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2022 Ultimate Guide Of How To Care For Your Bulk Pearl Jewelry

Bulk pearl jewelry is a hit this year. Pearl jewelry has the ability to enhance your elegance to the fullest. However, you may probably wonder that, how to ensure the pearl jewelry I bought last for many decades? As a popular reliable online wholesale jewelry supplier, we often receive such questions from our deer customers. Therefore, we provide you the ultimate guide with all useful tips of caring for your bulk pearl jewelry.

Pearls can last for a long time with proper care. Are you ready to know how to keep pearl jewelry shining bright? Follow us, let’s dive in!

Why does bulk pearl jewelry require special care?

Before knowing how to care for your bulk pearl jewelry, the first thing is to know what makes pearls. Pearls are formed inside of the living organisms, usually the oysters. The oysters can secrete a special fluid to layer upon the center of irritation, which finally, resulting in pearls. The layer of the pearls called nacre. The nacre has the ability to reflect the light, therefore, it needs special care to maintain luster, for example, avoid strong light, heat and chemicals.

How to care for your bulk pearl jewelry?

Pearl is a soft gem, which is easily to be scratched. Here are the tips for you:

  • Wear them. Just like we mentioned before, pearls are born in the water, they can benefit from your oils of skins by absorbing them.
  • Last on, first off. You need keep this rule in mind. Remember, always put your jewelry as the last after applying all your make-up procedures. Keep your bulk pearl jewelry away from all cosmetics.
  • Before putting them aways, wipe your bulk pearl jewelry pieces with a soft cloth to remove the sweat and dirt of your body.
  • Do not put pearls in plastic bags, wrap them in linen or soft bags.
  • Do not submerge your bulk pearl jewelry in the water, remember, no showers, no dishes, no swimming.
  • Remove your pearl jewelry before going to bed. The string can become weakened to damage the pearls.
  • Do not wear your pearl jewelry when the string is wet.
  • Restring your pearls every two or three years.

How to clean your bulk pearl jewelry?

For daily cleaning, you can just gently wipe your pearl jewelry with a soft damp cloth.

For deep cleaning, you can use soap and warm water. First, gently wipe your bulk pearl jewelry for about 15 to 20 seconds. Do not use baking soda, vinegar, and lemon, these contains acids which can damage the nacre layer of pearls. Second, use a soft damp cloth to rub your pearls, make sure the soap has been removed totally. Third, use a dry towel to dry your pearls.

Final Thoughts

Pearl jewelry has the unique feature to highlight your elegance and beauty. Take your time to take good care of your bulk pearl jewelry. In addition, if you find these tips are helpful to you, don’t forget to share them with your loved ones!

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bulk pearl jewelry
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