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Do You Really Know White Gold Bulk Jewelry? (2022 Updated)

When you purchase gold bulk jewelry online, you will meet with different kinds of gold, like rose gold, white gold, gold-plated, gold-filled jewelry etc. But what is white gold bulk jewelry? Is it worth buying?

Actually, white gold bulk jewelry is a popular choice for bulk jewelry selection. But most people may be not familiar with this material. In this blog, we will dive deep into the white gold jewelry world, and see why the white gold bulk jewelry is so welcomed nowadays.

First of all, let’s talk about the gold.

We all know that gold has been regarded as one of the most valuable metals throughout the history because of its precious value. Meanwhile, gold has high density, strong flexibility, as well as strong malleability. Therefore, gold is also considered as a way to store wealth.

You must notice that when you purchase gold bulk jewelry, there are different kinds of gold jewelry, like 24k gold, 18k gold, 14k gold etc. 24k gold means there are more than 99% pure gold in it. However, it is quite difficult to buy  pure gold jewelry, because pure gold is too soft to be designed into jewelry for daily wear.

What is white gold?

Simply put, white gold is a mixture of pure gold and other metals, such as palladium, silver, copper, nickel, zinc etc. And the appearance of white gold is depended on the proportion of the white metals.

In addition to the alloys mixed, white gold jewelry is additionally coated with a precious metal known as rhodium.

The addition of rhodium can help further strengthen the durability and hardness of the white gold, as well as protect the surface of the white gold jewelry.

The colors of white gold

Most people may think that the color of white gold jewelry is shiny white. However, the color of it is related with its composition. Without coating, the white gold jewelry can be brown, gray or even pale pink.

  • Pure white

In addition to the rhodium, another coating that can be applied is a platinum alloy. Generally speaking, the platinum is very precious and expensive than the pure gold, and the color of platinum is naturally white. Therefore, if the color of white gold jewelry is very close to white, then it may have a platinum coating, but it is may be rare and expensive to buy.

  • Light white

However, if the color of white gold shows light white, or ivory, then it may contain a high proportion of nickel.

  • Grey

If the color of white gold is close to grey, then it may have a high proportion of palladium.

How much gold content is in my white gold bulk jewelry?

Another issue that most white gold bulk jewelry buyers caring about, is how much gold content is in the white gold jewelry. As a mixture of pure gold and other metals, the highest purity of white gold bulk jewelry in the market is 75%, which is made of 75% pure gold and 25% other metals, such as silver, nickel, copper, etc. copper. The hallmarks on white gold bulk jewelry are often indicated with numbers and the letter K, which stands for Karats, such as 18k white gold, 750 white gold, or 750G etc.

Is white gold bulk jewelry worth buying?

  • Durability

When purchasing engagement rings, or other wedding jewelry, white gold jewelry can be a wonderful option. It has good long-standing durability, which is very resistant to wear. White gold, compared with silver, is less likely to be scratched, corroded or worn.

  • Affordable

Most people may be confused about the silver and white gold jewelry, which is better for buying in bulk. Actually, compared with silver, the special luster and durability make the white gold jewelry more expensive, but much lower than gold or other precious jewelry.

  • Allergy

Just as we mentioned before, nickel can be used in white gold, as well as silver. For example, 925 silver jewelry can be 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, however, the nickel can also be present in the 7.5% copper.

Therefore, it would be better to purchase those white gold jewelry with rhodium plating, which can protect you from the nickel content.

How to make profits by selling white gold bulk jewelry?

As we have mentioned above, the prices of white gold jewelry is not so cheap. However, to ensure the quality of the white gold jewelry, it seems like impossible to purchase cheap white gold bulk jewelry. The answer is, as long as you choose the right purchasing method, everything can change dramatically.

For example, you can buy jewelry wholesale by the kilogram. This is a very cost-effective way of buying high quality jewelry at the lowest costs. Unlike the bulk buying, you may receive defective bulk jewelry very easily, through buying bulk jewelry by the kilogram, all the jewelry is of high quality, not those for clearance sales.

Jewelrykg, for example, is a very reputable and reliable wholesale jewelry supplier using this creative sales model. Generally, one kilogram of jewelry will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry, and the jewelry is randomly placed in the package, calculated according to weight.

bulk jewelrybulk jewelrybulk jewelry

Final Words

White gold is less expensive and more budget-friendly than precious metal jewelry, which is a good investment. You can also start with Jewelrykg to buy jewelry wholesale by kilogram with no MOQ, which will surely impress you a lot.

Why buy from Jewelrykg?

  • Rich product line, diversified product styles per kilogram, and suitable for self-use or wholesale sales.
  • Independent packages,  no rust, no oxidation.
  • Top quality, all the jewelry pieces have integrity, no rust, no oxidation.
  • Complete after-sales system.
  • Free selection. Styles are sent randomly and full of surprises.

Hope this guide can give you some helpful information. If you like this article, do not forget to share it! Your support is our best motivation!

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