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How To Find A Reliable Bulk Fashion Jewelry Supplier In 2022

The bulk fashion jewelry is a multi-billion dollar market, it contains huge potential growth opportunities in the wholesale market. However, how to step into the wholesale jewelry industry to earn profits? There are a lot of important things to consider before you buy bulk fashion jewelry online. One of the most essential ones is to ensure yourself get a reliable bulk fashion jewelry supplier.

In order to get high quality affordable bulk fashion jewelry, we’ve listed some of the most best tips for you to find the best wholesale jewelry. Follow us, let’s get into it! We want to share the most effective information with you!


  1. Learn more about the wholesale purchasing
  2. Know the bulk fashion jewelry niche
  3. Do researches about the bulk fashion jewelry supplier

Learn more about the wholesale purchasing

The first important thing you need to do is to be fully understand the wholesale purchasing model. Simply put, wholesalers sell their products in bulk to a retailer at a discounted price. In the traditional wholesale supply chain, the products will flow through the below procedures: raw material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and the end consumers. Therefore, you can get more attractive prices by ordering in large quantities to reduce costs. Of course, sometimes, the wholesaler and the manufacturer may be the same company.

Know the bulk fashion jewelry niche

The bulk fashion jewelry has a wide range of categories. The most common ones are metal jewelry, stone jewelry, resin jewelry etc. Therefore, know your jewelry niche is of vital importance for your jewelry business. For instance, you can ask yourself these questions: What kinds of jewelry do you want to sell? Do you want to import jewelry or buy from local areas? What prices range can you accept? If you are a retailer, then narrow your jewelry niche is necessary for you to have a clear target market.

Do researches about the bulk fashion jewelry supplier

Finding the reliable bulk fashion jewelry supplier is the key point for you. You have to do researches ahead of time to make sure that you have a full understanding of your supplier.

  • Return policy and shipping

First, you need to know the return and shipping policy. For example, whether they guarantee the full return policy? Whether they can meet your shipping deadlines? If there’s something goes wrong, do they allow returns? You’ve to know the whole procedure if your jewelry are damaged during the transportation. This can avoid unnecessary additional costs for you. Meanwhile, the payment method is also very important.

  • Transparency

A reliable bulk fashion jewelry wholesaler is able to answer your questions clearly and quickly. For example, their relevant policies and procedures. You need to pay attention if a wholesaler is not willing to share any other information with you, or you receive very bad attitude, especially when you ask them some basic information like location, references, hours etc.

  • Reviews

Finding the true reviews online about this jewelry wholesaler is also a helpful way. Good reviews may help you to get bulk fashion jewelry with good quality and avoid unnecessary return procedures. If you find some statements like: damaged, broken, wrong etc, you need to pay attention to this. In addition, you need to see whether they have repeated or fake reviews. If there’s no reviews, you can ask them for detailed information.

  • Price margins

In order to get the best bulk fashion jewelry with high quality and low prices, you need to make sure that you can have the best profit margins. A reliable wholesale supplier is always willing to put customers on the first place. It wants you to get the best profit margins and is willing to have a negotiation with you.

Final Thoughts

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In The End

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