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How To Select Best Wholesale Bracelets (2022 New Guide)

There is no doubt that the wholesale jewelry business is increasingly widespread and profitable over time. Wholesale bracelets have become one of the most popular types of wholesale jewelry. In addition, the jewelry industry are diversifying and retailers can select a wide variety of fine wholesale jewelry such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and anklets.

In fact, however, the wide variety of jewelry also brings the chances for wholesalers who sell those low quality wholesale jewelry to earn money. Therefore, efficiently and inexpensively purchasing those jewelry pieces that are very popular among customers has become a serious challenge for bulk jewelry buyers. Searching for reliable wholesalers to stock up on fine jewelry with high quality is of vital importance.

If you want to make profits in the wholesale jewelry market, here are some tips you must know about buying wholesale jewelry.

In this article, we will take the wholesale bracelets as an example, and provide you with the effective method of buying wholesale bracelets, as well as how to get the maximum profits by buying wholesale jewelry.

What kinds of wholesale bracelets are worth buying?

When you buy bracelets by the bulk, you will meet numerous wholesale bracelets suppliers who can offer you great discounts. However, you can not make sure all of those jewelry supplies can offer you great bracelets. So, when you purchase wholesale bracelets online, these 3 points should always be put in the first place.

  • Quality

First of all, the quality of your jewelry can affect the reputation in customer markets. When a company can provide high-quality products that meet or beyond customer demands, it can lead to less production costs, higher investment returns and profits.

  • Prices

The costs of your wholesale jewelry stock can directly affect your pricing strategy. Prices are related with the perceived value. That is to say, when a consumer believes spending their money on your jewelry pieces can bring them enough value, then they will be satisfied with the purchase. Therefore, when you source wholesale bracelets, it would be better to select those value-for-money products, instead of those with great discounts.

  • Styles

The styles of your wholesale bracelets are based on your market niche and brand image. But no matter what kind of styles you want to sell, keeping yourself with the latest fashion jewelry trends is always necessary. This can help you know better about your competitors.

How to select cheap fine wholesale bracelets?

  • Know well about jewelry

The best way to become a good jewelry seller, is to know your products. You need to continuously educating yourself about the materials, trends, types of the wholesale bracelets. In addition, knowing how to clean a certain type jewelry is also very crucial, for this can enable you to answer questions asked by your customers.

  • legitimation

Make sure that you are dealing with an authorized supplier, especially when you buy in bulk. Sometimes you can not tell whether the bulk jewelry are the latest or not, of the good quality or poor ones. Therefore, it is necessary to know different markings and terminologies used to describe different types of jewelry. For instance, what’s the difference between gold-plated wholesale bracelets and gold-filled wholesale bracelets.

  • Reliable suppliers

Nowadays you can locate jewelry suppliers pretty easily by searching online. However, to find a truly reliable wholesale jewelry supplier, you need to take some important factors into consideration.

  • Stability

Look for those experienced wholesale bracelets suppliers who have been in business for at least several years. Meanwhile, check whether they are financially stable or not, who are their main partners, and what are they famous for?

  • Location

Sometimes finding local suppliers can reduce the risks of shipping and enhance the control of your business. This can also bring you less supply chain costs. However, sometimes the some global jewelry suppliers can also ensure the quick delivery times and less freight costs.

  • Affordability

If you are a start-up, the affordability is a key consideration. Because those who can provide you cheaper jewelry pieces can help you get more room for profits. However, cheap does not mean the best value for money. If the quality is not up to standard, you may have extra costs for returns.

Benefits of buying jewelry wholesale by kilo

Buying jewelry wholesale by kilo is a highly cost-effective way of purchasing jewelry. If you want to source high quality jewelry with low prices, then this can be your first choice.

Compared with buying jewelry by the bulk, when you buy by the kilo, all the jewelry, like wholesale bracelets, are randomly mixed in the packages and calculated by the weight. This is much cheaper than the wholesale prices, and have more secure.

For instance, Jewelrykg is professional wholesale jewelry supplier using such sales model. There are some of their key advantages:

  • Rich product line, diversified product styles per kilogram, and suitable for self-use or wholesale sales.
  • Independent packages.
  • Top quality, all the jewelry pieces have integrity, no rust, no oxidation.
  • Complete after-sales system.
  • Free selection. Styles are sent randomly and full of surprises.

Hot-selling wholesale bracelets styles in fashion right now

If you have no idea about the latest wholesale bracelets trends, then the list below can help you a lot. All of the wholesale bracelets here are in high demands and purchased by masses of jewelry buyers.

  • Double layered bracelets
  • Gemstone bracelets
  • Asymmetric bracelets
  • Chain bracelets
  • Pearl bracelets
wholesale bracelets wholesale bracelets wholesale bracelets wholesale bracelets

Final Thoughts

The key problem of improving the core competence and getting the competitive advantage is cost management. As long as adopting the effective way of sourcing wholesale bracelets, it would be much easier for you to make profits and be powerful in the competitive market.

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