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2022 Most Popular Fashion Wholesale Jewelry Niches (New Guide)

Fashion wholesale jewelry industry is becoming increasingly famous and popular. More and more new players are trying to tap into the online jewelry business. Being competitive is the key for any business. However, how to win the competitive advantages in such a changeable and brutal business environment?

When you look at this blog, you may a jewelry retailer, wholesaler, or a jewelry buyer. However, no matter who you are, we want to share these popular fashion wholesale jewelry niches with you. Our biggest reward is to let you find helpful information in each article. If you are interested in today’s topic, please scroll down to get more information!


  1. Affordable jewelry
  2. Handmade jewelry
  3. Plated jewelry
  4. Kids jewelry
  5. Body jewelry

Fashion wholesale jewelry niches: affordable jewelry

First of all, here, affordable does not mean cheap, or low quality. Affordable fashion wholesale jewelry is a very profitable and popular jewelry niche to make investment. Jewelry industry, especially fashion wholesale jewelry, is a diverse and changeable market. Most jewelry pieces are going with fashion trends. That is to say, most jewelry buyers are buying jewelry according to the current jewelry trends. Meanwhile, fashion jewelry trends can come fast but can also be out of fashion quickly. Plus, “fashionable” itself is not strictly determined or ruled. But everyone loves affordable fine jewelry with good quality. Therefore, buying fine jewelry in bulk with lower prices to resell is a wonderful choice for you. For instance, here, Jewelrykg is highly recommended for you, who can sell you bulk newest fine jewelry with factory prices by kilogram with no MOQ.

Fashion wholesale jewelry niches: handmade jewelry

Second, handmade jewelry is also very popular recently. The ecommerce has brought the booming of online selling. As a result, you will certainly find bulk fashion jewelry anywhere. So, in addition to providing affordable fashion wholesale jewelry, the handmade jewelry is a perfect chance. Because there exists a huge market of jewelry buyers who purse the personalized style and customized shopping experience. With the unique jewelry styles, the handmade jewelry can meet the high demands of those jewelry lovers, meanwhile, you can sell at a higher price.

Fashion wholesale jewelry niches: plated jewelry

Third, for most fashion jewelry lovers, pure gold or silver jewelry can be expensive to afford. Therefore, plated jewelry can be wonderful choice to purchase. For example, some popular plated jewelry, like gold plated jewelry and silver plated jewelry is usually less expensive than pure ones. Meanwhile, these plated fashion wholesale jewelry pieces enjoy a great popularity due to its various kinds of stylish unique designs and shapes. In addition, if you sell plated jewelry, then make sure that you are cooperating with a reliable jewelry supplier. Because you need to ensure that the jewelry material is safe and not made of other harmful or allergic materials like nickels and lead.

Fashion wholesale jewelry niches: kids jewelry

Next, kids jewelry is an excellent niches market to get into. There is relatively less competition in kids jewelry industry compared with those fashion wholesale jewelry pieces sold for men and women. The main feature of kids jewelry should be high quality and safe. Meanwhile, you need to use effective marketing strategies to attract your target audiences, that is to say, young parents. For example, you can also find fine kids jewelry on our website:, where you will find plenty of stunning high quality jewelry pieces with affordable prices.

Fashion wholesale jewelry niches: body jewelry

Finally, it is also a very good chance for you to enter body jewelry industry. The body piercings has been in vogue for many years. Some famous body jewelry pieces, like nose rings and belly button rings are becoming more and more popular. These jewelry, can be more personalized and show people’s characteristics and styles. In addition, remember that the high quality and fashion design are the key factors behind most purchasing behavior.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, online jewelry industry is a billion-dollar hot industry. So, how to win a share of pie among so many competitors? Finding the right direction is the first step. That is to say, take your time to do researches about your jewelry niche market, which can allow you to add value to your customers’ experience.

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In The End

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