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Choose Best Wholesale Earrings For Your Face (2022 Updated)

Many wholesale jewelry lovers love to buy a wide range of fine wholesale earrings. As we all know, the choice of right earrings can not only enhance a person’s temperament, but also play a crucial role in the modification of the face shape. But most of the time, when choosing those fine attractive wholesale earrings, when you pick out a pair of earrings you like, only to find that they’re not really satisfying. Therefore, knowing how to choose earrings according to the face shapes is particularly important.

Whether you are a lover or a buyer of wholesale earrings, it is necessary to know how to choose the right type of earrings, because there are so many different types of wholesale earrings on the market. Some earrings may look great, but actually aren’t for everyone. Just like hairstyles, earrings also have their perfect match. So, what kind of wholesale earrings are more decorative? And what kind of wholesale earrings should you buy? This blog will tell you the answer.


  1. Round face
  2. Square face
  3. Heart-shaped face
  4. Long face
  5. Oval face

Suitable wholesale earrings for round face

Most people may be concerned about how to choose the earrings with a round face, which is characterized by wide cheekbones. In fact, the way to choose is not so complicated, the principle of choosing wholesale earrings with a round face is to show slimness.

For a round face, choose those earrings that can lengthen the face rather than enlarge it. For example, you can choose some wholesale earrings with a very metallic texture, which can give you a strong visual feeling, because this type of earrings can shape the texture of the face to a certain extent, making the face look less round. At the same time, drop earrings can also make your face look much slimmer. Because the hanging earrings can form a good balance for your round face. For example, tassel drop earrings can be a wonderful choice. However, do not choose those wholesale earring with heavy or large pendants, which may have an opposite effect. And it’s best to avoid those round earrings that feature chunky circles or discs, for this will make your face appear rounder.

Key points:

  • Earrings with the metallic texture
  • Drop tassel earrings
  • Avoid heavy pendant and round earrings
wholesale earrings

Suitable wholesale earrings for square face

The square face is characterized by sharp edges and angles, so generally speaking, it is necessary to soften the facial lines. Therefore, you need to choose suitable wholesale earrings to help soften hard edges, especially the jaw line. For example, you can choose flower-shaped, heart-shaped, or oval earrings, which can better modify the edge of your face. But among them, hoop earrings can be the best choice for square faces, and hoops come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, so you can choose the one you like. At the same time, the square face is very suitable for the neutral style, so you can also try those exaggerate and bold wholesale earrings. However, it would be better to not choose square earrings, as they will highlight the edge of your face.

Key points

  • Hoop earrings
  • Exaggerated earrings
  • Avoid square earrings
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Suitable wholesale earrings for heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped face features the forehead wider than your cheekbones, and your face narrows down towards your chin. With an abundance of widths, you need to choose those wholesale earrings which are stunning enough to attract people’s attention to earrings instead of your forehead. Therefore, to balance the sharp chin, you can choose those earrings wider at the bottom to flatter. For example, water drop wholesale earrings can be a wonderful choice. Or you can choose those with delicate pendants, like flower pendants, pearl pendants etc. However, what you need to avoid, is the stud earrings, which may make your forehead more stand out.

Key points

  • Drop earrings
  • Delicate pendants
  • Avoid stud earrings
wholesale earrings

Suitable wholesale earrings for long face

Generally speaking, long faces can make people look thinner, but they are lack sweetness. Therefore, if you want to modify a long face, you can try to achieve visual balance. For example, the preferred earrings are those that cancontrast the verticality of the face, such as round or fan-shaped drop earrings. Meanwhile, stud earrings can also be a very wonderful option for long faces, such as pearl stud earrings, they can make your face be more fuller. However, avoid long, thin drop earrings, especially tassel earrings, for such wholesale earrings can stretch your face to make it look longer.

Key points

  • Round drop earrings
  • Stud earrings
  • Avoid long thin earrings
wholesale earrings

Suitable wholesale earrings for oval face

Oval is the easiest face shape to pair with earrings. You can be able to wear almost any type of wholesale earrings, whether they are the hoop earrings, stud earrings, or drop earrings. However, do not wear those long thin earrings, or with heavy exaggerated pendants, because they may stretch your face too much. Studs, hoops can better highlight your charming oval face shape.

Key point:

  • Almost all kinds of earrings
  • Avoid long drop earring, and heavy pendants
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Create maximum benefits by buying jewelry by weight

The last part, we will talk about this new innovative way of purchasing jewelry. If you are looking for fine affordable wholesale earrings right now, then you must know this sales model: jewelry wholesale by the kilo.

As a wholesale jewelry buyers, the most important thing you need to do is to keep your costs as lowest as possible, therefore, you need to try to create very thin margins, which can have the minimum impact on your cash flow.

Wholesale bulk jewelry by weight is a very cost-effective purchasing model than regular wholesale prices. You will get the hot-selling wholesale jewelry randomly placed in the package, and the price is calculated according to the weight. In this way, not only will you get all the fashionable wholesale jewelry pieces, but also reduce your costs to the lowest level, which is much more beneficial than buying jewelry by the bulk. For example, if you buy wholesale silver jewelry from Jewelrykg, you can get a wide range of latest fashionable jewelry with no rust and oxidation.

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Final Words

In general, there is no perfect face shape, each type of face has their special features and advantages. Therefore, those matching tips mentioned above can be your reference, but not the strict rules. You can wear earrings based on your own preference, because the most beautiful part of you is not your face, but your smile.

Thanks for reading this post, your support is our best motivation.

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