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5 Common Types Of Chain Bulk Jewelry You Should Know (New Guide)

Chain bulk jewelry has become surely a classic style that every woman, regardless of age, should have. Chain is an essential part of any jewelry design and collection. However, with so many types of chain styles, it can be hard to choose which one of those chain bulk jewelry is the most suitable one for your needs.

Whether you’re hunting for fine jewelry for your stock, or just trying to find your favorable ones, this guide will help you figure out what are the typical and popular chain bulk jewelry types in the jewelry market, and how to select your ideal ones. Next, follow us to get more information with us!


  1. Curb chain
  2. Cable chain
  3. Wheat chain
  4. Box chain
  5. Snake chain

Common types of chain bulk jewelry: curb chain

With twisted links, the curb chain is much flatter and thinner. They are put closely together to form a dense flat. So, with the unique feature of the curb chain bulk jewelry, it is very easy to create a fashion-forward look. Especially for necklaces, the curb chain necklaces are a great option for bringing a unique stylish look to express personality. For example, the thick curb chain necklace showed below is a very classic style among the curb chain bulk jewelry. You can click the picture below to get more information.

chain bulk jewelry

Common types of chain bulk jewelry: cable chain

The cable chain is one of the most common and classic types of chain bulk jewelry. Such cable chains, are generally combined with round, oval, or oblong links. Every link is in same size and interlocked with each other, which is widely used in the jewelry design for bracelets and necklaces. You can easily pair with casual outfits with cable chain bulk jewelry pieces, they are your wonderful choice. For example, the one showed below, is one of our hot-selling chain earrings style. This pair of earrings is specially designed with silver cable chain style, you will get a modern and chic look by putting it on.

chain bulk jewelry

Common types of chain bulk jewelry: wheat chain

Wheat chain looks like a stalk of wheat, it can be combined with round, oval, and flat links. Meanwhile, such wheat chain bulk jewelry is both flexible and tough enough to handle heavy pendants. They can also be very durable and not easy to break. The one showed below, for example, is very stylish and attractive. Without too many decorations, the focal point of this necklace is the chain itself.

chain bulk jewelry

Common types of chain bulk jewelry: box chain

The box chain is one of the most tough types of chain bulk jewelry pieces, such jewelry has good stability and not easy to be broken or damaged. By laying the square links flat, you can wear such box chain jewelry pieces on their own, or layer them with other thin chains. Plus, delicate pendants can work well with box chain necklaces. For example, the silver box chain necklace showed below, can be your prefect choice for mixing other necklaces, it will give you a simple but delicate look.

chain bulk jewelry

Common types of chain bulk jewelry: snake chain

Snake chain is one of the most popular and hot-selling chain bulk jewelry styles in recent year. Famous for its minimalist classic appearance, such snake chain jewelry, especially for necklaces, are perfect choice for creating a fashion-forward look. The snake chain can work very well with your skin with great flexibility. However, it may be difficult to repair. You are highly recommended to try the snake chain necklace showed as the picture below, which will beautify the neck to the fullest.

chain bulk jewelry

Final Thoughts

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