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How To Pair Wholesale Necklaces With 8 Common Necklines

The key of pairing wholesale necklaces with your outfit is to find the balance. That is also to say, create a focal point of your whole look to highlight your glamour. However, the necklaces you choose, to a large extent, are depended on your clothing style and necklines. By matching your wholesale necklaces perfectly with your neckline, you can defintely be attractive and charming among the crowd.

If you have no idea about how to pair your wholesale necklaces with your necklines, then you are just in the right spot! We’ve listed the 8 most common neckline types below, check out our guide to know how to pair wholesale necklaces with different type of necklines!


  1. Square neck
  2. Scoop neck
  3. Boat neck
  4. Turtleneck
  5. Crew neck
  6. V-neck
  7. One shoulder
  8. Strapless neck

Pair wholesale necklaces with the square neck

For square necklines, delicate wholesale necklaces are best friends. Meanwhile, it would be a perfect look when the necklaces do not exceed the length of your neckline.  In addition, irregular or asymmetrical wholesale necklaces can definitely be your wonderful bet. Because this can soften the square shape of your neckline, thus avoid a sense of messy. It would also be fantastic if you pair square necklines with delicate necklaces with geometric patterns, this can let your necklace be the focal point, which can help you create a chic look.

Key points

  • Delicate necklaces without exceeding your neckline.
  • Irregular or asymmetrical necklaces
  • Necklaces with geometric patterns
wholesale necklaces

Pair wholesale necklaces with the scoop neck

Since scoop necklines will show a lot of skin with a big open space, therefore, be careful when choosing the length of necklaces, try short wholesale necklaces instead of long drop ones. because those short wholesale necklaces with good third dimension can be your excellent choice, from which you can easily create an edgy fashion look. Meanwhile, layering your short necklaces can also be a wonderful way paired with scoop necklines.

Key points

  • Short necklaces
  • Necklaces with good third dimension
  • Layered short necklaces
wholesale necklaces

Pair wholesale necklaces with the boat neck

Drapey wholesale necklaces can match boat necklines best, this can beautify your neck to the fullest. In addition, you can also try bib statement necklaces, this can move the focal point from your neckline to the beautiful necklace itself. The layered necklaces we mentioned before is also suitable for those boat necklines, however, instead of short ones, using relatively long drop or v-shape necklaces will be better.

Key points

  • Drapey necklaces
  • Bib statement necklaces
  • Long layered necklaces
wholesale necklaces

Pair wholesale necklaces with the turtleneck

The same as boat necklines, the turtleneck is also suitable for drapey wholesale necklaces, the sweater chains will be a good choice. For there is no room to show your skin, therefore, it is a wonderful way to choose those sweater chains which can create a great sense of contrast with your outfits. Plus, medium to long strands with a large pendant can also work very well too.

Key points

  • Drapey sweater chains
  • Larger pendant
  • A strong sense of contrast
wholesale necklaces

Pair wholesale necklaces with the crew neck

It is widely accepted that the crew necklines are one of the most difficult ones to pair with. To avoid looking top-heavy, pay attention to the length of necklaces when you select ones to match. The best necklaces choice for this neckline is the one that can just hit right around the collar of your outfit. Therefore, you can pair an exaggerated short necklace. Such wholesale necklaces can let you stand out among the crowd immediately. Also, long large pendant necklaces may not blow your mind, so, avoid such necklaces if you want to have a unique charming look.

Key points

  • Short necklaces
  • Exaggerated necklaces
  • Avoid large pendant necklaces
wholesale necklaces

Pair wholesale necklaces with the v-neck

Drapey necklaces can match well with such necklines. You can also choose the wholesale necklaces in a similar triangular V shape just above the neckline. For example, just 2 inches above the point of the V will be perfect. Meanwhile, try to avoid those delicate elaborate statement necklaces.

Key points

  • Drapey V-shape necklaces
  • 2 inches above the point of the V
  • Avoid elaborate statement necklaces
wholesale necklaces

Pair wholesale necklaces with the one shoulder

Wholesale necklaces with large pedants can let you stand out of the party immediately, what’s more, the key is to select those with thin chains instead of chunky ones. Plus, as to such necklines, to better shape balance, the asymmetrical necklaces with different shapes will also work very well. The other good choice is, do not wear necklaces, instead, wear a pair of delicate stunning tassel earrings.

Key points

  • Thin large pedant necklaces
  • Asymmetrical necklaces
  • No necklaces
wholesale necklaces

Pair wholesale necklaces with the strapless neck

Because strapless necklines will show much of your skin, therefore, you can go with any kind of wholesale necklaces. For example, chokers, short pendants, long drop necklaces etc.

Key points

  • Dainty chokers
  • Delicate drop necklaces
  • Short pendant necklaces
wholesale necklaces

Final Thoughts

Knowing the jewelry matching tips can better help you to show your beauty and glamour. In addition to the above pairing tips, also remember that you need to take the occasion into account with your outfits. If you are still hunting for other necklaces in style this year, you can go with Jewelrykg.com to find more stunning fashion wholesale necklaces!

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