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5 Tips On How To Buy Fashion Silver Wholesale Jewelry

For wholesale jewelry selection, silver jewelry is always a timeless perfect option. The classic styles and incredible durability has made the silver jewelry the most popular choice for wholesale jewelry buyers. Not only can silver wholesale jewelry offers great elegance to beauty, but also offers a wide range of fashionable designs at affordable prices.

However, do you know how to select the right silver wholesale jewelry with both high quality and affordable prices? How to get the best valued silver wholesale jewelry for the least amount of money? If you are searching for wholesale jewelry right now, then you should not miss this blog. In this blog, we will introduce you a new cost-effective purchasing way to buy fashion silver wholesale jewelry for your stock. If you want to know more about it, please follow us, this guide can surely help you a lot.


  1. Do full researches
  2. Know the prices
  3. Compare the suppliers
  4. Check markings
  5. Do physical tests

How to buy silver wholesale jewelry: do full researches

Don’t rush to choose wholesale jewelry suppliers, before making your final decisions, make sure you fully understand all the relevant information of the jewelry you want to buy.

For example, the first and basic step you need to do, is to know all about the silver material. Only in this way can you make sure whether the silver wholesale jewelry sold online is made of good quality or just defective, because there are many types of silver available on the jewelry market, such as 999 silver, 925 silver, nickel silver, silver plated jewelry, all of them have different silver content and prices. Therefore, it is quite necessary to be familiar with the silver metal to let your customers know about silver quality standards and alternatives in the industry.

Meanwhile you should also be aware of the latest fashion jewelry trends. New jewelry styles and creative designs are always important to attract potential customers. For instance, you can keep a close eye on your competitors, or some fashion magazines, celebrities, social media influencers etc.

How to buy silver wholesale jewelry: know the prices

Silver is a valuable for buying. However, when you search for silver wholesale jewelry online, you will notice that there will be different silver jewelry pieces having different prices ranges. Therefore, make sure you can have a worth buying experience, compare the prices with different jewelry suppliers to make the right choice.

In addition, do not buy those silver jewelry with very low prices, although there is a “silver” sign on it, which may have poor quality. Plus, return policy is also very important to pay attention to, because for some bulk jewelry suppliers, who can provide you with jewelry in bulk at very low prices, however, when you receive the jewelry pieces, you may find most of them are of poor quality, or just defective goods. Therefore, make sure you can get a refund or return the jewelry before making purchases.

How to buy silver wholesale jewelry: compare the suppliers

Every jewelry buyer must know the importance of a reliable wholesale jewelry supplier. There are thousands of online jewelry stores who try to lure the customer by offering huge discounts. However, do not trust them easily. What you need to is do make full comparison and make sure they are reliable and professional. For example, ask them about the pricing methods they uses to sell their silver wholesale jewelry and the discounts available. Or check the reviews and their social media accounts for more detailed authentic information. An excellent wholesale jewelry supplier will be very delighted to answer your questions to make sure you have a happy shopping experience, like Jewelrykg.

However, if you want to buy fine silver wholesale jewelry at cheap prices, instead of bulk buying, you can try to buy jewelry by the kilo, which is a new innovative way of bulk buying. Meanwhile, jewelry wholesale by the kilo is a cheaper purchasing model even than the regular wholesale prices. If you want to know more about this, you can read on for further information.

How to buy silver wholesale jewelry: check markings

When you are buying any silver jewelry online, do check the hallmark to ensure the authenticity of silver. For example, the true silver jewelry will have “.925” or “sterling” on it. Meanwhile, there can also be a small stamp like “EPNS” to prove it is the electroplating nickel silver, which is also sterling silver. If you want know more about the sterling silver jewelry, you can also check our previous blogs for more detailed information.

How to buy silver wholesale jewelry: do physical tests

Apart from checking markings, physical tests can also help you a lot to test the purity of silver. Among so many ways to test the authenticity of the silver jewelry, a very quick and simple way, is to use a magnet. Silver is not a magnetic metal, therefore, you just need to if your silver wholesale jewelry pieces can be latched on the magnet or not.

Buying jewelry by weight: an innovative cost-effective purchasing way

If you have not ever bought wholesale jewelry by weight, then you must get to know about this highly cost-effective and popular sales model. For most typical jewelry in bulk, you can not guarantee the quality of the silver jewelry, because there are lots of wholesale jewelry suppliers who provide those bulk jewelry with poor quality. It can be really tiresome if you find the bulk jewelry are poor, dirty, and out of fashion. However, if you choose the “wholesale by kilogram” sales model, you will benefit a lot. For example, Jewelrykg is a leading jewelry wholesale supplier who adopts this new innovative sales model. You can get advantages like:

  • High cost performance. Generally, one kilogram of jewelry will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry.
  • Hot-selling accessories are randomly mixed to ensure that the jewelry in each package are of the same type. If you choose to buy necklaces, there will never be other categories like rings in the package.
  • All wholesale bulk jewelry by weight products have integrity, no rust, no oxidation. Does not affect your retail plan, allowing you to get higher profits from it.
silver wholesale jewelry

Final Thoughts

Finding the fine affordable silver wholesale jewelry is not an easy task. However, if you keep those tips in mind, it can be much easier to get the quality ones.

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