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Why Is Evil Eye Fashion Bulk Jewelry So Popular In 2022

When people ask me what kind of fashion bulk jewelry is always the most popular, every time I will say it is, of course, the evil eye style. In fact, the evil eye style is deeply rooted in human history. You can find this style in any fashion wholesale accessories.

For every wholesale jewelry buyer, it is easy to get confused when you face so many new fashion wholesale jewelry styles online. However, over the years, no matter how jewelry trends have changed, this style has remained popular. But what’s the meaning behind the evil eye? Why is this style so popular?

Please follow us and read on. This blog will answer any questions you may have about the evil eye jewelry style, while opening a new door for your fashion wholesale jewelry journey.

Origin of evil eye

“My mother gave me a special necklace for my birthday when I was five, I have no idea of the meaning behind it, until she told me that it is a symbol of protection.” Said Angelina, who shared her story with a gold evil eye necklace on Twitter.

So, does the evil eye really symbolize protection? In fact, this can go back to ancient Greek times, which is around the 6 BC. At that time, the evil eye is called “mati” in Greek, and it was widely used on wine vessels.

While commonly associated with ancient Greek cultures, it’s said to be found in Mesopotamian Cuneiform 5,000 years ago.

In fact, the evil eye is a “stare” or “gaze,”. According to the Greek legend, it can protect wearers from falling prey to malicious glares. Because evil eye can cause negative energy on the victim like bad luck and physical harm.

Get protection from evil eye?

Although in the Mediterranean and Western Asia, the evil eye represents protection for the wearer. In fact, it is still very popular in certain cultures around the world. And for these cultures, the best way to gain protection through the devil’s eye is to wear jewelry.

In the traditional jewelry design, the colors of evil eye is white and blue. However, with the continuous innovation of jewelry style, the evil eye style is more and more used in different styles of jewelry design.

Meanwhile, it is also loved by people all over the world. For example, the most common material for evil eye jewelry is usually gems, but now you will find various of evil eye jewelry styles with all kinds of materials. Such as: stainless steel heart pendant evil eye necklaces, gold-plated vintage evil eye bracelets, rhinestone colorful evil eye drop earrings etc.

fashion bulk jewelry fashion bulk jewelry fashion bulk jewelry

Evil eye fashion bulk jewelry is in great demand?

If you search online, you will find lots of people are pursuing the creative unique fashion styles for evil eye bulk jewelry. No matter whether it is for fashion bulk jewelry lovers or sellers. In fact, if you ask a large number of fashion wholesale jewelry buyers if they would buy the evil eye style, the answer is definitely yes.

For example, Alfred, who bought wholesale fashion jewelry at Jewelrykg two weeks ago, posted on Facebook: “I often don’t know what kind of jewelry to buy, so I chose Jewelrykg because that’s where you can buy blind box jewelry. To be honest I’ve never tried to buy wholesale jewelry like this before, but I was really surprised when I received the package. Because it has my favorite devil eye rings and earrings.”

So, among a large variety of fashion bulk jewelry styles, which are the most worth buying ones?

Here are 5 hot-selling styles:

  • Delicate blue zircon evil eye necklaces
  • Minimalist silver evil eye bracelets
  • Classic stainless steel evil eye rings
  • Vintage flower rhinestone evil eye earrings
  • Colorful stainless steel evil eye anklets
fashion bulk jewelry fashion bulk jewelry fashion bulk jewelry fashion bulk jewelry fashion bulk jewelry

Where can I buy fine evil eye fashion bulk jewelry?

To be honest, the kind of fashion bulk jewelry is depended on your budget and target customers. Due to the wide variety of jewelry styles, choosing the best ones right for the preferences of your target customers is very important. In addition, the costs are also very paramount. Every fashion bulk jewelry buyer will not want to buy jewelry at high costs, especially when the quality is very poor. So, how can you get high quality fashion bulk jewelry while maintaining the low costs?

Here is a perfect method for you: buying jewelry by weight.

In fact, it is hard to find a suitable fashion bulk jewelry supplier in a short period of time, you have to do full researches. But, an effective procurement model can always be helpful.

But what is buying wholesale jewelry by weight? Is it really cost-effective?

Buying fashion bulk jewelry by weight: a highly cost-effective way

Recently this purchasing model has attract wide attention for fashion bulk jewelry buyers. Some of them believe this is very worthwhile trying. However, others are questioning about the whether the quality of the jewelry can be ensured.

What is buying wholesale jewelry by weight?

It seems impossible to get high quality jewelry at lower prices. However, that is exactly the reason why buying jewelry by kilogram is so popular.

Generally speaking, one kilogram will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry. The jewelry is randomly placed in the package, and the price is calculated according to the weight. Therefore, it is a highly cost-effective procurement model.

fashion bulk jewelry

What are the benefits of using it?

The largest benefit is obviously the high cost performance. However, there is another factor that attracts numerous wholesale jewelry buyers, is the blind box. Because all the hot-selling accessories are randomly mixed, each package will contain different styles of jewelry, which is full of surprises.

Who is the best supplier by selling jewelry by weight?

The leading supplier who uses this model, is Jewelrykg.

In the hot jewelry wholesale market, many jewelry sellers will provide bulk jewelry at very low prices or have great discounts to achieve rapid volume. However, the jewelry quality can not be ensured. However, Jewelrykg can provide high quality wholesale jewelry with the latest fashion styles. Just as Jewelrykg says: “We hope every business can focus on quality and commitment to provide consumers with high quality services.”

Here are some of their main features:

  • No MOQ requirement, 1 piece is also wholesale price
  • Get full refunds within 15 days
  • Top quality, no rust, no oxidation
  • Diversified product styles
  • Independent packages
  • Complete after-sales system
  • Professional Customization
  • Support 24/6
fashion bulk jewelry

Final Words

Evil eye fashion bulk jewelry is gaining great popularity right now, and constantly springing up new designs and styles. People are seeking for new ways to express themselves, and evil eye jewelry can be a wonderful choice.

Thanks for reading this post, if you think this guide can give you some helpful information, don’t forget to share it! Your support is our best motivation.

Meanwhile, you can also click here to explore more stunning jewelry styles for your selection.

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