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Does Buying Jewelry By The Bulk Really Save Money? (2022 Updated)

Buying jewelry by the bulk is often a very important and profitable strategy to reduce costs for jewelry business. Especially with the ever-increasing development of the B2B e-commerce, shopping online has brought huge benefits for sourcing jewelry. However, do purchase jewelry by the bulk really make sense for your jewelry business? Can you really save money to make profits by using this way? And what are the useful tips can I use to boost jewelry sales after buying jewelry by the bulk?

In this blog, we will explain all the things you should know about buying jewelry by the bulk. Scroll down to get more information! This guide can really help you a lot!

Buying jewelry by the bulk: why do that?

When it comes to buy jewelry by the bulk, the first thing coming into your mind may be the costs. That’s definitely true. Cost per unit is the key of bulk-buying. you can reduce the cost per unit to make more profits.

If you are B2C buyers, then the main benefits for you to buy jewelry by the bulk, is to have lower costs and consistent jewelry stock.

If you are B2B buyers, then there are more reasons for you to buy bulk jewelry for wholesale:

  • Low sourcing costs

There is no doubt that buying bulk jewelry can bring you better price discounts. You can benefit from the economies of scale. Once you have built long-term relationships with a reliable supplier, then you can havebetter deals by buying jewelry by weight.

  • Make money

You can resell jewelry in higher prices to other jewelry buyers. Therefore, you can earn more money by large orders. Meanwhile, this can also help you to widen your network with other jewelry businesses, which will bring you more opportunities of making money.

  • High quality stock

If you want to wholesale jewelry, then buy jewelry by the bulk can bring you competitive advantages. Especially buying from a trustworthy supplier. For example, Jewelrykg can provide you high quality affordable fashion jewelry with no MOQ. You will get more discounts at Jewelrykg. Remember that, affordable jewelry does not mean low quality jewelry. The reason why you can get cheap jewelry is mainly because suppliers have their own jewelry factories.

  • Room for expansion

As a B2B jewelry seller, building your networks is really important. By creating more partners can help you explore more opportunities to expand your field. Therefore, high quality services is necessary. And you can achieve that by buying jewelry by the bulk from a wonderful jewelry supplier.

Buying jewelry by the bulk: criteria for selection

Even if buying jewelry by the bulk can bring a various kinds of benefits for your jewelry business. However, it won’t work well if you select the wrong jewelry supplier. There are lots of factors to consider when you select jewelry suppliers. Let’s have a look:

  • Is it reliable?

First and foremost, reliability can be the most important factor for your selection. So, how to make sure that the jewelry supplier is reliable or not? There are several things for you to check on their websites: about us, certification, return policy, shipping policy, private policy, contact us, buyer’s show. In addition to these, looking for its social media accounts for more information.

  • Reviews and comments

Products reviews and comments are the direct indication of the previous customers’ opinions about the supplier’s performance. This can help you know what they are good for, the quality of the jewelry, prices comparison, delivery time, shipping terms and so on.

  • Flexibility

In addition to the prices and reviews, the flexibility is also a very essential factor. For example, some suppliers may set higher prices during the promotions. Therefore, before making orders, having contacts and negotiations with them, you may get better discounted prices with flexible minimum orders.

Buying jewelry by the bulk: final suggestions

  • Contact the manufacturer

Sometimes, the jewelry supplier you find may not be the manufacturer, therefore, if available, you can have contacts with manufacturer to get the lowest prices as possible. However, if the manufacturer do not deal with orders, then you can ask for other wholesalers they are cooperating with. Of course, it is better for you to choose those jewelry suppliers who have their own factories.

  • Shipping methods

Next, pay highly attention to the shopping when you buy jewelry by the bulk. There are different ways to ship your jewelry. Taking your order numbers into consideration and choosing the suitable shipping method. Ocean shipping is certainly much cheaper for bulk products. Plus, figure out the shipping terms they use, whether it is the FOB, CIF or CFR. However, it may be more suitable to choose air freight sometimes.

  • Samples

If possible, before buying jewelry by the bulk, you can ask for samples ahead of time. It is a necessary step to make sure that the jewelry pieces are of good quality and suitable for your business. Don’t be afraid of negotiating with the jewelry supplier, because typically, the B2B transaction contains lots of back and forth between seller and buyer.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, be fully prepared before making orders. If the tips mentioned above give you some helpful information or some creative ideas, then don’t forget to subscribe to us, we are very delighted if you give us any suggestions. Feel free to express yourself in the comment section below!

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