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2022 Popular Bulk Jewelry Pieces Sold By Weight (New Guide)

Bulk buying is always a perfect way for cost reduction, especially for buying bulk jewelry pieces. As a jewelry retailer, it is always essential for you to keep your costs as lowest as possible, that is also to say, you need to find the right method to become more efficient and profitable. Therefore, buying jewelry by weight can be your wonderful opportunity. If you are seeking for cost-effective jewelry inventory, then you are just in the right place!

In this blog, we will introduce you the top popular bulk jewelry pieces sold by weight this year, which will definitely let you get fine stunning bulk jewelry pieces, at the same time, let you be more cost-saving and time-saving for your jewelry business.

Benefits of buying jewelry by weight

  • Cost-saving

One of the main advantages of buying jewelry by weight is that, you are able to get a large amount of bulk jewelry pieces at lower prices than buying them singly. This is a very popular and common way for retailers to source their stock, which can be especially beneficial for you to reduce overheads and boost your jewelry sales. In addition to the cost reduction, there are also many other major benefits of buying jewelry by weight, please read on for more information.

  • Time-saving

By buying bulk jewelry pieces by weight, you can be able to save much time and energy on jewelry exploration, which can avoid wasting your time going back and forth to get new jewelry stock, as a result, you can be more effective to operate your jewelry retail business. So, the key is to find a reliable wholesale jewelry supplier. You can start with Jewelrykg, from which you will get numerous fashion bulk jewelry pieces by weight with no MOQ, meanwhile, all the hot-selling jewelry from us are of the same type in each package, and all wholesale bulk jewelry by weight products have integrity, no rust, no oxidation!

  • Various styles

The third major benefit of buying jewelry by weight, is that, you can choose from a wide collection of fashionable bulk jewelry pieces. In addition, some online wholesale jewelry suppliers, can be able to provide you with the latest styles keeping up with new jewelry trends. For example, all of our bulk jewelry pieces, are daily-updated and kept with the new fashion trends. This is particularly convenient and advantageous for your jewelry retail business. Why not have a look at Jewelrykg.com? You will truly be impressed a lot.

Top popular bulk jewelry pieces you must have: earrings

Earrings are the most well-liked jewelry items for people to purchase. Investing in earrings for your jewelry stock can bring you huge benefits. There are lots of earrings styles for you to choose, such as hoop earrings, stud earrings, drop earrings and so on. You can choose a particular style of bulk jewelry pieces as your market niche of course, but no matter what kinds of styles you are seeking, you can always find the one suitable for you from us. In 2022, there are some extremely earrings styles in vogue, if you have no idea of what types of earrings you should buy in weight, then you can choose from the list below:


  • Stud earrings
  • Hoop earrings
  • Drop earrings


  • Flower series earrings
  • Heart series earrings
  • Moon series earrings


  • Silver earrings
  • Gold-plated earrings
  • Stainless steel earrings
bulk jewelry pieces

Top popular bulk jewelry pieces you must have: rings

The second most popular and profitable bulk jewelry pieces you should have, are rings. Throughout the history, the rings has been used for jewelry for a long time. Jewelers have always been trying to produce much more charming and durable rings with superb design and look. There are also many uses for rings, in ancient times, rings can represent power and social status, however, nowadays, almost every jewelry lovers will purchase rings as their most favorable jewelry items. Therefore, buying rings by weight is definitely a worthwhile investment for your jewelry retail business. There are some most popular rings styles this year:


  • Minimalist rings
  • Chain rings
  • Double hoop rings


  • Heart series rings
  • Flower series rings
  • Moon series rings


  • Zircon rings
  • Pearl rings
  • Silver rings
bulk jewelry pieces

Top popular bulk jewelry pieces you must have: necklaces

Necklaces can beautify necks to the fullest and add a pop of color to the whole outfits. As one of the most common daily wear bulk jewelry pieces, the sales of necklaces have been continuously increasing in recent years. In terms of buying necklaces by weight, you don’t have to worry about the profitability of them, because there will always be a huge customer bases for fashion necklaces, no matter what ages they are. Therefore, the key is to select those updated new-arrived popular necklaces in bulk with low prices. We’ve selected the most hot-selling styles for you:


  • Beaded necklaces
  • Chain necklaces
  • Pendant necklaces


  • Heart series necklaces
  • Flower series necklaces
  • Water drop series necklaces


  • Pearl necklaces
  • Zircon necklaces
  • Stainless steel necklaces
bulk jewelry pieces

Final Words

Buying jewelry by weight is a wonderful option for those who own the jewelry retail business. It’s not just a perfect way to lower your costs, at the same time, it’s also helpful to obtain the best prices on your jewelry pieces. Therefore, as long as you choose a trusted bulk jewelry pieces supplier, bulk buying can definitely help your company grow quickly. If you have any ideas, you can feel free contact us!

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