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5 Best Tips Of Buying Wholesale Earrings For Sensitive Ears

Are you looking for hypoallergenic cheap fine wholesale earrings? It can be annoying if your favorite wholesale earrings leave ugly rashes, blistering, or redness where they come into contact with your skin. Or you’ve just got your ears pierced and don’t know which jewelry materials are relatively safe for you.

You are just in the place. Not all safe jewelry pieces are made of precious materials like gold. You can get hypoallergenic wholesale earrings at affordable prices and in trendy styles. So, in order to help you find the most value-for-money wholesale earrings for those who have sensitive skins, we create this blog for you.

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  1. Why will you have a skin allergy?
  2. What materials should you avoid?
  3. What materials should you choose?
  4. How to have a worthwhile buying experience?
  5. Who should you buy from?

Why will you have a skin allergy?

For someone who has a skin allergy, you may just think that If it’s not 100% pure gold or silver, it may bring allergies to me. But, why will you have a skin allergy?

Different people have different skin responses to different metals. However, most allergy actions are caused by the metals like nickel and cobalt. For example, nickel, which is often used in the base metal of plated jewelry like gold-plated earrings or silver-plated necklaces, can be allergic to many jewelry wearers. But the exact cause of this allergy is unknown.

For example, if you have family members who are sensitive to certain metals, the possibility of your skin allergies to these metals can be high. Or, it may just be due to your immune system’s sensitivity to nickel.

  • What are the symptoms?

Basically, a skin allergy caused by jewelry will happen in 24 to 48 hours and last for a few weeks. When the allergic jewelry touches your skin, especially your earlobes, necklaces, fingers, and so on, your skin may turn red, itchy, and swollen. Or, you may have dry patches or blisters with draining fluid.

Therefore, if you have such reactions, it’s better for you to see a dermatologist for help to avoid further injury or worse. In addition, remember what kind of metals you are allergic to, and be very careful about the materials when you purchase any jewelry online.

My own experience of nickel allergy

Nickel is not the only metal that results in skin allergic reactions. Just like we have mentioned before, nickel is a common metal used in jewelry production, however, it is easy to cause serious reactions to sensitive skin. This is because, when nickel jewelry is exposed to sweat or water, it will break down into a kind of salt, which may cause skin irritation.

For example, I received a pair of rose gold stud earrings from a friend of mine as a birthday gift. However, I have no idea what kind of materials may contained nickel at that time. So, the next morning when I had just woken up, I noticed that my earlobes were red and swollen.

So, in some cases, gold may be mixed with nickel to make it more durable. If your skin is ultra-sensitive, that is something to consider while shopping. Check if it’s nickel-free.

When choosing wholesale earrings, be careful of these materials

If you are a wholesale earrings seller, you need to know what types of materials will cause allergic reactions and what types won’t. Then, when customers ask you about the material of wholesale earrings, you can help them to choose the most suitable ones. While, if you are a wholesale earring enthusiast, knowing the material of the jewelry is the most important step before you make orders, which can help you make a smart decision without stretching your budget.

  1. Plated earrings
  2. Copper earrings
  3. White gold earrings
  • Plated wholesale earrings

Plated wholesale earrings are more affordable than those made of precious metals like gold and silver. The base metal under the thin layer of the jewelry may contain nickel sometimes. However, generally, those reliable wholesale jewelry suppliers won’t use nickel in jewelry production, the base metals typically are copper, zinc, stainless steel, and so on.

  • Copper wholesale earrings

Just like silver and gold, copper itself is not hypoallergenic, but it is relatively soft and will be mixed with other metals to strengthen its hardness. Therefore, pay attention to whether your copper wholesale earrings contain nickel or not.

  • White gold wholesale earrings

White gold wholesale earrings may contain considerable amounts of nickel, so although it has stunning white luster, it isn’t hypoallergenic. The same as other gold alloys, like rose gold and black gold. However, as long as you choose the right place to buy jewelry, like Jewelrykg, the materials are of high quality and safe to wear.

wholesale earrings

What materials should you choose for wholesale earrings?

Given that so many materials can be mixed into nickel, what is the most friendly material for sensitive skin?

  1. Sterling silver
  2. Stainless steel
  3. Titanium
  • Sterling silver

Sterling silver is a very popular option for wholesale earrings. There are so many wholesale jewelry buyers who will purchase a large amount of sterling silver wholesale earrings every year.

It usually includes 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper. On rare occasions, it will contain nickel in it. Therefore, make sure you buy from a reliable wholesale jewelry supplier and figure out whether it contains allergic metals or not.

For example, such minimalist silver wholesale earrings are in great popularity this year. With twisted design, such earrings are perfect for any kind of outfits, which will enhance your beauty to an upper level.

wholesale earrings
  • Stainless steel

Most people do not react to stainless steel, however, if you have highly sensitive skin, then it would be better to look for stainless steel with a 316 label on it. Such jewelry is very affordable and has rich styles, which are very suitable for daily wear.

For example, such chunky clip wholesale earrings are pretty fashion-forward, which is also a hot-selling style in recent years.

wholesale earrings
  • Titanium

Titanium has great strength and durability. Such jewelry is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, corrosion-resistant. For sensitive skin, choosing titanium wholesale earrings can be a good choice.

For example, this pair of drop earrings with zircon is very chic. With great durability, you can wear such wholesale earrings on a daily basis, which will also add a sense of classic.

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Buying wholesale earrings by kilogram

After we’ve known the basic knowledge about the jewelry materials for sensitive skin, how to have a cost-effective procurement experience?

If you search online, you will be flooded with a large variety of wholesale jewelry at different prices. However, not all of them are of high quality. Especially for sensitive skin, choosing high-quality wholesale jewelry with affordable prices seems like a matter of luck.

However, have you ever heard of buying wholesale jewelry by kilogram?

In 2020, Jewelrykg, a Chinese wholesale jewelry supplier, launched this new sales model to the overseas wholesale jewelry market. In only one year, Jewelrykg has quickly gained popularity in the global overseas market.

So, why is this model so popular? What are the benefits?

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What is jewelry wholesale by kilogram? How does it work?

In fact, compared with buying jewelry in bulk, buying jewelry by kilogram is a much more cost-effective way. In general, one kilogram will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry. The jewelry is randomly placed in the package, and the price is calculated according to the weight.

So, when you buy jewelry wholesale by kilogram from Jewelrykg, you will save up to 30% of your total expenses compared with buying from other wholesale jewelry suppliers.

In addition to the low costs, you can enjoy an interesting blind box experience.

Jewelrykg has a rich product line with diversified jewelry styles. So, when you buy bulk jewelry blind boxes from Jewelrykg, all the hot-selling fashion jewelry styles are randomly matched in the package, you don’t have to choose styles by yourself. Plus, you can specify the style you want in the package, which can provide an interesting shopping experience for wholesale jewelry buyers.

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Ready to buy hypoallergenic wholesale earrings?

If you have no idea about which materials to choose for wholesale earrings, then you can follow our guide and start your wonderful wholesale earrings adventure. For example, you can start with Jewelrykg, all the wholesale jewelry pieces here have integrity and update daily. You will impress a lot.

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