Selection

Wholesale Jewelry Selection Tips (3): Zircon drop earrings

Celebrity: Simone Ashley.

She wears a pair of simple shiny zircon drop earrings. Actually, zircon has very high luster and refraction. That is to say, it will be super brilliant with light, which can also exhibits rainbow flashes of color. However, due to its high similarities in appearance compared with diamonds, zircon is the only natural gemstone that comes close to imitating the diamond. In order to have excellent wholesale jewelry selection, the zircon earrings should be your must-haves.

Wholesale Jewelry Selection

Wholesale Jewelry Selection Tips (4): Pearl beaded necklaces

Celebrity: Michael Ajao

The beaded pearl necklaces have become one of the most favorable jewelry style in this year. You are highly recommended to put this style into your wholesale jewelry selection. Pearl beaded necklaces are perfect for you to attend almost any kind of occasions or activities. Whether you go to work, attend a party, or just go for a walk, they are just fashion and all-matched. Beaded style with beautiful pearls can give you a sense of delicacy.

Wholesale Jewelry Selection

Wholesale Jewelry Selection Tips (5): Emerald necklaces

Celebrity: Lady Gaga

The vintage emerald necklace is a fantastic item that has never truly gone out of fashion. However, they’re no longer only for grandmas, but people of all ages. Vintage style are on the top of the fashion trend. And most people prefer to wear vintage necklaces to help them enhance their elegance and add a pop of color to the whole look. Put this style in to your wholesale jewelry selection, you won’t be disappointed.

Wholesale Jewelry Selection

Wholesale Jewelry Selection Tips (6): Clip brooches

Celebrity: Harris Dickinson

Many celebrities have been seen wearing brooches on lots of occasions. Clip brooches is very classic and has a touch of design. Brooches can be a surprising gift for those who rarely wear rings or necklaces. Stunning brooches can always make you attract more attention and highlight your whole outfit. For example, when you wear plain-colored clothes, then silver clip brooches can definitely your best choice. You can choose them for your wholesale jewelry selection right now from Jewelrykg! You will surely be impressed a lot.

Wholesale Jewelry Selection

Final Thoughts

Knowing the new latest jewelry fashion trends is the key to cater to your customers’ shopping preferences. Everyone likes to buy fashion cheap jewelry pieces to highlight their beauty. If you want more trendy wholesale jewelry at the lowest prices, then, shop on Jewelrykg.com to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

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Wholesale Jewelry Selection
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