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5 Wholesale Jewelry Online Shopping Mistakes You Must Avoid

Buying wholesale jewelry online certainly has great benefits, like pretty convenient and affordable. However, unlike other physical retail stores, online buying is unable to see jewelry in person. Therefore, finding a trustworthy wholesale jewelry supplier is very essential for everyone.

In order to buy high quality affordable jewelry online, there are some shopping mistakes you need to pay attention to. So, here, we’ve listed the 5 common bulk jewelry online shopping mistakes in this blog, you are more likely to have a pleasant shopping experience if you avoid these mistakes. Follow us, let’s get into it!


  1. Skim descriptions
  2. Know little about materials
  3. Don’t check return policy
  4. Don’t check reviews
  5. Get wrong size

Common wholesale jewelry online shopping mistakes: skim descriptions

First of all, a good reliable wholesale jewelry online supplier will definitely provide you with the detailed jewelry information. These descriptions are very important for your choice. Unlike physical stores, you can not try each piece of jewelry by yourself. Therefore, reading the descriptions like weight, materials and other specific information is necessary. Sometimes photos are not everything. So, you need to try your best to get the detailed information of every piece of jewelry.

Common wholesale jewelry online shopping mistakes: know little about materials

Secondly, a good trusted wholesale jewelry store will offer you a clear information about the materials. Therefore, before buying jewelry online, get to know more about different types of jewelry materials. For example, what are base metals, what are precious metals, what’s the difference between pure silver and sterling silver, which kinds of materials are easy to cause an allergy. So, knowing the details of jewelry materials can help you to avoid many unnecessary troubles and costs.

Common wholesale jewelry online shopping mistakes: don’t check return policy

Thirdly, a good wholesale jewelry online store will surely provide its customers with a fair return policy and fast shipping time. For example, Jewelrykg, whose mission is to create a pleasant shopping experience to every customer. Therefore, before making orders, check the supplier’s return and shipping policy carefully. Meanwhile, there are many wholesale jewelry stores can not provide a full return. So, get yourself into habit of this.

Common wholesale jewelry online shopping mistakes: don’t check reviews

Moreover, true reviews or buyer’s show can give you a clear picture about the reputation and service about the wholesale jewelry suppliers. Especially if you order in large numbers, you have to take this important step before purchasing. However, if you find there are few reviews of a wholesale jewelry supplier, that does not necessarily mean that it is not a reliable supplier. In addition, what you need to focus is the good reviews instead of bulk reviews. Sometimes a lack of reviews may indicate that there are fewer problems of the jewelry quality and services.

Common wholesale jewelry online shopping mistakes: get wrong size

Finally, it can be frustrating if you find the jewelry you bought online is not fit with you. There are so many wholesale jewelry shoppers can not measure the sizes of the jewelry properly before purchasing. As a result, they have to make returns, which wastes both money and time. For example, rings, in particular, should be paid much attention in terms of sizes. The same as bracelets and necklaces. Therefore, carefully read the jewelry information is the key point. Just as the first point mentioned before. Therefore, you should have a sense of confidence before making any purchase online.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, buying bulk jewelry online is a wonderful thing. So, remember to take your time to avoid these common mistakes mentioned above. Plus, if you are hunting for reliable superb jewelry online supplier, here Jewelrykg is highly recommended for you. You can buy jewelry by kilogram from Jewelrykg.com with no MOQ! If you find this article has provided you with some helpful information, then don’t forget to subscribe to us!

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