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5 Ways Of Sourcing Jewelry In Bulk To Sell Online (2022 Updated)

Selling jewelry in bulk online is becoming increasingly convenient and easy to achieve. In ancient times, traders wandered miles from home to source products, and many trade routes like the Silk Road and Amber Road went down in history.

Nowadays, thanks to the rapid development of computer network, the Internet is extending to every level and every field of society at a very fast speed, sourcing and trading products has become much easier.

But how exactly should you source your products? This article can surely help you a lot. Here we have listed 5 most useful ways to source your jewelry in bulk to sell online. Follow us, let’s get into it.


  1. Wholesalers
  2. Manufacturers
  3. Dropshipping
  4. Trade shows
  5. Handcrafted products

Sourcing jewelry in bulk from wholesalers

You can cooperate with a third party to provide the bulk jewelry for you, for example, wholesalers. Nowadays, many online brands today are growing rapidly due to the development of e-commerce. They can buy, for example, jewelry in bulk directly from a trusted wholesaler or manufacturer and ship the products straight to customers without any intermediaries. By sourcing products from a wholesaler can benefit you a lot. You can have access to a wide collection of cheaper bulk inventory for you to sell online. In addition, you can better control your stock and supply as long as you find a reliable jewelry supplier. Jewelrykg is highly recommended for you, who can sell jewelry by kilogram at the lowest prices with no MOQ.

Sourcing jewelry in bulk from manufacturers

Partnering with manufactures is also a good choice. because manufacturing can let you better control your jewelry prices and quality of the final result. Manufacturing can also reduce your cost of per unit and let you have higher profit margins. However, you need to meet the MOQ by manufacturing in most cases, which may let you invest a lot of time and money at the beginning.

Sourcing jewelry in bulk by dropshipping

Dropshipping is a wonderful choice for you when you start a new wholesale business. It can enable you to source jewelry in bulk from another vendor fulfilling customer orders. What you need to do is to list their stock on your own online store, then the dropshipping vendor is responsible for packaging, shipping etc. Through buying jewelry in bulk from dropshipping partner, you don’t need to suffer inventory risks or overheads.

(Want to know more about dropshipping? Click here to get more information)

Sourcing jewelry in bulk from trade shows

Trade shows is a nice way to search for new private manufacturers or suppliers to cooperate with. It can connect suppliers and distributors with prospective brand owners. You can have access to a variety of different suppliers at once and fasten the deal negotiation. In addition, you can get the latest product information and identify market trends. By discussing with different suppliers, you may know more information of jewelry wholesale and find a good jewelry supplier to source your products.

Sourcing jewelry in bulk from handcrafted products

The global handicraft market reached $647 billion in 2020. If you fail to find a good way to buy jewelry in bulk with good prices and quality, then you can try to join the maker economy to produce and manufacture your own handcrafted jewelry for sale. Of course you can have your own featured branding to gain competitive advantages, however, you have to bear higher costs. Meanwhile, it limits business scale to gain profits.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, among the 5 ways of sourcing jewelry in bulk to sell online, finding wholesalers and manufacturers can be the most effective and low-cost method for you to choose. You are able to get a vast of jewelry in bulk with good quality and lower prices, which is more beneficial for you to wholesale your jewelry pieces. If you are interested in sourcing your jewelry through this way, then Jewelrykg can help you to grow your business.

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Jewelry in bulk
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