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Is Gold Bulk Jewelry Worth Investing In Beyond 2022

The gold bulk jewelry markets were buzzing in last years, how about this year? Is it suitable for investment? You’ve come to the right place.

If you are a jewelry wholesaler and have no idea of what kind of bulk jewelry is worth buying, then gold bulk jewelry can be a wonderful choice. However, there are different types of gold bulk jewelry, before buying, you have to know them well.

In this blog, we will introduce you the current market trend of the gold jewelry, and see, whether it is worthwhile investing in the gold bulk jewelry in the future. let’s get into it!

Crazy young gold jewelry buyers

In recent years, jewelry was the largest gold demanding industry worldwide. The jewelry industry accounted for a 55.4% share of global gold demand in 2021, which amounted to around 2,229 metric tons. In addition, the consumption of gold is expected to reach 4,535 metric tons in 2023, largely driven by jewelry consumption. In the US, for example, the gold jewelry consumption increased by 55% in the first-half of last year, and is expected to remain strong over the rest of this year.

Especially with the great influence of e-commerce, online jewelry buying has become a common trend. Some of the large e-commerce platforms such as and Amazon show that, among the whole consumer groups for gold jewelry during the Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day this year, more than half of the them are born in 1995 and 2000.

That is also to say, young consumers have showed the surprising purchasing power for gold jewelry.

All the gold jewelry is expensive?

The amazing buying power for gold jewelry has brought a wonderful opportunity for gold bulk jewelry wholesalers. However, not all the gold jewelry is expensive.

  • Pure gold

Pure gold jewelry shows a golden bright luster. However, for the pure gold (24 karat) is too soft to be used in jewelry, it needs to bee mixed with other metals to give it strength. Therefore, there are different karats for gold bulk jewelry, like 24k, 18k, 14k, 10k and 8k. For example, 14k gold contains 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% other alloys. So, the lower the karat, the less expensive it is.

  • Gold filled

Gold filling is the process of joining a base metal (usually brass) with a layer of gold. Generally speaking, the layer of gold for gold-filled jewelry is thicker than gold plated jewelry.

For example, US standards require the gold layer should account for 5% of the total weight of jewelry. In addition, since the gold is bonded to the base rather than plated, it can not be tarnished easily.

  • Gold vermeil

Gold Vermeil is a thick gold plating on top of 925 sterling silver, so, the gold layer is much thicker.

And different countries have different requirements for gold Vermeil jewelry. For instance, the U.S. standard requires at least 2.5 microns of gold plated on the top of sterling silver. However, other countries, like Canada, requires only 1.0 microns.

  • Gold plating

The gold layer of gold plated jewelry usually only contains 0.05% pure gold or less. The base metal is often brass or copper. So, it can lose its luster very easily.

But gold plated jewelry is well-liked due to its affordability and fashion styles. Therefore, if you just need fashion jewelry for a special occasion or to try a new trend, gold-plated jewelry is a good choice.

Which gold bulk jewelry is suitable for me?

In fact, your gold bulk jewelry can be depended on many factors, such as your market niche, budget and target audience etc. First of all, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of gold jewelry:

  • Pure gold jewelry


Good quality

Good for daily wear

High costs

  • Gold filled jewelry


Better quality

Good for daily wear

Less expensive

  • Gold vermeil jewelry


Good quality

Good for daily wear


  • Gold plated jewelry

May be allergic to skin

Easy to tarnish

Not durable

Lowest costs

  • New technology

In addition to the quality, durability and costs, the gold bulk jewelry has gone through the new technological innovation, whose design is more inclined to the tastes of young generation. For example, this gold bulk jewelry from Jewelrykg is in the most popular fashon trend this year. It feels smooth, but slightly matte, with the high hardness and strong wear resistance, such fashion gold bulk jewelry has been in high demand in the wholesale jewelry market.

gold bulk jewelry
  • New styles

While the technology has been greatly improved, the new styles has emerged in endlessly.

For example, gold butterfly necklaces, chain bracelets, feather earrings and so on. Such new styles have also attracted numerous gold bulk jewelry buyers to purchase.

gold bulk jewelrygold bulk jewelrygold bulk jewelry
  • New tastes

Young people are becoming less demanding about buying gold jewelry, preferring to buy nice-looking, design-conscious gold jewelry. For example, gold filled or gold-plated jewelry pieces are in a growing demand for the young generation. Not only do they have a gold-liked surface, but also be very affordable and fashion-forward.

gold bulk jewelry

What is the cheapest way to buy gold bulk jewelry?

Now that we’ve covered the different qualities of the different types of gold jewelry, it is time to buy! But how to buy fine gold jewelry in bulk with the lowest prices?

The easiest way to find fashion gold bulk jewelry is to find a trusted bulk jewelry supplier who has solid reputation. However, sometimes it is hard to identity the most suitable ones. Therefore, a right procurement model is very essential.

You must be very familiar with the benefits of bulk buying, but have you ever heard of buying jewelry by kilogram? Actually, this is a very cost-effective way of purchasing jewelry in bulk which has been used for a long time, unfortunately, there is no such a large platform to buy jewelry by kilogram.

However, Jewelrykg has made it.

Who is Jewelrykg?

Jewelrykg is a Chinese wholesale jewelry supplier who stands out due to its high level of services and cheap fine products. They successfully make the jewelry prices achieve 25 to 30% lower than other websites, thus attracting a large number of consumers.

In general, one kilogram will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry. Customers can choose all the best-selling jewelry in different styles and materials according to their preferences, and the final price is calculated by weight, which can keep the inventory costs to the lowest level.

Therefore, it was warmly praised by many jewelry wholesalers when this model was launched.

Just as Jewelrykg says: “We understand that purchasing jewelry can be a complicated process—especially when you’re running a business. We want to simplify things for you by offering the widest selection of jewelry at the best prices. ”

gold bulk jewelry

Final thoughts

If you want to make money by selling gold bulk jewelry, it is profitable. What you need to do is to be fully informative and find a reliable partner. You can start with Jewelrykg, who will always be your best trustworthy friend.

Thank you for reading this post. Let us know if you enjoyed the post in the comments below, or if you have any questions!

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