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How To Select Best Wholesale Kids Jewelry (2022 Updated)

Are you stepping into the wholesale kids jewelry industry? Or you are looking for high quality wholesale kids jewelry to resell? Then you are in the right place. We’ve devised this guide to help you select the best kids jewelry for your boutique store.

You cannot successfully run your boutique store without a reliable wholesale jewelry supplier. However, finding reliable jewelry suppliers who can provide you with high-quality wholesale kids jewelry at very reasonable prices can be tricky sometimes.

Therefore, in order to help you make the best decision, in this blog, we will figure out the secrets behind the wholesale jewelry industry, and tell you how to make profits by selling wholesale kids jewelry.

Unlike buying other wholesale jewelry pieces, there are lots of things to consider when it comes to purchase wholesale kids jewelry.

Tips when choose wholesale kids jewelry: right metals

Safe jewelry materials should be in the first priority for your wholesale kids jewelry selection. Avoid buying those kids jewelry having harmful metals like nickel, cadmium, or lead etc. For those metals are easy to cause severe skin allergies to kids. Instead, some safe metals, like sterling silver, 14k gold, platinum, will be better. Meanwhile, pay special attention to plating jewelry, like gold-plated or silver plated jewelry. For there will be different base metal options for such plating jewelry, you should figure out the whole materials contained in the jewelry making process. In addition to the metal jewelry, enamel, natural stone, acrylic, pearl or resin jewelry can also be your excellent choices. Such materials are safe and inexpensive, and more attractive by kids with colorful fancy designs.

Key points:

  • Should not buy: nickel cadmium, or lead
  • Should buy: sterling silver, 14k gold, platinum, enamel, natural stone, acrylic, pearl or resin.

Tips when choose wholesale kids jewelry: right sizes

Before purchasing wholesale kids jewelry, make sure you are familiar with the sizes of kids jewelry. We’ve collected several sizes for the most common jewelry types: bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

  • Kids bracelets:

Since the target audience of kids jewelry is relatively large, it can be infants, children, teenagers and older, therefore, adjustable bracelets, or bangles can be the best solution. The ideal size for those adjustable bracelets should allow them to move freely, while ensuring that they will not fall off. Generally speaking, the wrist sizes for children is generally between:

3-5 years old: 5-5.5 inches or 14 cm.

5-9 years old: 5.5-6 inches or 15.5 cm.

9-teenagers: 6-6.5 inches or 16 cm.

  • Kids necklaces:

Generally speaking, the size of the necklaces should not be too short. For pendant necklaces, between 38 cm to 42 cm long will be fine.

  • Kids rings:

If we divide the rings by ages, here are some references:

3-6 years old: 13-14 mm

6-9 years old: 14-15 mm

9-11 years old: 15-17 mm

Tips when choose wholesale kids jewelry: occasions

For wholesale kids jewelry buyers, seizing every opportunity to boost your sales is very necessary. Most kids jewelry customers will purchase jewelry according to different occasions. Such as important holidays like, Christmas, Easter, some memorable events, like birthdays, first communion, or parties etc.

Tips when choose wholesale kids jewelry: right designs

Some kids jewelry may have small pieces that can easily break apart. Like chains, pendants, and clasps, which may do harm to kids. Therefore, when you select wholesale kids jewelry, do not select those have sharp or pointy edges. keep jewelry smooth and simple. The round shape is usually preferred.

Purchasing kids jewelry by the kilo?

After we have known some tips of choosing wholesale kids jewelry, how to select the fine cheap kids jewelry in bulk?

Here, you should be familiar with this new sales model: jewelry wholesale by the kilo.

Compared with buying jewelry by the bulk, this is a far more budget-friendly way to purchase bulk jewelry for jewelry retailers.

When you purchase wholesale kids jewelry, all the kids jewelry will be calculated by the weight. You can select different styles and materials as you like, thus further reducing your costs than buying by the bulk.

Here are the main advantages of using such model:

  • High cost performance. Generally, one kilogram of jewelry will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry.
  • Get hot-selling jewelry with the latest styles.
  • Assured quality. Buying jewelry by the kilo can purchase those high quality jewelry with assurance, instead of those cheap jewelry for clearance sales.

23 USD per kilo?

Here, Jewelrykg can an outstanding example among those jewelry suppliers who use this model. The jewelry sold on Jewelrykg.com is of the top quality and latest styles. Meanwhile, when you purchase jewelry by weight from Jewelrykg, you will save up to 30% than other jewelry suppliers.

Here are the advantages you can get from Jewelrykg.com.

  • Rich product line, diversified product styles per kilogram, and suitable for self-use or wholesale sales.
  • Independent packages.
  • Top quality, all the jewelry pieces have integrity, no rust, no oxidation.
  • Complete after-sales system.
  • Free selection. Styles are sent randomly and full of surprises.
Wholesale kids jewelry

Hot-selling wholesale kids jewelry in great popularity in 2022

  • Flower series
  • Heart series
  • Butterfly series
  • Fruit series
  • Animal series
Wholesale kids jewelry Wholesale kids jewelry Wholesale kids jewelry Wholesale kids jewelry Wholesale kids jewelry

Final Words

To sum up, jewelry wholesale by kilo is a very innovative and cost-effective way to get fine bulk jewelry with high quality and trendy styles. If you are searching for fine wholesale kids jewelry for your stock, then you should definitely try this new purchasing way.

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