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How To Layer Your Bulk Necklaces With 3 Common Necklines

Layered necklaces are a big trend for this year. It’s always fashion-forward and cool to wear multiple necklaces. You can layer your fashion bulk necklaces by yourself, from simple minimalist style to bold colorful style. That’s a good way to express your personality and own lifestyle.

However, how to layer them with different necklines? What are the principles? You are just in the right place. We’ve listed the best 5 ways to layer your bulk necklaces in accordance with different necklines styles. Follow us, let’s take a look!


  1. V-necks
  2. Scoop necks
  3. High necks

Layer your bulk necklaces with different necklines: V-necks

You can pick a necklace matching the same shape as the V-necks. Because V-necks are featured by its cleavage area, and people can generally see it at the first glance. Therefore, it would be a good choice for you to let your necklaces do the same. For example, choosing a V-shaped delicate necklace or double-layered necklace style would be superb. In addition, pay attention to where your necklace falls. That is to say, do not let your necklace length be longer to your neckline. Mid-length necklaces will be fine.

Layer your bulk necklaces with different necklines: Scoop necks

Scoop necks are probably difficult to match your necklaces with. Because the scoop necks usually have a large space to your neck. Therefore, filling in that space with the right necklace can light up your whole look. For example, layering with chokers and statement necklaces can be great idea. It would be better to choose delicate fashion bulk necklaces instead of those with bold colors or exaggerated styles.

Layer your bulk necklaces with different necklines: High necks

Unlike the scoop necks, high necks can be more formal and flexible to work with. Depending on the style, when layering bulk necklaces with a high neck top, remember to keep the color as simple as possible. For this will create a sense of classic, and easy to better feature your whole neck. In addition, bolder style can work perfectly if you choose the right one. The contrast can show your own style and enhance your confidence and beauty.

Final Thoughts

These are the most common 3 types of necklines in daily life. If you’re having a little bit of trouble to layer your necklaces, hope this 3 tips can help you to layer your bulk necklaces better with your whole outfits.

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Bulk necklaces
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