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Top 5 Reasons Of Why Your Bulk Jewelry Chains Break Suddenly

Have you ever encountered such situation when your favorite bulk jewelry chains break but don’t know how to deal with it? Or your jewelry customers come to you for jewelry repair due to the break of the jewelry chains? So why would that happen? And how to prevent your bulk jewelry chains from breaking again in the future?

Let’s take a look at why your jewelry pieces will break suddenly and how to deal with it. follow us, let’s get into it!


  1. Vulnerable jump rings
  2. Clasps and pendants
  3. The chain itself
  4. Store
  5. Chemicals

Vulnerable jump rings on your bulk jewelry chains

First of all, you need check whether the jump rings on your bulk jewelry chains are vulnerable or not. The unsoldered jump rings can be weak to connect the jewelry chains strongly. Also, they will open gradually as time goes on until your jewelry pieces fall off. Therefore, check the jump rings on your jewelry before wearing it. Whether they are soldered tightly or unsoldered loosely?

Clasps and pendants on your bulk jewelry chains

Second, pay attention to the clasps and pendants on your bulk jewelry chains, because they are the most vulnerable parts of your jewelry to burden the pressure. Claps are very important of storing the jewelry chains and keeping them well. A tip for you when you choose bulk jewelry online is that you can choose lobster claws to let your jewelry avoid being damaged or break easily.

The chain itself

Sometimes the chains of your jewelry can not burden the weight and pressure of your jewelry. Therefore, before you choose your bulk jewelry chains, pay attention to the metals of the chains. You can select some materials like stainless steel and silver. Stainless steel is hard and strong enough to protect the chains. By contrast, silver is soft and malleable enough. Both of them can prevent your jewelry from breaking so easily.

Do not store your bulk jewelry chains properly

There is a simple example. You go to bed with your favorite necklace, however, when you wake up, you found that your hair tangled up in the links. Therefore, avoid pulling or yanking to your jewelry chains. Most bulk jewelry chains are too light to burden much pressure.

Chemicals can tarnish your bulk jewelry chains

Be careful when you use chemicals in household, like perfume, cosmetics, shampoos and so on. This chemicals contain harmful substance which can tarnish your bulk jewelry chains and let them be thinner. Therefore, when some particular points on your jewelry chains are becoming weaker and weaker, finally they may break unexpectedly. So, do not wear your bulk jewelry when you take a bath, go swimming or do outdoor activities.

Final Thoughts

There are other situations when your bulk jewelry chains may break suddenly, these 5 reasons above are the most common ones. If you are a wholesaler, then knowing jewelry common knowledge can better help you to solve your customers’ problems. Meanwhile, if you want to source more affordable good quality jewelry pieces, then Jewelrykg can be your perfect choice.

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In The End

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Bulk jewelry chains
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