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5 Best Bulk Earrings For Sensitive Ears With Latest Styles

Are you hunting for safe and hypoallergenic bulk earrings for sensitive ears? You are just in the right spot! Whether you are a jewelry retailer, wholesaler, or supplier, it is of vital importance for you to source safe bulk earrings in your stock, because there are lots of people who are very easy to suffer from skin allergies, like redness, swelling, rashes, those reactions can bring an awful feeling to your customers. Unfortunately, masses of people are experiencing such reactions for the very first time after getting their ears pierced.

Therefore, the easiest way to avoid this, is to source safe bulk earrings with hypoallergenic materials. Not only will you get positive feedbacks from your customers, but also enhance your brand reputation and presence. Here, in this blog, we will provide you with 5 most hot-selling popular bulk earrings for sensitive ears! We will be very delighted if you can get some helpful information or creative ideas from this guide! Let’s start!


Pierced earrings:

  1. Gold earrings
  2. Sterling silver earrings
  3. Resin earrings


  1. Heart clip earrings
  2. Leaf clip earrings
  3. Bow clip earrings

Pierced bulk earrings for sensitive ears: gold earrings

For sensitive ears, gold bulk earrings are definitely your wonderful choice. However, instead of those 24k pure gold earrings, 14k gold, or gold-plated bulk earrings can be the most suitable ones. Because for 24k pure gold, it is too soft to be designed into jewelry, meanwhile, it is a very expensive metal to purchase. Therefore, for most popularity, 14 gold, or gold plated without nickel, can be far more suitable. Plus, compared with white gold, the yellow gold, or rose gold can be better. Here, such gold bulk earrings showed below can be your excellent option for jewelry stock, you are highly recommended to have a try.

bulk earrings

Pierced bulk earrings for sensitive ears: sterling silver earrings

Sterling silver, also called 925 silver, is also a very safe metal for sensitive skin. Just like gold, pure silver is not suitable for jewelry design, the most silver jewelry in the market is made with sterling silver, instead of pure silver. You can also refer to our previous blogs to look for the differences between silver and 925 silver jewelry. There are numerous fashionable 925 silver bulk earring styles in vouge recently, some popular styles like: long tassel, double rounded and so on. However, compared with those delicate luxury designs, those simple minimalist silver bulk earrings are particularly welcomed this year. Just like the pic showed below.

bulk earrings

Pierced bulk earrings for sensitive ears: stainless steel earrings

Generally speaking, 316L stainless steel, is very suitable for sensitive skin. We all know that nickel is a harmful material for sensitive skin, this stainless steel has a very low content of nickel, which won’t cause skin allergies easily. Meanwhile, stainless steel bulk earrings are durable, affordable, and very fashion-forward. The special appearance of stainless steel can give people a cool stylish look, which are super suitable for everyday wear. If interested, you can also purchase such bulk earrings on Jewelrykg.com, from which you will get great benefits by ordering in bulk.

bulk earrings

Non-pierced bulk earrings for sensitive ears: heart clip earrings

Non-pierced jewelry is also a perfect option for jewelry lovers. You don’t have to have your ears pierced in order to wear earrings. The non-pierced jewelry has been widely welcomed since the late 20th century. For sensitive skins, this is definitely a wonderful way to avoid allergies. Therefore, the clip bulk earrings can work well with your customers who don’t want to have their ears pierced, such as this pair of heart clip earrings. With stylish cool style and unisex styling, such clip earrings can be your hot-selling jewelry styles.

bulk earrings

Non-pierced bulk earrings for sensitive ears: leaf clip earrings

Leaf element is widely used in jewelry designs, however, mostly for necklaces and bracelets. The leaf bulk earrings can create an elegant look to the wearers instantly, which are extremely popular this summer. For instance, the pair of leaf earrings showed below is a perfect example. The delicate leaf appearance with gold-plated design, this one can add a pop of color to your ears to better highlight your beauty and elegance. You won’t be regret by buying such jewelry in bulk.

bulk earrings

Last earrings styles for sensitive ears: bow clip earrings

You can also take bow clip earrings into consideration. Generally speaking, bow bulk earrings are very exquisite and lovely, which can instantly build a gentle sense. If you are looking for lovely gentle bulk earrings, then the bow clip earrings are your must-have jewelry styles. In addition, those with gemstones, pearls, or rhinestones as decorations are also very popular. You can also go to Jewelrykg.com to hunt for more such bow clip earrings in vogue, all of the jewelry pieces on Jewelrykg are in top quality and high craftsmanship, meanwhile, you can benefit a lot from buying jewelry by weight here.

bulk earrings

Final Words

Nowadays, there is a brand new market for hypoallergenic bulk earrings with various styles, designs, colors and shapes. For those who are crazy about jewelry, you’ll never need to fear skin sensitivities ever again.

Hope this guide can provide you with some helpful information. If you are desire to source fine jewelry in bulk, you can also go to Jewelrykg.com for exploration.

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