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5 Tips To Keep Growth In Jewelry Wholesale Business With Rising Costs

If you are wondering to step into the jewelry wholesale business, knowing the future trend and economic situation is very important. We know that the Covid-19 has brought a large impact on the whole economy. With prices rising, everyone feels great pressure to operate a business. The wholesale jewelry and craft industries are no exception.

So how to be resilient in such economic environment by selling wholesale jewelry pieces? Is it possible to be profitable in the face of the rising prices?  We’ve listed the 5 effective ways to help you boost your jewelry wholesale business and go through the difficulties. Follow us, let’s get into it!


  1. Buy in bulk
  2. Order ahead
  3. Price properly
  4. Make full use end of line stock
  5. Diversification

Buy in bulk for your jewelry wholesale business

Buy jewelry in bulk quantities can bring you better price discounts and breaks. You can also benefit from the economies of scale if you are preparing inventory for your jewelry wholesale business. For example, you can find a reliable jewelry wholesaler who can provide you jewelry sold by weight without no MOQ. This will gain you access to more cheap high quality jewelry pieces to sell online. Here, Jewelrykg is highly recommended for you. With rich industry experience and high reputation, you can get bulk jewelry with high quality and low prices with no MOQ, which will be your perfect choice.

Order ahead for your jewelry wholesale business

If you are in the beginning of the jewelry wholesale business, then ordering ahead and try to give purchasing schedules to help with production quotas are very crucial. This is mainly because, ordering future orders may help you to avoid suppliers hold a large number of jewelry stock which is not being able to sell to other jewelry buyers. In addition, when the freight prices or metal rates are increasing, this can be really helpful to reduce your buying costs. Nowadays the prices is on the rise due to the enormous demands with  little supply. Therefore, in order to avoid longer transportation times and delivery time, order ahead of your jewelry wholesale business.

Price correctly for your jewelry wholesale business

The Covid-19 has boosted the trend of  e-commerce, there are a large quantity of customers are buying jewelry online. To stay in competitive advantage, you should carefully use the pricing strategies in a right way, which is really essential for you to attract your customers. You can do some researched online to compare yourself with other jewelry suppliers, and adjust your jewelry wholesale business plan as detailed as possible. There may be some swings in prices in the jewelry industry due to the wild economic situation. Therefore, what you need to do is to seize every tiny opportunity and embrace changes.

Make full use end of line stock for your jewelry wholesale business

If you find it is hard to open your own jewelry store online, you can try other ways to boost your sales. For example, you can find clearance stock from other suppliers to resell. Or buy jewelry pieces at factory prices from those dropshipping jewelry suppliers. The possible profit margins on resale can be huge. Just keep your costs as low as possible. Meanwhile, make the most of the social media and do advertisements.

Make diversifications for your jewelry wholesale business

Keep yourself updated with the newest business data and information. If you think you are not in advantage of the jewelry wholesale business, then you can try to expand your reach to other business areas with new offerings. However no matter which area you step in, be dedicated and consistent is very essential for a business.

Final Thoughts

Distance selling and e-commerce are now more than ever a priority. The Covid-19 crisis make customer form the new habit of buying things on line. Seize the e-commerce opportunity to start your jewelry wholesale business is a worthy decision. If you want to step into the jewelry world and currently search for reliable jewelry wholesaler, then cooperate with us is your perfect choice.

As a experienced trustworthy online jewelry supplier, we can offer you a wide collection of bulk jewelry sold by kilogram with no MOQ!

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