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2022 Best Bulk Hair Accessories Buying Guide You Must Know

Fashion bulk hair accessories trends change pretty fast, what kind of style is the best choice to sell? As a fashion hair accessories wholesaler, you should have sensitivity to the wholesale jewelry market trends. Because the good sales performance is not just about marketing, you need to have the high quality products, a stable supply of goods support, as well as excellent quality assurance.

In the wholesale jewelry market, a huge number of people take bulk hair accessories as their first priority. However, why you should invest in bulk hair accessories? Compared with other bulk jewelry pieces, what are their advantages? How can you make profits by selling bulk hair accessories?

In this blog, we will talk about these questions one by one. If you are a jewelry wholesaler sourcing bulk jewelry right now, then you should not miss this guide. Let’s get started.

Why you should invest in bulk hair accessories?

In 2021, the global hair accessories market grew in value by $18.29 billion and is expected to reach $46.60 billion by 2029.

  • E-commerce

The rise of e-commerce has not only created more choices for jewelry wholesalers, but also brought innovation trends of bulk jewelry purchase methods. For example, the highly cost-effective way of buying bulk jewelry: buying jewelry by the kilo, which can not be achieved by ordinary bulk purchase.

  • Social media

The emergence of social media has widely spread the hair accessories. Bands are using social media to promote their brand image. In addition, many celebrities and social media influencers have also strengthened consumers’ desire to buy hair accessories through tutorials and videos.

  • Efficiency

The advances in mass production and technology have dramatically improved the efficiency and cost management. Especially compared with high-end luxury products, they are much cheaper, faster to update, and have a huge customer base.

The advantages of selling bulk hair accessories

Hair accessories play a vital role in enhancing people’s appearance, so what are the benefits of wholesale hair accessories? First of all, they have a great diversity and can always keep up with fashion trends. secondly, women of all incomes and ages can be the main target audience of hair accessories, that is also to say, they have a wide consumer base. Thirdly, most bulk hair accessories are made of low-cost materials like resin, base metals, wood, stone etc, which has large profit margins.

Types of bulk hair accessories

  • Hair pins
  • Hair claws
  • Headbands
  • hair clips
  • hair combs
  • Tiaras
  • TIY hair tie

Popular bulk hair accessories styles in 2022

  • Flower series

Flowers, by their very nature, can bring in a fragrance and let us be pleasant instantly. The flower hair accessories can be most classic and common styles, however, they continue to put forth new ideas for jewelry design.

bulk hair accessories
  • Butterfly series

People throughout the world love butterflies, they are seen as gentle and beautiful symbols of life. The butterfly hair accessories are very simple, sweet and alive, which are widely pursued by many fashion jewelry lovers.

bulk hair accessories
  • Heart series

The heart element has become an indispensable part in jewelry design. The origin and symbol of the heart originates from mythological stories. According to the legend, the heart is the carrier of our emotions. God wrote down commands and requirements in people’s hearts, so that people can feel love and be loved.

bulk hair accessories
  • Feather series

White feathers are a symbol of innocence and holiness, but also a symbol of pure and love. The feather hair accessories can better highlight a woman’s gentleness to the fullest, which is a wonderful option for jewelry selection.

bulk hair accessories
  • Fishtail series

The fishtail hair accessories are also the hot-selling styles this year. Such style is perfect for metal material added with pearls, which will add a pop of color to your outfits.

bulk hair accessories

How to find good bulk jewelry suppliers?

  • B2B marketplaces

You can look at international markets such as Alibaba, eBay and Etsy to find jewelry sold in bulk. Or, you can find regional and local markets, as well as industry-specific B2B markets.

  • Online searching

You can also use search engines such as Google to find bulk jewelry suppliers. However, not all the jewelry suppliers have their own websites, sometimes you may come to social media for help.

  • Networks within the industry

You can also participate in online forums and trade fairs to build relationships with other business associations or companies.

Here are a list of top bulk jewelry suppliers from different countries:


  1. Jewelrykg
  2. Alibaba
  3. Nihao Jewelry


  1. The Welman Group
  2. Ruby Imports
  3. Cheap Wholesale Jewelry


  1. MainlySilver
  2. Jewellery World
  3. Amber Jewellery

How to make profits by selling bulk hair accessories

Jewelry wholesale is a market with great growth potential. However, without unique competitive advantages, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the market. The most crucial way of win a competitive edge, is to source cheap fine jewelry.

Buy Jewelry by the kilo: a creative cost-effective way of buying

If you have not tried this new sales model, then you are recommended to give it a try. For this can help you have a highly cost-effective way of purchasing fine bulk hair accessories.

Compared with buying jewelry by the bulk, buying jewelry by the kilo is much more affordable. Meanwhile, the quality of all the jewelry can be guaranteed. No matter whether you are a jeweler, wholesaler or retailer, buying jewelry pieces with good quality is always crucial.

  • high cost performance.

You can choose the all the different styles you like, the jewelry that you select will be randomly placed in the package, and calculating the price according to the weight, which is much more affordable than buying in bulk.

  • High quality jewelry pieces.

When you choose a reliable jewelry supplier, you will get all latest hot-selling and top quality wholesale jewelry pieces to let you be much more competitive. For example, Jewelrykg is a leading professional bulk jewelry supplier who steps into this field for more than 15 years.

  • Get the newest designs and styles.

Keeping you stock updated with the newest trends is of vital importance. This can help you expand your brand presence and attract loyal customers.

bulk hair accessories

Final Thoughts

The demand for buk hair accessories is continuing to grow, and it is wise to take advantage of the market opportunities and embrace changes. Any goal can be reached when given enough time. So let go and just start moving in the right direction.

If you think this blog is helpful to you, then don’t forget to share it! We will also be super happy if you can make comments below!

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