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6 Important Rules Of Matching Wholesale Jewelry (2022 New Guide)

If you are a fashion seeker, then learn how to match your wholesale jewelry is very essential. Since a good-matched look can always make you more charming and fashion-forward. If you have a bunch of jewelry pieces but don’t know how to accessorize with them, these 6 important rules may help you a lot.


  1. Occaions
  2. Seasons
  3. Clothes
  4. Faces
  5. Colors
  6. Characters

Wholesale jewelry matching: occasions

Jewelry plays an important role in people’s social communication, especially in different occasions. Therefore, choosing the suitable wholesale jewelry pieces according to different occasions is necessary for every woman.

In the workplace, you need to choose jewelry suitable for your temperament according to your usual work style.

When you stay at home, or go on a journey, simple and delicate jewelry pieces can add a pop of color to your causal wear.

When attending a wedding or formal occasions, avoid wearing exaggerated jewelry pieces. Too much individuality may have a opposite impact to your image. Simple and classic jewelry, such as pearl earrings or necklaces can be a good choice. For example, this pair of simple brass irregular geometric hoop earrings from Jewelrykg is a wonderful choice. It will bring a touch of relaxed femininity to your outfit and make you look more attractive.

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Wholesale jewelry matching: seasons

Like clothing, jewelry has its own season. For spring and summer, “colorful and energetic” are the first impression of spring and summer, therefore, light and delicate jewelry can perfectly match this two dynamic seasons. In autumn and winter, you are suggested to wear textured and elegant jewelry pieces, which can show the warmth and delicacy of the plush clothing. For example, this unique art style brooch can be a wonderful choice when the autumn is coming, which can give you a sense of delicacy.

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Wholesale jewelry matching: clothes

Match your jewelry with the right color and style of clothes is of vital importance. For example, dark-colored clothes with simple style such as black, blue, green coffee or other colors should be matched with light-colored classic jewelry pieces. On the contrary, light-colored fashion clothes, need to use more bright accessories to decorate. However, white simple jewelry pieces can perfectly match with any kind of outfit. For instance, this personalized sweet double-layer pearl necklace is fashion and versatile enough to suit almost any kind of clothes.

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Wholesale jewelry matching: faces

The shape of faces can be primarily divided into three types: round, heart, and square. Linear-shaped jewelry can better decorate the round faces. For example, you can choose pendant or tassel long drop earrings. For heart-shaped faces, you can also choose circular or triangular earrings; they will add roundness to your face. And round or oval hoop earrings, or V-shaped necklaces are quite suitable for square faces. For example, you can try this butterfly silver layered necklaces to better beautify your faces.

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Wholesale jewelry matching: colors

Warm colors such as light red, orange and yellow will give people a feeling of warm personnel attachment. In addition, wholesale jewelry with warm color is suitable for sweet, fresh and pure style dresses, which can also break the dullness that black clothes may bring.

Cold colors such as grey and blue are generally suitable for formal occasions, which can give you a sense of dignity and maturity.

Middle colors such as green and purple can brighten the color of dark-colored clothes, and bring a sense of elegance and nobility when they are matched with light-colored clothes. For instance, this romantic sweet cherry chocker can add a pop of bright color to your attire.

Wholesale jewelry

Wholesale jewelry matching: characters

If you are a lively and outgoing person, you may suitable for those small delicate, geometric jewelry. For those who have gentle calm personality, you may go for classic streamlined jewelry pieces. Want to show your personality and be unique? Then cool chic chain jewelry may suit your taste. This pair of vintage circular chain hoop earrings is highly recommended for you.

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Final Thoughts

Learn how to accessorize with different kinds of jewelry is of vital importance. Jewelry should be coordinated in an excellent way, thus letting you be more outstanding and attractive. Why not add some new fashion wholesale jewelry to update your collection? Jewelrykg can definitely impress you a lot. Choose your favorite ones, wear them, share them.

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