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Can Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Be Sold By Weight In 2022?

If you want to purchase cheap fashion jewelry, then those wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers can be your best choice. For example, if you want to buy high-quality stylish earrings, you can try to buy them from one of the wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers online. However, before making purchases, the first thing you need to do is to choose a perfect way to make your budget as lowest as possible without affecting the quality of the jewelry.

With the booming of the jewelry fashion industry, if you know how to run your jewelry business efficiently, then buying wholesale is your best choice. For every businessman, buying jewelry by the bulk is quite beneficial, as long as you put the quality at the first place.

But despite the  benefits of buying in bulk, there are also downsides to wholesale jewelry that may affect your brand. You have to be very careful about this and figure out what the downsides are. So, in order to help you be more powerful and competitive, we will talk about the wholesale fashion jewelry business in detail, and then, introduce a new purchasing trend in buying wholesale fashion jewelry: buying jewelry by the kilo.

Advantages of buying wholesale fashion jewelry

There are many advantages of buying wholesale fashion jewelry. One top reason is absolutely the price. When you buy in bulk, you can reduce your costs significantly. As a result, you can easily purchase those expensive jewelry pieces at wholesale prices. Additionally, in terms of the money, getting wholesale fashion jewelry in bulk may help you buy some unique jewelry that would certainly be unavailable for you. Therefore, if you’re a jewelry seller, then, these two factors will work to your benefit.

However, sellers aren’t the only ones who can earn profits by buying wholesale fashion jewelry. Previously, wholesale products could only be available to sellers once they provided evidence that the product was actually sold by them. However, nowadays, ordinary buyers can buy goods at low prices. For example, Christmas. Many people like to buy jewelry in bulk to give as gifts to their friends or loved ones.

Disadvantages of buying wholesale fashion jewelry

In terms of the disadvantages of the wholesale fashion jewelry, first of all, in the process of wholesale purchasing, very likely, after jewelry sales, some jewelry wholesalers are not responsible for the return of the sold jewelry pieces. So, as a wholesale jewelry buyer, it is very necessary to know the return policy in advance. Once the jewelry pieces can not be returned or exchanged, that would bring a loss. Secondly, in addition to the issue of return and exchange, buyers should also pay attention to the quality of wholesale jewelry. In order to sell stock or poor quality goods, some jewelry wholesalers will sell them by the bulk at low prices, which is very likely to have quality problems. Such as some jewelry is very dirty, old, broken or has scratches, and even with the wrong sizes. Thirdly, some outdated jewelry will also be sold by the bulk. Therefore, before buying wholesale fashion jewelry, pay close attention to the return problems, quality problems, and style problems.

Jewelry wholesale by the kilo—a cost-effective purchasing method

After we have known some benefits and downsides of buying jewelry by the bulk, let’s have a look at this innovative purchasing way: buying jewelry by the kilo.

So, why you should buy jewelry by the kilo? Compared with buying jewelry by the bulk, what are the benefits that it can bring?

If you are a jewelry buyer, you must know the importance of the quality of your jewelry. Some of you may care about the quality problems when buying wholesale jewelry pieces in bulk. However, when you buy jewelry by the kilo from a reliable jewelry supplier, you will get both quality and low prices at the same time.

Actually, jewelry wholesale by the kilo is a very cost-effective purchasing model than the regular wholesale prices. The jewelry is randomly placed in the package, by calculating prices according to the weight.

For example, if you want to buy silver wholesale fashion jewelry, then you can go on a reliable website, like Jewelrykg.com to select your favorite silver jewelry styles,. If you buy from the Jewelrylg.com, you can mix the hot-selling fashion styles randomly. Or you can choose specific styles based on your own preference.

Key benefits of buying jewelry by the kilo from Jewelrykg:

  • Firstly, value for money. In general, one kilogram will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry. So, you can get a large number of exquisite high quality wholesale fashion jewelry with lowest prices.
  • Secondly, all jewelry sold are packaged independently. Instead of the bulk jewelry with no packages, buying jewelry by weight from Jewelrykg.com has independent packages, because all the jewelry are of the top quality.
  • Thirdly, high quality, all jewelry have integrity, no rust, no oxidation.
  • Next, complete after-sale services.
  • Finally, special surprising events

Latest wholesale jewelry styles in vogue this year

  • Heart pendant necklaces
  • Pearl hoop earrings
  • Silver rings
  • Zircon bracelets
  • Vintage brooches
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Final Words

To sum up, buying jewelry by the kilo is much more beneficial than buying jewelry by the bulk. So, if you have not ever tried this innovative model, then you are highly recommended to give it a try.

Hope this guide can give you some helpful information. If you like this article, do not forget to share it! Your support is our best motivation!

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