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5 Future Jewelry Trends Every Bulk Jewelry Buyer Must know

In the last few years, we have seen how the e-commerce has created great influences on the online jewelry industry. As a bulk jewelry buyer, knowing the current and future jewelry industry trends is of vital importance. We know that consumers shopping habits have been dramatically changed by the boom of online e-commerce, however, what are the future trends of the online jewelry market? And what you should do to cater to the changing consumer habits?

When you decide to step into the online jewelry industry, before buying bulk jewelry, there are numerous things you need to pay attention to. Because you have to always adapt to new demands and realities to create opportunities for your own business. Therefore, in today’s blog, we will talk about the transformation of the online jewelry trends. By knowing these trends, you will be able to benefit a lot from your bulk jewelry exploration!


  1. Social commerce
  2. Visual commerce
  3. Mobile commerce
  4. Livestreaming commerce
  5. Mobile payments

Social commerce for bulk jewelry buyers

All of us have witnessed the rise of social media. Jewelry buyers can directly spot your bulk jewelry pieces from social media platforms, which is an effective way to drive your traffic. For example, you may attract lots of bulk jewelry buyers from your posts if you are a bulk jewelry wholesaler, and this year, you will see the social commerce revolution is continue growing. Therefore, whether you are a bulk jewelry wholesaler, or retailer, as long as you decide to sell bulk jewelry online, expending your business  to social commerce is inevitable. In this highly competitive e-commerce world, to earn profits for your online jewelry business, cooperation is of vital importance. Therefore, you can take advantage of the boom of online shopping, and work with some reliable jewelry manufacturers, who can provide you with affordable top quality bulk jewelry efficiently, like Jewelrykg.

Visual commerce for bulk jewelry buyers

Visual commerce means that, to use the highly interactive content, for example, videos, to offer a real in-store shopping experience for customers. Of course, what you need to do is more than creating videos, but all of the effective ways to leave a wonderful impression to your customers. For instance, if you have your own online jewelry website to sell bulk jewelry pieces, then you need to make your website as detailed as possible, like creating a informative jewelry detail page. This is a very crucial step before bulk jewelry buyers make purchases from your website, because viewing the product detail page is an integral part of their purchasing decision, as well as their ways to determine whether you are reliable or not. Other similar ways like, use high-quality product images with detailed and useful product descriptions, instead of those meaningless context. Or, use 360-degree photography to attract conversation rates etc.

Mobile commerce for bulk jewelry buyer

The main feature of online shopping is to create convenience. And that’s way the mobile commerce is booming so fast. If you have not optimized your bulk jewelry website for mobile convenience, then you should seize this opportunity. It is not just to create multiple mobile platforms to drive sales, but create a well-optimized platform to enhance the quality of the mobile bulk jewelry shopping experience. That is also to say, instead of creating a seamless platform, but to fulfill all their needs in only one online bulk jewelry shopping journey. Such as, quick response, easy searches, detailed quality product information, payment efficiency etc.

Livestreaming commerce for bulk jewelry buyer

You will notice that there is a sudden boom of livestreaming commerce. Lots of businesses have boosted sales through live streaming. If you run a bulk jewelry retail business, then you can achieve high sales numbers in only seconds. The livestreaming enable you to use videos to show your products directly to your customers, instead of by images, therefore, it has become a popular way for selling products due to the limit of physical distancing. In addition, as long as you make good use of it, it can be a huge opportunity to expand your presence, as well as build a connection with your potential customers. However, livestreaming can only act as a tool to provide traffic, instead of a way to truly show your brand value and story. If you want to build long-term solid customer bases, product quality and services are always your first priority, instead of the promotional activities.

Mobile payments for bulk jewelry buyer

There is no doubt that the digital payment have become a mainstream in people’s daily life. The cashless world is on the way. Therefore, to better create a convenient excellent shopping experience to your customers, multiple payment options is of vital importance. That is also to say, fast, and convenient. In addition to the credit cards, digital wallets etc, it is necessary to have other more flexible payment options, like PayPal etc. Therefore, if you are a new bulk jewelry seller, you should use the new payment methods. However, pay attention to the safety of the payment, because the mobile payment also is lack of the ability to detect fraudulent transactions.

Final Words

Take up the challenge and embrace the changes. There will be continued uncertainties in the future online jewelry industry, which may make it much tougher to survive. Therefore, gaining competitive advantages is significantly crucial. If you are looking for a reliable bulk jewelry supplier who can provide you with the quality jewelry at affordable prices, then please go to Jewelrykg.com. You will surely be impressed deeply.

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