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How to Find Trusted Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers In 2022

For every jewelry business owner,  finding the reliable wholesale jewelry suppliers is the key your business’s success, no matter whether you are a jewelry retailer with a store front, or you sell online. A reliable wholesale jewelry supplier can be a great source of merchandise, as well as a helper to support you along the way.

However, it can be tricky and time-consuming to select the best one when you face so many wholesale jewelry suppliers in the market, there are several factors you need to take into consideration. In this blog, we will dive into the details to help you make a perfect choice.

What do wholesale jewelry suppliers do?

Wholesale jewelry suppliers, refers to those who purchase jewelry pieces in bulk directly from the jewelry manufacturers and sell them to retailers to earn profits.

Beginning in the 19th century, with the advent of mass production, the wholesale business model soared in great popularity. As for jewelry manufacturers, it can be inconvenient to get sell their jewelry pieces directly to consumers, and the emergence of jewelry suppliers becomes an major part in the whole jewelry supply chain.

From purchasing bulk jewelry from wholesale jewelry suppliers, retailers can be able to get wholesale jewelry repackaged, and sell them to end customers at higher prices.

The importance of finding reliable wholesale jewelry suppliers

You can always change jewelry suppliers if you think they are not suitable for you, however, it would be much cost-saving of you find a reliable partners to cooperate with. Because a reliable jewelry wholesale supplier can affect almost every corner of your business:

  • Costs
  • Stock quality and consistency
  • Brand reputation
  • Customer loyalty
  • Delivery efficiency

How do wholesale jewelry suppliers help you?

For wholesale jewelry suppliers, the purpose of their business is to select the suitable jewelry items for retailers, and offer them cost-effective jewelry wholesale procurement services. There are some major benefits you can get from reliable wholesale jewelry suppliers:

  • Bypass product production process
  • Get discounted jewelry with various styles
  • Guarantee quick restock

How to find reliable wholesale jewelry suppliers?

Finding a trustworthy wholesale jewelry supplier can be time-consuming. You will find lots of wholesale jewelry suppliers are providing the similar jewelry items. So, how do you know which of them is reliable and legitimate? There are lots of things to consider:

Select by jewelry price and variety

If your jewelry business offers a wide collection of jewelry options, or the price is the main point of competition, then, in order to sharpen your competitive edge, you can select wholesale jewelry suppliers based on your jewelry variety and price.

For example, if you are a new start-up, and want to get your jewelry to the market as quickly as possible, then Chinese wholesale jewelry suppliers can be a wonderful option, you will get:

  • Competitive price points
  • A wide collection of styles
  • Assured quality

Select by location

Generally speaking, almost all fashion jewelry is imported, therefore, finding global wholesale jewelry suppliers can be more advantageous, because they have more jewelry sources from around the globe. And you are not likely to be affected by those who have only one supply chain.

However, sometimes it’s better to pick a wholesale supplier based on geography to ensure the fast delivery. For example, if you are in the Southeast Asia, you can select the jewelry suppliers around you.

Look for minimums

When you look at reliable wholesale jewelry suppliers, having a reasonable minimum purchase order is essential. Especially if you are a new starter in the jewelry business, this can be more budget-friendly for you, instead of committing to investing in a huge sum of money in sourcing jewelry. For example, Jewelrykg can provide you with a wide range of fashion wholesale jewelry with no MOQ, and you can get great benefits by buying jewelry by weight there.

Other points to pay attention to:

  • Cost per unit

If you are a start-up, when you place orders, don’t get more than you need. If your jewelry you bought can not sell well, then there will be a large surplus, or financial loss.

  • Return policy

Knowing the return policy of jewelry suppliers can help you to minimize potential risk. If there are some problems about the jewelry, then you don’t have to bear the costs of the returning order.

  • Delivery time

Efficient delivery time is essential for your stock consistency. For example, you may have a large increase in sales in hot-selling seasons or holidays, to avoid out of the stock, quick delivery is important.

Final Thoughts

A reliable wholesale jewelry supplier is the key factor for the success of your jewelry business. Hope you can get some helpful information from this guide, if you have any suggestions or opinions, just drop us a comment below, we are looking forward to your voices!

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