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5 Ways To Wear Wholesale Hair Accessories For All Occasions

The newest trendy wholesale hair accessories are keep springing up, with such a flurry of styles to choose from, making a decision of a right piece of wholesale hair accessories can be difficult. Therefore, knowing the right style for your hair, for example, the quality, color, length, and shape of your hair, can better help you make quick decisions.

To take your hair to the next level, it is time for you to move beyond your daily wearing methods, and explore more latest and fashionable wearing tips. In this blog, we’ve collected the 5 ways for you to wear wholesale hair accessories according to different occasions. Now, let’s get started!


  1. Work
  2. Party
  3. Daily life
  4. Formal events
  5. Weddings

Wholesale hair accessories for work

Choosing wholesale hair accessories for work is different from the rest of accessories. For example, the color of your hair accessory should be in line with your office decorum and atmosphere. Therefore, subtle or light-colored is preferred, instead of bold colors. In addition, your hair accessories should match well with your outfits. Instead of showing too much personality, being confidence is fine. Plus, you’d better choose quality over quantity. For the quality simple hair accessories can bring you a sense of sophistication and gracefulness. For example, the butterfly hairpin showed below can be your suitable choice.

Wholesale hair accessories

Wholesale hair accessories for party

For parties, you can choose fashion unique wholesale hair accessories styles to show your personality. You can create a cool, cute or fashionable look according to your own preference. The material of hair accessories is also a good factor to consider. For example, there are numerous different materials ranging from pearl, zircon, leather, cloth etc. Choose the most suitable one in accordance with your hair shape, color, and length. Remember, there is no rules of choosing for parties. You can choose wholesale hair accessories based on your own preference. You are highly recommended to try this elegant long tassel hair clip from Jewelrykg. It will look gorgeous and fashion-forward on you!

Wholesale hair accessories

Wholesale hair accessories for daily life

You can choose some simple and delicate hair accessories when you go outside with your friends. For example, having a picnic, a road trip or going hiking etc. So, among those wholesale hair accessories, the hairband, can be your wonderful choice. Particularly the wide hairbands, are extremely popular in this summer. They are almost suitable for any kinds of hair styles, meanwhile, the hairbands can perfectly beautify your head shape, to better beautify your face. For instance, the purple hairband showed below is one of the most hot-selling wholesale hair accessories from Jewelrykg. You can also buy such wonderful jewelry pieces by kilogram here!

Wholesale hair accessories

Wholesale hair accessories for formal events

You can try hair clips or hair claws for formal dinner or formal meetings. Unlike parties, you can not go overboard too much. In addition, avoid experiment too much with your hairstyles during a formal event. So, in this case, what you need to do is to create a sense of sophistication and professional. Simple and delicate hair accessories are preferred. For example, pearl hair clips or minimalist hair claws. Here, we suggest you invest in this kind of hair claw showed below. With simple elegant design, you can have your hair neatly combed back, which can let your temperament be more outstanding.

Wholesale hair accessories

Wholesale hair accessories for weddings

If you are going to attend a wedding, then you can try some pearl, crystals, lace or zircon hair accessories to enhance your beauty. For example, a flower hair pin on one side of your head, or a beautiful hair claw etc. Meanwhile, we recommend you to wear hair accessories at the back of your hair. Make sure they can better attached to your hair and matched with your hair color. For example, this pearl elegant hair clip can be your wonderful style.

Wholesale hair accessories

Final Thoughts

You are highly recommended to invest in any kind of wholesale hair accessories above. As the most popular hair accessories styles, they are worth you any penny. If interested, click the pictures above and know more detailed information on Jewelrykg.com. Your satisfaction is our biggest reward. We sell jewelry by kilogram with no MOQ! You can find a wide collection of stunning high quality wholesale hair accessories with affordable prices here!

If you have any questions or opinions, please leave a message below, we will be very happy to hear your voices!

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