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Make Money By Buying Bulk Jewelry For Resale In 2022

We know that the product procurement is the basic process of retail business. You can source fine bulk jewelry pieces to sell in many distribution channels, and the most common of which include manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and trading companies.

Every retail business owner knows the importance of the quality of the stock. However, when you purchase bulk jewelry, sometimes it is hard to ensure the quality of the jewelry, unless you find a truly reliable jewelry supplier. So, how to get the fine bulk jewelry pieces at affordable prices?

In this blog, will dive into the wholesale buying, and provide you with some useful tips to make your jewelry sourcing much easier. Let’s have a look!

What is the difference between wholesalers and manufacturers?

  • Manufacturers

Manufacturers are the origin of the product design, they use raw materials to produce products. Meanwhile, the manufacturers often work with distributors as middlemen with wholesalers to help them find retailers.

For example, for those large retailers having a customized product range, it is recommend to work directly with manufacturers. Because working with manufacturers can reduce overall costs and improve the profit margins. However, sometimes it can be more easier to contact with wholesalers than manufacturers, though the profit margin is slightly lower.

  • Wholesalers

The wholesalers, on the other hand, often purchase in bulk directly from distributors and resell the products to retailers or sell directly to consumers. They are usually not involved in the manufacture of products, but focus on the distribution of products. As a result, wholesalers and retailers will work more closely together to meet their needs.

Although the profit margin is slightly lower when working with wholesalers rather than manufacturers, it is usually easier to contact with wholesalers than manufacturers.

Benefits of buying bulk jewelry in bulk

  • Reduce costs and increase profits

When you purchase bulk jewelry from jewelry wholesalers, you can always get a discount. That is also to say, the lower your bulk jewelry is, the more profits you can get. However, in the retail world, in order to gain competitive advantages, earning money from the huge profit margin is not enough. Having a good reputation to attract customers is the key. Therefore, quality should always be put in the first place.

  • Manage the stock in a more organized manner

Buying in bulk for resale means you can reduce the frequency of restocking. It can be more time-saving and makes the inventory much easier to manage.

  • Wide variety

By buying jewelry by the bulk, you can choose a wide range of bulk jewelry pieces. Also, a wider range of choices can allows you to compare and select jewelry that meet your needs. In addition, the wholesale system also has efficient international logistics, and you don’t have to worry about not being able to receive the products you need.

How to find good bulk jewelry suppliers?

  • B2B marketplaces

You can look at international markets such as Alibaba, eBay and Etsy to find jewelry sold in bulk. Or, you can find regional and local markets, as well as industry-specific B2B markets. Although there are a large amount of bulk jewelry suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers to choose from, it is not an easy task to identify a reliable one with good reputation. So, it is necessary to do some researches to confirm the legitimacy of the suppliers.

  • Search engines

If you want to have a broader choices, you can always use search engines such as Google to find bulk jewelry suppliers. But some local suppliers may don’t have their own websites or social media. So it’s almost impossible to find them on those sites, you can contact them directly. In addition, in order get more useful results, make sure that you have the correct keywords related to the product you are selling, like wholesale earrings, silver wholesale jewelry etc.

  • Networks within the industry

You can also establish relationships with other business organizations, local chambers of commerce and other trade associations to help you find best wholesalers that suit your needs. For example, trade shows can be a great way to win exposure and connect with other companies and jewelry suppliers. Apart from this, you can also participate in online forums and trade fairs to build new relationships. Even though this is a less direct way to find bulk jewelry wholesalers, it will enable you to find more trusted wholesalers to build sustainable relationships with them, like Jewelrykg. So, you should strive to cultivate these long-term relationships while finding wholesalers in other faster ways.

A more cost-effective way of buying bulk jewelry?

Buying jewelry in bulk, especially online, is hard to ensure the quality. Because bulk jewelry can be defective, or on clearance sales, which is hard to identify those problems before receiving your order. Therefore, a more effective way worth trying, is to buy bulk jewelry by the kilogram.

  • Cost-saving

This is much more affordable than buying in bulk. You can choose the jewelry pieces you like, which will be randomly placed in the package, and calculating the price according to the weight.

  • High quality

When you choose a reliable jewelry supplier who uses this sales model, you will get all latest quality wholesale jewelry pieces to let you be more competitive. For example, Jewelrykg can be your first priority.

  • New styles

You will get the newest designs and styles, which is very crucial and necessary for your jewelry business, instead of those out-of-fashion cheap bulk jewelry

bulk jewelry bulk jewelry bulk jewelry

Final Words

You can improve profit margins and save much time by buying wholesale jewelry for bulk sale. However, if you want to find cheap bulk jewelry for resale, you should also pay attention to the quality problems.

Jewelrykg is a leading company selling bulk jewelry by the kilogram, who can provide you the excellent fine jewelry and superb services. When you choose Jewelry as your supplier, they will be with you every step of the way.

Thanks for reading, welcome to contact with us if you have any questions or requirement!

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