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How To Sell Wholesale Jewelry Online In 2022 (New Guide)

Wholesale jewelry industry contains huge potential. However, in today’s competitive business environment, what you need to do is to embrace changes, that is, no matter what it is, once you do, you can always learn about the new world you’re in and take advantage of the new opportunities coming to you.

If you are preparing for tapping into wholesale jewelry industry, then follow us, let’s dive into the new world of it.


  1. Why sell wholesale jewelry online
  2. How to sell wholesale jewelry in 5 steps
  3. The most popular wholesale jewelry pieces in 2022

Why sell wholesale jewelry online

  • E-commerce leads the way

According to the data, global ecommerce sales are expected to reach $5.5 trillion in 2022. In addition, e-commerce is booming at an ever-increasing speed, which is becoming an increasingly lucrative and popular choice for businesses. As a result, it seems like everything is in ecommerce, and it is changing consumers’ shopping habits. So, seizing the huge potential benefits of e-commerce is of vital importance.

  • The features of wholesale business mode

The wholesale business mode can bring huge benefits both for you and your customers. That is, you can save money and unnecessary costs, meanwhile, by selling jewelry in bulk at a competitive price, your customers, including retailers, other wholesalers, and end consumers can be able to get cheap jewelry pieces.

  • The features of wholesale jewelry

Jewelry is a popular consumer product and well-liked by a wide groups of people with no regard to age or gender. Therefore, by selling jewelry online, you will get a huge consume market with great potential.

In addition, bulk jewelry pieces are small and easy to ship. You will get low transport risk compared with those fragile bulk commodities.

Moreover, wholesale jewelry has a bunch of different types, so, you can offer rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches made from different kinds of materials. You can also choose latest trendy styles suitable for different ranges of people.

How to sell wholesale jewelry in 5 steps

  • Research

Before you starting a wholesale business, the first thing you need to do is to know the basic knowledge about wholesale itself as well as the latest jewelry industry trends, for example, follow some jewelry blogs. You can go to a popular online jewelry wholesaler’s website and see its latest blogs. You can start with Jewelrykg.

  • Find reliable suppliers

Cooperating with a reliable superb jewelry supplier is importance. For example, you can start with search engines like bing and google by tapping in “wholesale jewelry supplier” and see what comes up next. What you need to do is to carefully find the most trustworthy jewelry wholesaler, like Jewelrykg. We can offer you a wide collection of daily-updated fashionable jewelry pieces sold by weight with no MOQ at the lowest prices.

  • Set up your own store

Once you have had a detailed perfect business plan and connected with your jewelry wholesalers, then you can set up your own store, for example, you can sign up with an e-commerce platform, or try to build your own website. When you are setting up your own online wholesale store, the whole brand value and style are very important.

  • Price your wholesale jewelry

Next, you need to set a reasonable price for your each jewelry pieces so that you can gain competitive advantages. You can ask yourself some questions like: Do you accept returns and refunds? What’s the shipping policy? Will you have big discounts for your bulk jewelry?

  • Promote your wholesale jewelry store

Finally, you need to find your target audience and make a detailed promotion plan for your bulk jewelry store. Some popular promotion strategies like social media marketing, SEO, email marketing and so on.

3 hot wholesale jewelry niches you must know

Don’t know what bulk jewelry niche to get into? We’ve picked 5 most popular bulk jewelry niches in 2022 to help you get started. Follow us, let’s dive in!

  • Gold plated wholesale jewelry

Gold plated jewelry is a cheaper alternative to gold. The gold plated bulk jewelry pieces are certainly more affordable and still look like read gold. So, by having beautiful and fashion appearance, the gold plated jewelry has become one of the most famous purchasing trend this year.

  • Handmade Wholesale Jewelry

The handmade jewelry has become one of the most well-liked jewelry niches in recent years. They are excellent choice for those customers who want high quality and personalized bulk jewelry pieces. Therefore, by offering the handmade jewelry can help you to stand out and be competitive among your competitors.

  • Customized wholesale jewelry

In addition, customization will be a popular bulk jewelry trend. Meanwhile, if you have a wonderful design team, then the customized jewelry may be a good choice for you. By offering customized jewelry pieces according customer needs can help you to enhance your brand image and reputation.

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, embrace the changes and fly high, your first step matters a lot. If you like this article, don’t forget to subscribe to us! Jewelrykg can provide you with numerous different fashion updated jewelry styles with cheap prices and good quality. In addition, we sell you excellent wholesale jewelry by kilogram with no MOQ. Jewelrykg is always standing by your side.

Wholesale Jewelry
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