Wholesale jewelry sales

Best 6 Tips To Boost Your Wholesale Jewelry Sales (2022 Updated)

When you begin your wholesale jewelry business, boosting your wholesale jewelry sales among numerous competitors is not an easy task. The effective marketing strategies can lead you to the right direction.

Why wholesale jewelry is such a profitable market recent years? actually, consumers are attracted to buy bulk jewelry for a variety of reasons, the most important one is the convenience and price.

Smart retailers and wholesalers will use the versatility of wholesale jewelry to increase their sales. If you are stepping into the new world of wholesale jewelry business, then check out these 6 useful tips to boost your wholesale jewelry sales efficiently.


  1. Competitive prices
  2. Updated jewelry
  3. Excellent after-sales service
  4. Minimum orders
  5. specials and discounts
  6. Social media presence

Increase wholesale jewelry sales: competitive prices

First of all, the most important thing that most consumers are concerned about the prices of jewelry. Therefore, as a wholesaler, you need to lower your price point according to the quality and costs of your jewelry. That is, you need to purchase jewelry in bulk at a lower price, which yields high margins but offers a low retail rate. As a standard, many online jewelry suppliers generally use a 50% markup strategy for their merchandise. For example, if you’ve purchased a wholesale bag at $20, you can sell it for $40. However, some good online jewelry wholesalers can help you get cheaper bulk jewelry at factory costs, like Jewelrykg, who sells wholesale jewelry by kilogram with no MOQ.

Increase wholesale jewelry sales: updated jewelry

Secondly, keeping your customers’ attention and interests is of vital importance. You should let your customers know that you can provide new arrivals jewelry pieces on a regular basis. This is because when your customers see the same pair of earrings or necklaces all the time, it may trigger your wholesale jewelry sales and lower your customers’ buying preference. Therefore, find an excellent reliable online wholesale jewelry supplier is the key. You need to build long-term relationship with those who can provide you with a wide range of daily updated fashion jewelry pieces with low prices.

Increase wholesale jewelry sales: excellent after-sales services

The next important thing is to provide excellent after-sales services. Besides the prices and quality of one product, the outstanding customers services is really crucial and necessary to enlarge your customer bases and improve your wholesale jewelry sales. For example, you can build nice return policy and shipping policy for your customers. In addition, if your support department takes too long to reply your customers questions, that may also trigger your sales and reputation.

Increase wholesale jewelry sales: minimum orders

It will take you the same amount of time to sell your customers on one item as it does 100, so if you want to lower your time costs, then you can require buyers to order a certain minimum. In addition, this minimum is typically based on a monetary value. For example, you can request that the first-time orders are at least $200. However, if you want to hunt for suppliers who can provide you cheap jewelry in bulk sold by weight with no MOQ, then you can come to Jewelrykg to have a look.

Increase wholesale jewelry sales: specials and discounts

Moreover, making time-limited specials and discounts are good marketing techniques to boost wholesale jewelry sales quickly and efficiently. Especially at some peak period of special festivals or holidays, like Christmas’s Day, Halloween’s Day, Thanksgiving Day etc. Everyone love a good sale. At the same time, you also need to have more expensive wholesale jewelry items on sale.

Increase wholesale jewelry sales: social media presence

Finally, making good use of social media can be a huge benefit for your wholesale jewelry business. For example, building a Facebook business page for your jewelry business is an excellent start point. Other famous social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter are also your good choice. You need to be consistent to put out some fun and exciting information about your jewelry pieces, which can improve your wholesale jewelry sales in the long term. In addition, you can collect latest jewelry trends and information by following some famous jewelry suppliers blogs.

Final Thoughts

In a word, success doesn’t come overnight, what you need to do is to be dedicated and diligent enough for your own business. If you are stepping into the new world of the wholesale jewelry industry and want to find reliable wholesale jewelry suppliers online, then feel free to contact us.

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Wholesale jewelry sales
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