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How To Clean Your Silver Bulk Jewelry Properly (2022 Updated)

Silver bulk jewelry has been a hit in recent years. However, have you ever met with such occasion that your silver bulk jewelry were badly tarnished and turned black? Choosing suitable silver jewelry can let you be more fashionable enough to stand out among the crowd. Moreover, learning how to take good care of your silver jewelry is also very crucial for every silver bulk jewelry lover.

This guide will provide you some useful tips to prevent your silver jewelry from being damaged or tarnished. Cleaning silver jewelry pieces is pretty easy as long as you master the right techniques. Follow us and see how to clean them properly.


  1. Soap and water
  2. Silver dip
  3. Polishing cloth
  4. Silver cream

How does your silver bulk jewelry tarnish?

Generally speaking, tarnish is not related with the quality of your silver bulk jewelry. It is a really normal thing to happen to almost every silver-made jewelry. Simply put, the tarnish happens when the silver reacts with the gases in the air (normally sulphur). Sometimes, sterling silver is more easily to tarnish than pure silver, because there are other metals in it, like copper. In addition to the air, there are other things that may let your silver bulk jewelry tarnishes, like, perfumes, cosmetics, hand creams and so on. These things may lead to yellow, black, or brown coating on the silver surface.

Tips for cleaning your silver bulk jewelry:

  • Soap and water

You can dilute a gentle soap in warm water. This can help remove the grime and the rust under it on the silver surface. After that, use a soft cloth to clean the surface. You’d better have two separate gentle cloths on hand: one is for cleaning, the other one is for drying. Or, use a soft bush to clean the difficult areas. Then, return your silver bulk jewelry pieces into the soap water again to remove the left dust and grime. Finally, use clean water to rinse your silver jewelry.

  • Silver dip

Silver dip is also a very good choice to clean your silver bulk jewelry. Especially if your silver jewelry is slightly tarnished, the silver dip can quickly clean it within few minutes. However, this may not work well if your silver bulk jewelry suffers heavy tarnish. You can use silver dip to clean those areas you can not reach. However, make sure that all the silver dip is completely rinsed off with clean water. Otherwise, your silver jewelry may tarnish more quickly with the left chemicals.

  • Polishing cloth

Polishing cloth can help you to clean those heavily-tarnished silver bulk jewelry pieces. This is also a very quick and gentle cleaning method. Polishing cloth can also make your jewelry have a high gloss. This is mainly because the metal polishing cloths contain chemicals to remove tarnish from the silver. However, do not rub the silver surface heavily, or it will damage it.

  • Silver cream

If your silver bulk jewelry pieces are completely tarnished, then the silver cream can help you a lot. However, silver cream is more or less abrasive, so, you need to carefully use it. Remember to dry your silver jewelry after using silver cream.

Final Thoughts

From slightly tarnished to heavily tarnished, hope the methods mentioned above can help you to some extent. To know more information about how to care of jewelry pieces, you can visit to see more relevant blogs. Meanwhile, there are lots of high quality affordable silver jewelry pieces for you to choose! If you find this article has provided you with some helpful information, then don’t forget to subscribe to us!

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