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2022 New Guide To Stack Your Bulk Bracelets Creatively

With the layered trends becoming increasingly popular. Of course, there is no fixed rule of how to stack bracelets. However, in addition to layer your bulk bracelets based on your own preferences or normal methods, it is time to learn some other unique wearing tips to turn you into a stacking expert!

If you are still confused about how to stack your bulk jewelry pieces, then you are coming to the right spot! In this guide, we will provide you some creative ways to stack your bulk bracelets to better let you stand out. Follow us, let us give you some creative ideas to inspire your imagination!


  1. Material as a focal point
  2. Color as a focal point
  3. Shape as a focal point
  4. Size as a focal point

How to stack your bulk bracelets creatively: material as a focal point

The key to stack your bulk jewelry is to choose a focal point. You need to select one particular bracelet that you most want to get attention to. Therefore, the first stacking way here, is the material. You can choose jewelry materials like leather, pearls, and gemstones as focal points.

  • Leather

In stead of just packing your bulk bracelets with metals like silver and gold, leather is definitely a fashionable jewelry material to create a unique look. For example, you can use silver, gold, and stainless steel as the combination materials. This black leather bracelet showed below is very fashion-forward. The golden color perfectly adds a sense of classic and creates a cool style. Silver or golden chain bracelets can be your wonderful choice to stack.

bulk bracelets
  • Pearl

Next, pearl is the best jewelry material to help you build a elegant gentle look. Particularly in this summer, the beaded pearl jewelry is definitely a hit. There are also various kinds of pearl jewelry, for bulk bracelets, ranging from vintage to lovely styles, you can choose anyone you like on Jewelrykg. Here, the one that can better create an excellent look is the one showed below. With short tassel pearl beads around, this pearl bracelets can let you be more gentle combined with golden minimalist bracelets.

bulk bracelets
  • Gemstones

Bracelets with gemstones is also a very wonderful style to help you stand out. It would be better to pair with minimalist light-color bracelets with such gemstone bracelets. Some gemstones may give people a retro and vintage style. Therefore, many people may perceive it as a lit bit of difficult to stack with. However, they can be really fashion and suitable for daily wearing as long as you choose the right bracelets to pair with them.

bulk bracelets

How to stack your bulk bracelets creatively: color as a focal point

The second way here recommended for you is to use color as a focal point. Color is full of emotion. Different combination of colors can create different feelings for people. Meanwhile, some metals, like gold, has different colors, like rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and black gold. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to Choose bulk bracelets belonging to the same metal. For example, rose gold with white gold. Because such colors can cooperate well with each other. Meanwhile, silver and gold is also a very classic combination, however if you want to create more unique styles, try to use colorful gemstones, like dark green, purple, red with silver.

How to stack your bulk bracelets creatively: shape as a focal point

The shape here means the elements on your bulk bracelets. For example, animals, plants, or flowers. Picking your favorite element as the central of attention can be a perfect choice. These bracelets with lovely animals, plants or flowers can be easier to get attention than other bracelets. Therefore, do not pair such bulk bracelets with very luxury and shiny bracelets. Choosing those minimalist styles will be fine. You can also buy bulk bracelets on Jewelrykg by weight, from where you will find masses of latest unique stunning bracelets with affordable prices.

bulk bracelets

How to stack your bulk bracelets creatively: size as a focal point

Finally, you can also stack bulk bracelets by using different weight and widths to create different dimensions. For example, you can use short thin bracelets stacked with long layered bracelets, which will give you a creative cool look. Meanwhile, be bold to use chunky bulk bracelets. Sometimes it will be a surprise when you put chunky bracelets together. However, pay attention to not making your wrist look too heavy.

Final Thoughts

There are no certain rules in jewelry matching. You can definitely be creative and unique by stacking your bulk bracelets or other jewelry piece on your own. Of course, you can use those with the similar styles at the beginning, which will help you to get customed to wearing multiple bracelets at the same time. What’s more, Pinterest is a good helper. There are many wonderful jewelry matching tips you can find there. You can click here to explore more stunning jewelry styles to inspire you.

We will be very delighted if you can make comments below. We are looking forward to your voices and opinions!

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