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7 Facts About Wholesale Silver Jewelry You Must Know

Wholesale silver jewelry is one of the most profitable and popular markets to invest in. As a common and affordable metal for making fashionable jewelry, modern jewelry designers are flocking into this stunning noble metal, because silver jewelry can always be designed well to show its beauty and luster.

If you are a wholesale jewelry buyer, and looking for fine affordable wholesale silver jewelry pieces, then before you make final decisions, you have to know well about the silver jewelry. As a highly versatile and delicate metal, silver jewelry is never out of fashion, and never lack of fashion pursuers. No matter whether you want to make profits by reselling wholesale silver jewelry, or be a silver jewelry wholesaler, in this blog, we will look at everything you need to know about silver, and how to make profits by selling wholesale silver jewelry.

The sterling silver is the pure silver?

This is not true. Most wholesale silver jewelry pieces in the market is made of sterling silver, which is also called 925 silver. Actually, silver is a very delicate metal, which can not hold its shape well and need to be mixed with other harder metals for jewelry design. For example, blending copper can make it stronger than the pure silver. That is called sterling silver. Simply put, sterling silver, or 925 silver, is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal alloys (mainly copper). The mixture of other metals can make the pure silver be more durable for daily use, also, bring a luxurious feel to the whole jewelry. Therefore, due to its great durability, malleability, and timeless beauty, the sterling silver jewelry is always keeping up with the fashion trends, thus becoming one of the most popular jewelry pieces pursued by numerous fashion jewelry lovers.

Why the silver will turn black?

Actually, this is a normal oxidation reaction for silver jewelry. The silver can easily react with the hydrogen sulfide, which exists in the air. When the silver jewelry is exposed to the air for a long time, this chemical will  produce black oxide, which causes silver jewelry to turn black, or green.

Also, these factors can speed up the tarnishing process:

  • Sulfur

As we have mentioned before, silver can react with sulfur. In addition to the air, some foods can also contain a high level of sulfur, like onions, fish, and eggs.

  • Moisture and Humidity

When you put the silver jewelry in the hot and humid environments for a long time, it will also be very easy to turn black or green.

  • Cosmetics

Cosmetics are full of chemicals, which can react with silver easily. Such as perfume, hair spray, etc.

  • Skin oil

Some people may have high acidic levels, if they wear silver jewelry for a long time, the silver will also react with the acidic in their skin oil to cause reaction.

Health benefits of wearing silver jewelry?

It has been found that wearing silver jewelry can bring health benefits.

  • Circulation

Silver has the ability to produce an electrical field to distribute the electricity and heat of the body from one place to each corner. Therefore, the electrical field can enhance the body’s conductivity, thus improving the circulation and temperature balance.

  • Precaution

Silver can react with toxic substances, therefore, when the silver jewelry changes its color quickly, then it may be the response with the toxin in you body. For example, if your silver jewelry turn blue, it may represent that your sodium in your body is too high.

  • Antibiotic

It is also proved that silver can have a positive impact on the infections. Such as fight against the viruses, flus, or even can repair the skin.

Does wholesale silver jewelry have nickel?

We all know that nickel can be easy to cause skin allergies. Actually, silver itself does not cause allergies. Pure silver, is very safe to wear and does not contain no nickel. So, if you want to buy hypoallergenic jewelry, you can choose 999 silver jewelry. However, most wholesale silver jewelry pieces are 925 silver, or sterling silver, so sometimes, nickel is used in the alloy and this can cause skin reactions for some people. Therefore, when you want to make sure whether the wholesale silver jewelry has nickel content, you can contact with your jewelry seller.

How to wear wholesale silver jewelry safely?

As we just mentioned above, some 925 wholesale silver jewelry may contain nickel. So, in order to reduce the possibility of skin allergy, you can try coating your skin with clear nail polish, or applying petroleum jelly on the sterling silver to act as a buffer between your skin and the metal. However, this can only work for a short period of time. If you want to buy safe wholesale silver jewelry, it would be better to buy from a reliable jewelry supplier, like Jewelrykg.

How to make profits by selling wholesale silver jewelry?

Wholesale silver jewelry is always a wonderful investment. As a jewelry seller, you must know the importance of costs reduction for your jewelry inventory. However, sometimes it is hard to reduce the costs while maintain the quality of the wholesale silver jewelry. Normally, buying in bulk is a good way to reduce costs. But sometimes you may receive those defective jewelry pieces with poor quality. Especially for wholesale silver jewelry, if you can not ensure the quality of your silver jewelry, then it is difficult to attract loyal customers.

Therefore, compared with buying jewelry by the bulk, buying jewelry by the kilo, is an excellent option. This is a very cost-effective purchasing method even cheaper than the wholesale prices, meanwhile, it will guarantee the quality of your products. Because all the jewelry pieces are sold by weight, with top quality and latest design, not those on clearance sales.

Most profitable wholesale silver jewelry styles you should invest in

Knowing the latest fashion wholesale silver jewelry styles can make a difference for your business. Here, we’ve collected the most classic, as well as most hot-selling wholesale silver jewelry pieces that will surely make your business more profitable.

  • Minimalist silver rings
  • Tassel silver earrings
  • Heart silver necklaces
  • Gemstone silver bracelets
wholesale silver jewelry wholesale silver jewelry wholesale silver jewelry wholesale silver jewelry

If you want to find more latest fashionable wholesale silver jewelry, you can go to Jewelrykg.com to explore more. From there, you can buy jewelry by the kilo with no MOQ, and most importantly, get all the hot-selling jewelry pieces at the lowest prices.

Final words

The wholesale silver jewelry market has a promising future, which is worth investing in. As long as you select the right wholesale jewelry supplier, and the right purchasing method, you can get competitive edge and be more powerful in the jewelry business world.

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