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Best 2022 Latest Bulk Jewelry Matching Tips You Need To Know

Incorporating your bulk jewelry pieces into your look is always a wonderful thing. Jewelry can tell your story and personality, knowing how to match your bulk jewelry to the best can better present your elegance and glamour.

If you are not sure about the matches of your bulk jewelry, or have no idea about where to start, then you are just in the right place! This guide can help you to know the latest popular matching tips for bulk jewelry in this year. follow us, scroll down to dive in!


  1. Mix metals
  2. Create layers
  3. Choose the focal point
  4. Know your style
  5. Break rules

Latest bulk jewelry matching tips: mix metals

Different metals of bulk jewelry can create different feelings to people. There is no wrong with mixing metals with different colors, as long as you find the right jewelry styles. Some popular metals this year, for example, silver, gold, and stainless steel bulk jewelry, each of them has its own characteristic. Like silver jewelry can bring you a sense of gentleness, while gold jewelry can bring you a sense of delicacy. In addition to following the traditional matching rules: match jewelry with same material, you can try to mix metals according to your preference. For example, mix silver pendants with gold settings to create a unique classic cool style.

Latest bulk jewelry matching tips: create layers

You can try to create jewelry layers for your bulk jewelry, for instance, with contrasting lengthis, colors, textures and shapes. You can layer necklaces with different lengths to be more fashionable and attractive, or layer bracelets with different materials, like pearl bracelets with silver bracelets. Rings can be mixed too, for example, silver rings with resin rings. Layering is quite easy: simply gather together a collection of jewelry of different lengths, materials and styles, and see how do they work with each other.

Latest bulk jewelry matching tips: choose the focal point

Figure out the most principal jewelry piece that you want people to focus. This is a crucial rule to follow when you take the above two methods. When you mix everything up, you may lose the main direction, and sometimes people’s attention may be distracted by too much jewelry pieces with different colors and materials. So, always remember the main focal point of your whole look. For example, if you want to make your gold necklace or a bold-colored necklace as a focal point, then pair it with more light-colored and subtle rings and earrings.

Latest bulk jewelry matching tips: know your style

You can ask yourself with the question like: what do you want the main style of your outfit be? Remember that jewelry can add a pop of color to your whole look, however, if you have no idea of the main style of your look, then decide one suitable for you. You can choose bulk jewelry pieces that are most suitable with your main clothing style, which can better highlight your whole elegance instead of distracting people’s attention.

Latest bulk jewelry matching tips: break rules

The most important thing that you should bear in mind is to break the rules, and do not be the slave of fashion trends. Of course it is good to know the current fashion trends, however, knowing your own style is equally important too. Your aim of matching bulk jewelry is to make yourself comfortable and confidence. Showing your own personality and style is never wrong. Therefore, instead of trying to make yourself fit with the fashion trends, you’d better pair jewelry suitable with your own style.

Final Thoughts

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