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6 Ways To Perfectly Match Wholesale Jewelry With Your Outfits (Helpful)

Have your ever bought any wholesale jewelry from the Internet? I believe a huge amount of people are choosing to purchase wonderful jewelry online nowadays, for this has become a shopping trend with the ever-increasing rapid development of the e-commerce. However, not only is it to find a perfect trustworthy online wholesale jewelry supplier is important, but also to know how to match your jewelry pieces is really necessary and paramount.

Therefore, when you buy a bunch of jewelry online but don’t know how to match them with different kinds of outfits, here are 6 ways of how to perfectly coordinate your jewelry pieces with various clothing styles. They will surely help you a lot. Read them, share them.


  1. Everyday wear
  2. Formal wear
  3. Party wear
  4. Professional wear
  5. Classical wear
  6. Festival wear

Wholesale jewelry matching: everyday wear

Here, the “everyday wear” refers to the informal clothes that you dress when you go out, for example, go shopping, having a picnic, or go on road trip with your family. For this kind of outfit, you can choose some simple and delicate wholesale jewelry pieces which are not too much to complicate your outfit, like some minimalist hoop earrings, simple necklace with no pendants etc.

If you are wearing colored makeup, you’d better avoid some colorful jewelry pieces, and choose some plain simple jewelry with the same color, or can compete with your skin color. For instance, this pair of gentle water zircon small stud earrings from Jewelrykg can fit with you daily outfit as well as express your beauty and elegance.

Wholesale jewelry

Wholesale jewelry matching: formal wear

Here, “formal wear” can also be called “full dress”, which means clothes that can applicable for the most formal occasions, such as weddings, christenings, dinners, audiences etc. when you wear formal dresses, you need to select your wholesale jewelry pieces carefully, because the jewelry you wear can express your personality and show your preference. This is especially obvious for necklaces. However, you don’t need to choose those too shiny and flashy jewelry pieces, just keep your jewelry understated and suitable for your whole dress. You can better show your elegance with those delicate jewelry with concise and noble style. For example, this  simple elegant yellow stone necklace can be your wonderful choice.

Wholesale jewelry

Wholesale jewelry matching: party wear

When you are preparing for a party, the kind of jewelry style is not only depended on your clothing, but also your makeup and hair. For example, if you choose a bright-colored dress or top, like light orange, pink or red, you can choose light-colored jewelry pieces like white and silver, instead of colorful shiny necklaces or earrings. If you wear a dark-colored outfit, like dark blue or black, then jewelry with bright color can better highlight your taste and glamour. For instance, you can choose this elegant rose flower earrings with a black gauzy dress to show your beauty.

Wholesale jewelry

Wholesale jewelry matching: professional wear

Professional wear often refers to suits or uniforms. When you go to work, the selection of jewelry may be stricter than other occasions. What you need to notice is to show a confident and brisk look by wearing simple and concise jewelry pieces. You may choose some light-colored necklace or brooch with simple design, and colorful, lovely, or jewelry with too much fashionable elements should be avoided. This simple pearl key brooch can help you to add a sense of delicacy.

Wholesale jewelry

Wholesale jewelry matching: classical wear

When you choose some vintage clothes, some specific unique designed wholesale jewelry may add a pop of color to your whole outfits. Such as flower beaded bracelets, delicate carved rings, pearl necklaces, small button earrings and so on. You also need to choose these jewelry styles in accordance with the color of your dress and your personality. This pair of vintage emeralds zircon drop earrings can surely let you be more charming and attractive.

Wholesale jewelry

Wholesale jewelry matching: festive wear

Festive wear is particularly popular during winter-time holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. In these festivals, fashion-forward and lovely wholesale jewelry can be your excellent choice. For example, you can choose a colorful delicate bracelet both for you and your family to have a pleasant day. You can choose all kinds of lovely cute stylish jewelry pieces suitable for yourself. For example, this lovely butterfly stone bracelet can definitely make your day.

Wholesale jewelry

Final Thoughts

Jewelry is an excellent way to express your mood, lifestyle and profession. Learn how to match your wholesale jewelry in a right way can enhance your beauty and highlight your charming appearance. If you want to choose more excellent good quality wholesale jewelry at affordable prices, Jewelrykg can give you a big surprise.

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