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2022 New Guide Of Choosing Bulk Jewelry Pieces Based On Skin Tone

You may choose bulk jewelry pieces according to your preferences and personality, that’s definitely a wonderful way. However, another essential factor that you need to take into consideration, is your skin tone. For example, sometimes, if you find the bulk jewelry pieces you choose does not look well as expected, but you can’t find anything wrong, then, it’s probably because, they does not fit well with your skin tone.

So, how to know what your skin tone is, and choose bulk jewelry pieces based on your skin color? You are just in the right spot. In this blog, we will share you with theses useful tips to help you find the best bulk jewelry pieces that suit you best.

Find your skin tone

People may be confused with the skin color and skin tone. There are certainly differences between them. Skin color, means the surface layer color of your skin. Your skin color can change under different situations. For example, it can be affected with the climate. However, skin tone, tmeans the inner layer color of your skin. So, usually, your skin tone will not change.

Here are 3 types of skin tone:

Generally speaking, there are mainly three types of skin tone: cool, warm and neutral. There are two ways for you to determine your skin tone: First, looking at your veins color. Second, looking at your skin color.

  • If your veins color is bule or purple, and your skin color is pale and light, then you may have a cool skin tone.
  • If your veins color is green, and your skin color is brown and easy to turn dark under the sun, then you may have a warm skin tone.
  • However, when your veins color is neither bule nor green, and you can not tell what color it is, then you may have a neutral skin tone.

Choose bulk jewelry pieces with your skin season

Now we have mentioned the 3 basic types of skin tone, next, let’s have a look what season is your skin tone. Knowing your season type can help you to determine what colors of bulk jewelry pieces are most suitable to you.

We have mainly two categories of skin seasons:

  • If you have a cool skin tone, you may belong to summer or winter type.
  • If you have a warm skin tone, you may belong to spring or autumn type.

The reason why there are divided into two types of each cool and warm skin tone with seasons, is mainly because not all people have the same cool or warm skin tone. Therefore, it is hard to tell exactly which one is yours. However, you can make basic judgement based on this.

  • Summer and winter:

For summer type, when you choose jewelry pieces, colors like lilac, blue, and pink are suitable for you.

For winter type, when you choose jewelry pieces, colors like black, grey, navy blue are suitable for you.

  • Spring and autumn:

In terms of spring type, when you choose jewelry pieces, colors like beiges, green, light pink are ideal for you.

In terms of autumn type, when you choose jewelry pieces, colors like orange, brown and gold, are ideal for you.

Match your bulk jewelry pieces with metals

Choosing the right metals with your skin tone is very important for your whole look. Different bulk jewelry pieces metals can bring different effects to your elegance. Let’s have a look:

  • Cool skin tone:

Silver, gold, white gold, or stainless steel bulk jewelry pieces can match well with your cool skin tone.

  • Warm skin tone:

Yellow gold, rose gold, brass or copper bulk jewelry pieces are highly recommended for you.

  • Neutral skin tone:

You can try either of them, however, metals colors like white and grey may work better with you.

Match your bulk jewelry pieces with gemstones

Besides the metals we mentioned above, gemstones is the thing that can let you be more attractive and show your glamour. Also, you can refer the jewelry colors we recommended to you before.

  • Cool skin tone:

You can choose zircon, glass or crystal jewelry with silver or stainless steel metal. For example, the jewelry style showed below may suit your cook skin tone better.

Bulk jewelry pieces
  • Warm skin tone:

You can choose opal or pearl jewelry with gold or copper on it, which can enhance your beauty to the fullest. Like the one showed below.

Bulk jewelry pieces
  • Neutral skin tone:

Diamond or pearl bulk jewelry pieces are almost suitable for everyone. Therefore, for example, a prefect pearl necklace with cold color may be your wonderful choice.

Bulk jewelry pieces

Final Thoughts

Remember there is no certain rules about matching bulk jewelry pieces. No matter what kind of your skin tone is, you can follow our guide above, or choose them based on your own preference. It is not the jewelry itself matters, but the inner confidence inside of you is everything. If you think this guide provides you with some helpful information or creative ideas, don’t forget to subscribe to us!

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In The End

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