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How To Boost Bulk Jewelry Sales On Facebook (2022 Updated)

Selling bulk jewelry contains huge potential profits in recent years. many jewelry retailers are using social media marketing to boost sales and reputation. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, in addition, almost 62% of Internet users are using Facebook worldwide. so, this creates a wonderful opportunity for retailers to make full use of social networks to sell bulk jewelry online.

Facebook is definitely a huge opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. However, how to start with selling bulk jewelry on Facebook? What are the tactics to increase sales? This blog can tell you a lot. Follow us, let’s have a look.

You will learn:

  1. Why sell on Facebook?
  2. What are the common ways to sell on Facebook?
  3. How to expand influences on Facebook?

Why sell bulk jewelry on Facebook?

Selling on Facebook can create a wonderful experience for customers to buy jewelry directly from Facebook, or be sent to your website page. As a result, this can greatly drive your website exposure rate and reduce the possibility of  customer losing. As a famous social media platform, selling bulk jewelry in Facebook can bring you 3 main advantages:

  • Extend customer reach

First of all, Facebook has a huge audience base, which can bring you more opportunities to attract potential jewelry customers. Plus, your jewelry will be displayed on the main page. So, everyone can click it according to the attractive title, photos, jewelry description etc. This is very convenient for you to interact with your customers.

  • Low costs

In addition, compared with other traditional marketing strategies, it is cheaper to sell bulk jewelry on Facebook. It is free to create a Facebook account and promote for your jewelry. For example, if you post wonderful information of your jewelry with good title and description, then you may attract attention easily. Meanwhile, with high traffic, it is very quick and efficient to sell bulk jewelry on Facebook compared with other marketing strategies.

  • Brand awareness

Moreover, you can get potential exposure by posting bulk jewelry information on Facebook. Your posts can last for a longer time if they get enough attention. This can be realized by posting videos, high quality photos to drive the interaction in the comment section. Therefore, in the end, your brand awareness and recognition can be improved.

What are the ways to sell bulk jewelry on Facebook?

  • Start a shop

To begin with, a convenient way is to set up a shop. The shops are controlled by Facebook’s Commerce Manager, you need to build a product catalog of bulk jewelry.

  • Facebook Marketplace

Second, you can apply to list your bulk jewelry products on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is a famous c2c platform for people to sell and buy things. Unlike shops, marketplace contains a wide range of products from different businesses. Plus, people can hunt for a particular item on Facebook Marketplace, therefore, it’s a very good way to drive traffic.

  • Facebook lives

Third, live shopping is a very popular and effective marketing strategy for many businesses. You can sell bulk jewelry through Facebook live shopping. For example, you can let your bulk jewelry pop up in your live streams. Meanwhile, the live audiences can learn the detailed information about your bulk jewelry pieces and make the purchase in your stream.

How to expand your bulk jewelry influences on Facebook?

  • Close-up

When it comes to selling bulk jewelry, visualizing your photos is very important. Sometimes, jewelry is too small to use video to show its details. Therefore, get ready for your close-up to better show every details of your jewelry pieces. Meanwhile, it would be better to use a model by putting jewelry on the wrist, neck or hand.

  • Interaction

Next, interacting with your bulk jewelry buyers is of vital importance. For instance, take your time to look at the reviews, questions and feedbacks, and then solve their problems one by one. Be responsive and let your customers be engaged in the conversation. Like, you can ask them their preferences, or the reason why they are pursuing jewelry. Consequently, the more interaction with your customers, the deeper impression will exist to your customers.

  • Build a group

Plus, building a Facebook group is a good way to market your bulk jewelry business. You are able to build strong brand loyalty in this way. Facebook groups can provide you with the opportunity to post your jewelry on the group’s page, which is a wonderful way to reach new audiences.

  • Advertising

Finally, one of the most helpful and effective tools is advertising, mainly paid advertising. You can take advantage of the huge traffic of Facebook by creating attractive ads. However, although relating with additional costs, this can help you to attract more potential bulk jewelry seekers.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Facebook has become a popular mean to promote businesses and boost sales.

So, it is beneficial and worthwhile to take your time and be dedicated to selling bulk jewelry on Facebook. If you think this guide provides you with some helpful information or creative ideas, don’t forget to subscribe to us!

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