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Meet 2022 Popular Southwestern Vintage Wholesale Jewelry Styles

Differentiating with those modern metal jewelry styles, Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry has recently ruled the jewelry world. The outstanding craftsmanship and retro delicate designs are the main features of the southwestern style. Southwestern vintage jewelry styles are never lack of pursuers. Because they can always refresh you and let you show your own styles to the fullest.

If you are a jewelry retailer and seeking for unique fine wholesale jewelry, then try vintage Southwestern jewelry pieces, they are definitely worth you any penny! In this guide, we’ve listed the top popular Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry styles in vouge this year, if interested, scroll down for more detailed jewelry information!

What is Southwestern vintage jewelry?

Generally speaking, the Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry has a envisioned style featured in bright blue, green, or red colors with shiny appearance, most of them are made of corals and natural stones. However, different styles vary from piece to piece. But in all, the Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry will make a bolder statement than modern everyday jewelry styles. Throughout the history, the Southwestern vintage jewelry is famous for its original jewelry material and bold style, which is perceived as a deep connection of the nature world and the desire for freedom.

Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry style: earrings

The best combination with Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry is definitely pearl. The pearl itself has the power to add full elegance to people, if well designed, the whole jewelry piece can be both vintage and delicate enough. However, the most outstanding one, is the combination of tradition and modern. That is to say, the perfect collision of two different styles. Here, you can take this pair of drop earrings as an example. You will notice that there are small coral beads between the golden metal, which has formed a strong visual impact to people, thus leaving a deep impression for jewelry buyers. In addition to this, the water drop pearls dangling below add a sense of classic to the whole earrings. Therefore, you can not miss this perfect style!

vintage wholesale jewelry

Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry style: rings

We know that, as for Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry, the combination of gold and green colors is most classic one. However, most of this style will directly give people a vintage impression, which is sometimes difficult to pair with. Therefore, we have another perfect jewelry item with such classic style for you: vintage green gemstone rings. Just like the one showed below, you will see that it is extremely delicate and shiny. The small green gemstone has laid the basic style foundation for it: vintage. However, the double-layer design adds a fashionable modern sense. Therefore, this ring is perfect for daily wearing and very easy to be paired with. You are highly recommended to this style!

vintage wholesale jewelry

Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry style: necklaces

If you are interested in the ring we mentioned above, then you can not miss this necklace! They can perfect match with each other. Similar like that ring, this necklace has stunning appearance with retro design. The green gemstone pendant rounded with gold knitted chain is definitely the shiny point of the whole necklace. No matter where you go, wearing this necklace will immediately enhance your elegance to an upper level, especially for parties or weddings. When you pair it with different kinds of outfits, it will give you different senses and always be your most beautiful focal point. With affordable prices and high quality, you can find more stunning jewelry styles on!

vintage wholesale jewelry

Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry style: bracelets

If you want pursue unique creative jewelry pieces, then you are highly recommended to this Southwestern vintage bracelet. The banded string style will attract you at the first glance. Meanwhile, you will notice that this bracelet is extremely delicate and exquisite. With all kinds of colorful beads inlaid in it, it can your excellent choice among your vintage wholesale jewelry pieces. What’s more, this bracelet is not hard for matching. As one of the most hot-selling bracelets from us, this bracelet can be unique and creative enough to attract a large amount of fashion jewelry lovers, especially for those who want to show their own styles and personalities. Click the picture below to know more detailed information!

vintage wholesale jewelry

Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry style: brooches

Throughout the history, peacocks are a symbol of wisdom and beauty, which are widely used in the jewelry design, especially for vintage wholesale jewelry pieces. Therefore, the last Southwestern vintage wholesale jewelry style recommended for you here, is this stunning rhinestone peacock brooch. As one of the most popular wholesale brooches for us, this one is particular liked by its delicate attractive appearance, which will add a pop of color to your whole outfit. The graduating color from green to yellow-brown, has made this brooch more unique and special than other brooches.

vintage wholesale jewelry

Final Thoughts

For hundreds of years, the Southwestern vintage culture has been a symbol of connection of nature world. Either for spiritual purposes or for beauty, this style will never go out of style in the vintage wholesale jewelry market. If you think this guide can bring you some creative ideas or direction, don’t forget to subscribe to us! You can also go to to explore more stunning affordable jewelry pieces, from which can buy jewelry by weight with no MOQ.

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In The End

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